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January 01, 2014

One last project to finish off 2013

And it's a familiar one!

Pattern: Odessa, by yours truly. I don't typically knit the same pattern more than once, but I wanted to knit something of my own design for an upcoming charity auction. This pattern seemed to fit the bill.

Yarn: Berroco Vintage in Blue Moon (51191). Vintage is a little bit thicker than the Rowan Cashsoft DK originally called for in the pattern, but I didn't notice any significant difference in fit - the hat came out just the right size. This colorway is gorgeous - a deep blue with a soft red/purple halo, how is that even possible? I had a difficult time capturing it accurately.

Needles and beads: US 4 and US 6 circs, as stated in the pattern. The beads are from Beadworks in Cambridge, purchased eons ago (first used, and rejected, here, actually). They are a matte silver, and pick up the blue around them nicely.

All in all, I knit 12 projects in 2013, plus sewed two cut chenille blankets and froggie hats for Halloween. Behind the scenes, there have been countless small projects for my house - hemming pants and too-long sleeves, sewing curtains for unusually-sized sidelight windows, et cetera.

But I'm certainly nowhere near the productivity of my single, child-free days (25 projects in 2006, that seems impossible now). What's more, I feel completely out of the knitting loop. A funny example: to knit the hat above, I had to go to Ravelry and download a copy of the pattern - I no longer know where my own copy lives (electronic or paper)! And I designed it!!! I used to pride myself on being "in the know," but now there are books, patterns, designers, yarns, needles, and approaches that I've never heard of. And such an abundance of them, too! (Clara Parkes is spot on with respect pattern abundance on in her review of 2013, if you haven't read it yet.) One contributing factor to feeling out of the loop is the loss of several local yarn stores this year, most notably Windsor Button, where in a 30-minute visit I could quickly touch new yarns, look at new books and pattern booklets, and reconnect with the knitting world at large.

Fortunately or unfortunately, I love knitting too much to just give it up (blogging, too). The pros continue to outweigh the cons. And so, I will continue to trudge along, knitting and blogging at my own pace. After all, there are new books, patterns, designers, yarns, needles, and approaches that I have yet to try!

Thank you for reading, and thank you for knitting. Here's to a happy and healthy 2014!

Posted by Kathy on January 1, 2014 03:04 PM


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