Bigger jaywalking is better (and don't let anyone tell you otherwise!)


If you have followed the MagKnits Jaywalker pattern, but the socks came out too narrow, I think these notes will help you.


There are some simple first steps you can take to get a wider Jaywalker.

If the two suggestions above are not a solution for you because you have already been working the larger pattern size and/or going up a needle size isn't an option, read on.


Below are directions for two larger Jaywalker sizes.  If the gauge specified in the pattern is obtained, these directions will produce socks which are 9.75"/25 cm and 10.5"/27 cm in circumference.  If you are knitting at a different gauge, think in terms of percents:  the directions will produce socks which are 20% and 30% larger in circumference than the smallest (76 st) pattern size.




9.75"/25 cm at pattern's gauge or 20% larger than 76 st pattern at any gauge (10.5"/27 cm at pattern's gauge or 30% larger than 76 st pattern at any gague) around foot


Work the MagKnits Jaywalker pattern as written, changing the following:




CO 92 (100) sts, 23 (25) sts on each dpn.

Zigzag pattern, round 2:  *k-f/b, k9 (10), dd, k9 (10), k-f/b; repeat from * a total of 4 times.




Heel flap:  k23 (25) sts on needle #1, turn. Sl1, P45 (49), turn. These 46 (50) sts form the heel flap. The remaining 46 (50) sts form the instep.  Row 2 of heel flap: sl1, p45 (49). Repeat heel flap rows 18 (20) more times.


Turn heel: Row 1: sl1, k24 (26), ssk, k1, turn.  Work the other rows as written.  There are 26 (28) heel sts.


Heel gussets: sl1, k25 (27) heel sts, pick up and k19 (21) sts along the side of the heel flap. Work 46 (50) instep sts in established pattern. With an empty needle, pick up and k19 (21) sts along the other side of the heel flap, k13 (14) sts from the heel needle. There are 23 (25) sts on needles #2 and #3, 32 (35) sts on needles #1 and #4. Work the other gusset rounds as written until there are 19 (21) sts on needles #1 and #4. There are 46 (50) instep sts and 38 (42) sole stitches, 84 (92) sts total.




Work round 1 as written; 80 (88) sts remain. Round 2: work as round 1; 76 (84) sts remain.  Work the rest of the pattern as written.


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