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June 06, 2012

A sweater for a birthday

My little boy will be 1 in two days, and I can't even believe it. I have been with him every day since birth, and yet it seems impossible that 364 days have gone by, that he has been with us for this long. Wasn't he just the teeniest tiny baby yesterday?

Gregory is not walking yet, but he crawls up a storm. Needless to say, the days of plopping him on a play mat or in a bouncy chair and knitting a few rows are long gone. On top of that, even if I do complete a project, getting great FO shots like I got in the past is impossible. By the time I frame the shot, my model has crawled away and I get a nice pic of his ass :).

Pattern: Arshile from Berroco's Booklet #303. My gauge was a little different than specified, so I followed the 12 months size numbers to get the 18 months size measurements.

Yarn: Kraemer Yarns Tatamy Tweed Worsted in teal tweed, 3 skeins almost in their entirety.

Needles and gauge: US 6 and US 7; using the larger needles, 4.5 spi and 7 rpi in stockinette.

Finished measurements: 22.5" chest circumference, 9" sleeve length to underarm, 13" shoulder to hem.

I am very pleased with the way this sweater came out. It's roomy now, and the sleeves are way too long, but I can already tell that the proportions are good and that the sweater will fit well once Gregory is big enough. Getting his head through the neck hole was a little bit tight, even with that large opening in the placket, but I think the neckline will stretch out with time.

I made a few modifications here and there, but generally stuck with the directions. The only thing that I totally changed was the hood. As written, the directions are rubbish. The knitter is asked to pick up way too many stitches, and knit the whole thing in 2x2 ribbing... that will never fit because it will contract and pull back. I kept only the front of the hood in ribbing, so that it flows nicely from the placket, and knit the rest in stockinette. For shaping, I mimicked a hoodie that Gregory has. I think the modified hood came out great!

Happy birthday, my little boy! And thank you, my friends, for sticking around despite the irregular posting.

Posted by Kathy on June 6, 2012 10:11 PM


What a lovely sweater! I love the color on Gregory, and the hood is perfect. Speaking of Gregory, happy first birthday! The cutie pie's grown up so fast! And all I can say is a picture of Gregory's bum is better than no picture at all :)

Happy Birthday, Gregory! And congratulations to the real heroine of the day - Mom! One year olds are fabulous!

How's it possible Gregory's a toddler already?! Great sweater in a lovely color.

1- can't believe he's one. So CUTE. and 2- i made this sweater for my niece and also fiddled with the directions and hated how they did the hood. actually used the yarn called for in the pattern but in the pumpkin-y color.

How sweet! I love your FO photos, and yeah, I remember trying to get photos of my girls (now 11 and 8) when they were that age. Happy birthday to Gregory, and happy one year of motherhood to you.

He is so so so so CUTE! Happy Birthday Gregory!! You are so lucky to have such a talented mommy! That sweater is just perfect - color, pattern - the whole shebang!

Oh my god, what a cutie!

What lovely pictures! My nephew has just turned 1 and I'm making him a hoodie that is very like the lovely one you've shared here! I'm always so happy to see a post from you, no matter how infrequent. Take care. Jen x

So cute! Nice work, and happy birthday little guy!

Happy, Happy Birthday handsome boy!! Of the sweaters I've seen, this one is my fav...so beautiful!!

Happy birthday little man. The color of this sweater is fantastic.

Happy birthday little man. The color of this sweater is fantastic.

Happy birthday, Gregory! Time does fly with the little ones, doesn't it? My baby is going to be 2 1/2 next week, and I swear it seems like she was just born a few months ago.

A beautiful sweater for a beautiful boy. Happy Birthday, little dude!

Happy Birthday to the most adorable boy on the innernets!

Happy Birthday, Gregory!!! Fantastic sweater. I love it. No worries about intermittent posting as long as you include at least one pic of Sir Gregory. ;)

Time flies when children are growing. Some days are longer than others but the months go in a blink. Happy Birthday Big Boy Gregory.
I love the 'action' shots of a real boy in a real sweater. Leave the posed shots for the pattern books!
[Note: all 3 of my kids waited til 16 months to walk and then I really got a work out]!

