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June 30, 2013

Quick post: Temari Kimono Jacket

Just a quick post to show you what I'm knitting next:

This is the Temari Kimono Jacket from the Scrumptious Baby Collection, published by Fyberspates Luxury Yarns, designed by Kyoko Nakayoshi. I poked around the web, and found that the cheapest and most convenient way to purchase this pattern for me was to buy the book on Amazon. I am using Louet Gems sportweight in #26, crabapple. I've used this yarn tons before, and this particular color as an accent here and here.

I just loved this little sweater from the moment I saw it, and instantly had just the right recipient in mind. The construction is not trivial, but clever, which is always a win for me. The only HMMM moment I've had so far was about grafting down the center back. As you can see, I chose a three-needle bind-off to join those pieces together, because grafting caused a half-stitch step that showed when the bodice was picked up. But of course the three-needle bind-off shows, in and of itself, but at least everything lines up perfectly. Which option would you have chosen?

Posted by Kathy on June 30, 2013 04:41 PM


The vertical line on the center back is a clever visual complement to the horizontal line across the front. Looks great to me that way.

If the back is just stockinette, I would do kichener. If it has the same bubble pattern as the front, I'd do 3-needle. What age is the recipient? For little ones that spend a lot of time laying down (naps, carseats) I avoid clothing with "stuff" like snaps or buttons. I think 3-needle BO would also be worth avoiding.

sweet jane
(SlipStitchAndPass) rav
(More cute toddler pics! He's the same age as my youngest!)

I was just looking at a pattern for a baby bolero constructed this way and wondering about how much that half-stitch jog would bother me. I thought about using Judy's magic CO and rewriting the directions to be worked from the center out. It may still leave a half stitch, though; I can't visualize it. This might be a learning exercise for another day...

I don't know what size you're making, but if it's for an infant who will be lying down, I guess I would have grafted to avoid that linear lump down the back.

I probably would have done the grafting. I might have pulled it out at the end and done the 3 needle bind off anyway, but I tend to like the clean look of grafting enough to ignore the small flaw with the half step.

If I could hide the half-stitch jog, I would have grafted. However, the 3 needle bind off is faster and just as neat. :)

I tried to comment on the adorableness of your boys, but I missed the comment deadline. So I will do it now. They are adorable!

It looks like it's knit side to side, so I'd have kitchenered the back. Not an original idea - I used it on Mythos. I also used it to graft a circular scarf one time. :)

hi, cute baby jacket. my grafting is not so tidy, so i vote for the 3-needle. i might have put it on the outside, as a deliberate design element. if ya gotta do it, make it look like it's on purpose.

Oh, cute. I've wanted to see how that stitch on the body looked in real life. About the half-stitch showing: couldn't some version of the ways to avoid a color-stripe jog have been used to disguise the half-stitch?

Am so glad you are posting more. I love your blog, and the pink sweater is darling.

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