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September 12, 2013


I decided to make another cut chenille baby blanket, this time with a robot fabric!

Pattern, etc.: Exactly what I did last time. I bought larger cuts of fabric this time around, and thus ended up with a generously sized 38" square blanket. I still found it tricky to attach the binding, but I felt more confident doing so than last time, and the result is overall neater, I think.

Fabric: Everything was from my local Joann's (hi, cashier Kate! It was very nice to meet you, and thank you for a friendly checkout!). I bought enough of the orange fabric for the binding this time around, so no need to get scrappy.

I did find that, overall, the cut side of this blanket feels much skimpier, and not as "floofy" as the first blanket. Anyone know why that is? The blankets were made identically, and the flannel is the same, so it must be something about the main robot fabric, right? The brand name of the robot fabric is "Doodles" and I think it's broadcloth (didn't fray much, can see crosswise ribs). Could that have caused the cut flannel to appear skimpier somehow?

Posted by Kathy on September 12, 2013 08:49 PM


The robots are darling!

Love the pattern and the colours! Trying to figure out in my head how you ended up with 36" square when the width of the flannel is predetermined and you can only buy extra length. Did you put a seam in each piece?

But if you didn't "cut" the robot fabric, how can it be the cause of lack of floofiness? Explain, please.

Sorry - no idea why it seems skimpier, but it sure is cute!

Ahh, I feel so fancy, getting a shout-out! I love this blanket. The colors you chose go so well together!

Now I must read everything with my Internal. Robot. Voice. :D

Whenever I shop at Joanns, I remember LiEr's instructions on how to behave at the cutting counter (point 6):

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