He is adorable! And the sweater is too. It did come out great.

Happy birthday, Gregory! My little guy is about to turn two. He still loves Peek-a-Who?, which I see Gregory reading.

Happy birthday, Big Boy! I don't think most of us can believe that it's been a whole year, either! It's been fun to watch him grow up. I didn't get back to much knitting until my guy got past his 3rd birthday, so you'll have your hands full for a while yet!

How wonderful to see Gregory again--he is the cutest! You know, you don't always have to post crafting pictures--a shot every now and then of the G-man would work!

Infrequent posts are understandable with a little guy around. The chance to see your wonderful knits and your adorable model (even if it's his backside) is worth the wait.

Happy Birthday to Gregory!

I can't believe he's already almost 1! Happy Birthday Gregory!

Cute sweater, VERY handsome boy--his eyes are such a beautiful color!!
My "baby" is fast approaching 21 months and he is such a KID now that it really is bittersweet--I miss my chubby baby but love watching him learn new stuff every day. I think it just gets better and better after that 1st year birthday, enjoy!!

Enjoy your quickly growing little one!! Your post was a treat!

Start 'em young on modelling the knitwear:)

Congratulations, and happy birthday!

It's always a pleasant surprise to see a new post. I don't know how you keep up with it all. He's really cute, and that sweater is very nice. A year goes by so, so fast!

He's very cute, and best wishes for wonderful second year of life to Gregory!

The sweater is great, and the color suits him perfectly.

Happy Birthday Gregory you are just too cute for words in your new sweater! Thank you and mom for the smiles for the day!

Happy birthday Gregory. Cheers.

Beautiful! What a beautiful blue yarn! Happy birthday Gregory!

He is just SOOO cute! Happy birthday Gregory! The color of the sweater is perfect for him. It looks great!

Happy Birthday Gregory! Cherish these moments (i know you do) because the second birthday comes even faster and they change so much.

I love the sweater. The color is perfect for him.

Happy Birthday, Gregory! You are very handsome and the sweater your mama knit is beautiful!

Aha, a book lover! With an adorable little socked foot. The yarn color is gorgeous. And, I check your blog frequently and am always pleased when there is a new post and pics.

Happy Birthday, Gregory! You sure do good work, Kathy; he's such a beautiful baby and obviously is well loved and deserving of such beautiful knitting.

Happy Birthday,Gregory!! And to you too!! 1 year has gone by so quickly - - I always check to see when you have posted - -he is one cute little boy!! Nice sweater - - -

Happy birthday little man.

Happy Birthday, Gregory! It is always a treat to read your posts, Kathy, and see pictures of your beautiful little boy. Nice sweater, too!

What a gorgeous little guy! Such great action shots of him moving around, a good illustration of what a one year does while exploring the world. The yarn color is wonderful and shows off all the textured stitches in the sweater. Happy Birthday G!

What an adorable little boy! And he's such a boy-boy! You know what I mean? So nice to see him and his gorgeous hand-knits! Wow -- doesn't seem like a year has gone by to me either!

Happy Birthday and Congratulations. The first year is the sweetest, hardest, most sleepless. You're obviously doing great!

Happy birthday to the little fella and wonderful knitting and photography!

Wow - he looks so "grown up" . Love the sweater

Happy Birthday to your adorable son!

Happy Birthday, little Gregory! And the sweater is pretty adorable, too!

He's adorable. Sweet little prince, happy 1st birthday Gregory!

Once he does start walking, he's officially a toddler. He'll resemble nothing like that baby from that 1st year. Time does fly. Enjoy every minute :)

That child can. not. POSSIBLY. be one year old - wasn't he born just a month or so ago? You are doing something right, he is perfectly adorable, even crawling away from the camera.

Happy birthday, Gregory! You look so cute in your beautiful handknit hoodie. Your mama does good work.

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