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Combined knitting conversion table

I recognize the oxymoronic nature of such a table. If you subscribe to Combined knitting, then you believe a knitter should understand the ins and outs of stitches. Having a conversion table of Western and Combination knitting maneuvers circumvents the thinking aspect and brings us back to telling knitters what they have to do, rather than allow them to think for themselves.

But what about mental hiccups? What about knitting on a deadline at 3 a.m.? Just a little help would be so appreciated. That's the purpose of the table. I doubt the table below will be useful to a completely new knitter; I think it actually might confuse him/her greatly. It's intended for someone already familiar with Western and Combined knitting styles.

More than anything else in the world I'd love for you to tell me if there's a mistake or if your favorite basic stitch is missing. E-mail me!

New!  In response to user feedback, this table is now available in .pdf format (you need Adobe Reader).  I'm not sure what the consequences will be to my bandwidth, but I'm giving it a try.

As always, feel free to print a copy of this table for your own personal use, and keep it by your side as you knit. I have not placed any restrictions on printing or downloading the file - no passwords, no tricks, no magic. If you're having difficulty printing this page, try another web browser, printer, or computer. Due to the resolution discrepancy between monitors and printers, the document is best viewed after it's printed.

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