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October 10, 2011

Little pumpkin

What is it about the utter lack of time that makes one start a gazillion different projects? Over the past month I've started many projects, and have knit between zero and five rows on each one of them. Hmmm. Not a very good strategy, right? The latest is one I actually need to finish: a pumpkin hat to match Gregory's jack-o'-lantern Halloween outfit.

Already four months old, can you believe it? Developing quite the personality, too :).

Posted by Kathy on October 10, 2011 07:16 PM


What a lovely baby! I have been in your shoes, I feel you!

oh, thanks for taking the time to post, I know its not easy :)

I started the month with 3 WIPs, I'm up to 5 and no real progress on any of them! Maybe it's the dream of holiday weekends and extended time to knit!

What a sweetie!

Gregory is so precious...handsome boy!

What a cutie -- I had to giggle just looking at him. You may not be knitting much, but you're growing a lovely little boy.

I was just thinking about/missing you today! Gregory is absolutely fantastic!

What an adorable little pumpkin!

He is adorable. I love pumpkin hats.

Oh. My. Gosh! What a beautiful boy. :) Well, even if you're not knitting much, you can satisfy all us lurkers with pix of Gregory!

he's so handsome! you and walter make cute babies :)

Oh my goodness, the furry hat is adorable! (um, as is the pumpkin hat).

The WIPs situation doesn't get easier 2 years later. ;)

What a cutie! :) I think the knitting needles still in the hat are a good touch. ;-)

He is so cute!! Get the pumkin hat done!

OK, I've seen a lot of cute babies in my time (and I had a couple myself, if I do say so), but this one is ADORABLE! So good to see a post from you - I hope you are hanging in there.

Oh my gosh, he is adorable!!

He is just a cutie! Thanks for sharing.

What an adorable smile! Can't wait to see your pun'kin baby!

Wow, he's cute! Love the fur hat on him.

Oh, c'mon... you're his mom, how could he NOT have an awesome personality? LOVE the fur hat on him... has grandma seen that photo? :)

Adorable smile!

He is so flippin' cute!

Hope all of your life is going as well as the baby part! As we say in Louisiana, cher bebe! Too precious! I made the pumpkin hat for my granddaughter when she was about Gregory's age, and it was so beloved I had to make another, larger one the next year! Be prepared! Thanks for the wonderful pictures--his personality shines through.


What a treat to check your blog and discover a new entry! You must be so madly in love with that cutie pie.

That is one adorable little man!

He's beautiful, Kathy! what joy!

Where did he get those eyes!? AMAZING.

Okay. You get the cute baby of the year award - hands down. What a little charmer! Love the fur hat and earflaps.

Blah, blah, blah. Don't bother writing anything. Just post pictures of that kid. He's so damn cute that I'm not even reading what you wrote!

ADORABLE. he is so so precious!

OMG, that is so cute. You can post pictures of him all day long and we would eat them up.

Gregory is so adorable. That second picture is just too much.

The fur hat, ha ha ha, cuuuute.

OMG! That last picture made my ovaries jump for joy and I am sooooo done having babies (I've had 4.)

That just goes to show you just how cute Gregory is! :o)

Oh, he's so adorable!

What a little ham for the camera! :) Love the hat and the darling boy. Thanks for sharing him with us, along with your always wonderful knitting projects.

What a cutie! Has he developed a yen for yarn shops and Home Depot yet?

Hmm, I think I see a resemblance to your toddler picture on the sidebar of this blog! He has such bright eyes!

I think for a lot of people the fall is the real start of the year, especially those who live and love the academic calendar. It always seems to be the time to start something new.

Or several somethings!

I get the giggles looking at the second photo! Aren't you glad you have a great camera? Forget the knitting for now; enjoy your baby!

Aaawwww..... He's gorgeous!

Knit faster, his head is growing. Glad to see the first year is going to be the traditional pumpkin costume. Our daughter slept through the trick or treating. LOL

Lovely little pumpkin boy! Can you tell me who makes the great little green seat?

Best. WIP. ever.

Very cute - lots of personality - wonder where THAT came from...

I appreciate that your training him young to try on WIP


He's just precious! Good luck on the pumpkin hat!!

Gregory is just precious! I can see you in his expressions. What a lucky baby to grow up with stuff handknit just for him.

he is such a big boy already!!!!

Your readers agree--baby is cute as can be. I have knit a couple of pumpkin hats and they look darling on the little wearers. Here's cheering for a sprint to the finish line!

Gregory is way ttoooooooo cute. Oh my gosh. can you have a cuter model? Please he is way too adorable

He's adorable. Thanks for sharing him with us.

Such a sweet smile and beautiful eyes, he's such a yummy baby... you want to kiss and eat him up.

So very CUTE!

Oh, he's just too cue for words! Wowzer!

too cute, even!

Oh my gosh - he is just too adorable for words. I don't even look at what you are making anymore - I just look for pictures of him because they make me smile (and remind me of what my Christopher looked like at that age too).

Gregory is ADORABLE! Who wouldn't want to spend all their time with him?

Oh my gosh, he's so cute!!!

One of the most beautiful babies I've ever seen. Just lovely!

I post very infrequently but those pictures are
so cute. You must have so much fun with him :-)

Quite possibly the cutest thing on the internet right now.

That is the most beautiful baby! How do you get anything done with such an adorable distraction?!

I am glad you are leaving these pictures up for a while because every time I see them I smile.

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