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Knitting Videos

Continental and English Knitting

"Continental" and "English" knitting refers to the way a knitter holds yarn and uses it to make stitches.  If a knitter throws the yarn over the needle and then pulls it through to make a stitch, that is called English knitting.  If a knitter uses the needle to scoop yarn through stitches to make new ones, that is called Continental knitting.  More often than not, Continental knitters carry the yarn in their left hand, and English knitters carry yarn in their right.  However, there are exceptions, especially among lefties.

Western and Combined Knitting

Whereas Continental and English refer to ways of holding the yarn, Western and Combined refer to ways of knitting.  Western knitting is the standard way to knit here in the States, as well as in Canada and Western Europe.  In Western knitting, as the stitch sits on the needle, the front part of it is also the right, and we knit through it to make a simple stitch.  Combined knitting (also called Combination) has been recently popularized by Annie Modesitt on her website and in her book, "Confessions of a Knitting Heretic".  She is an truly inspirational knitter.

And now that we have a common terminology, the videos.  


(Images were captured using my Canon PowerShot S500, edited in a Mac OSX environment using iMovie.  These are .mov files, and can be opened with QuickTime and RealPlayer.)

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