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September 11, 2011

Preppy Cardigan

This one came out super cute! Simple, classic, but also very practical. I'm not sure yet whether I'll keep it for Gregory, or give it to one of the babies due this fall/winter.

Pattern: Preppy Cardigan from 60 Quick Baby Knits (my review here). The pattern in the book is completely incorrect, but I received a corrected copy from the publisher and followed the directions for the smallest size.

Yarn: Berroco Vintage, 2 skeins of 5175 (fennel) and 1 skein of 5101 (mochi). As I mentioned before, I really enjoyed knitting with this yarn. It blocked beautifully, and the fabric is very soft and squishy. The fennel colorway, in particular, is gorgeous - bright, heathered, and multidimensional.

Needles: US 5 and 7.

Finished dimensions and gauge: 21" chest circumference, 8" sleeve length to underarm, 12.5" shoulder to hem. Similar to the Jasper Diamond Hoodie, this is in the 6-12 months range. My gauge using the larger needles was about 5 stitches and 7 rows per inch of stockinette knitting.

As you can see, I knit this cardigan in the exact same color scheme as presented in the book. The eighth month of pregnancy wiped out my imagination, it seems, haha! So, I wanted to match the buttons, too, but my local fabric store didn't have any matching green buttons :(. I went with classic horn-looking buttons. I figured they would be okay for a preppy cardigan.

Here's a finishing tip: when you knit a cardigan with horizontal motifs, such as stripes, make sure to line up these elements on the cardigan fronts before sewing on the buttons, installing the zipper, etc. This small adjustment can make your project look professionally finished!

How about a picture of Gregory to wrap up this post? I can't believe he is already three months old!

Posted by Kathy on September 11, 2011 08:51 PM


Beautiful sweater! Even more beautiful boy! So good to see you/him!

Love it! If you don't decide to keep if for Gregory, at least snap a few pictures of him in it. I bet he'd look so adorable!

A charming little fellow!

When I see a smile like this... I melt... ;-) And the little cardi is super cute too!

What a great little cardigan. Boo about the pattern not being correct as I bought this book a few months ago now so will have to look up for erratas if I want to knit anything from it. Your little boy is absolutely gorgeous!

The cardigan is indeed preppy, and your little man is adorable. Sometimes a good color combination is worth repeating, I wouldn't call it a lack of creativity at all.

The sweater is cute, but Gregory is even cuter! I love his big smile!

Omgosh, Gregory is so cute! The sweater turned out really nice too.

like all the other commenters, I can't get over how cute and charming your little guy is! I think he needs the sweater. Hugs to both of you, Jo

Beautiful!! That's a great picture of Gregory -- adorable smile!

He is sooooo darned cute!! We need more pix of the little tyke, we LOVE babies! and the sweater is sharp looking too

I had to come out of lurking to say "What a beautiful, giggly Gregory!" 3 months already? Wow.

And, of course, the cardigan: beautiful as always.

Hooo sweet cardigan this green is really pretty!
What a gorgeous little boy! How smiling! Adorable!

Look at that smile! CuteBoy!

Oh yeah...the sweater's cute too! ;)

What a happy baby!

Gregory is ADORABLE!

Gregory is the cutest boy baby ever! Just so you know, my granddaughter is the cutest girl baby ever! How odd that we should kinda know each other-------.

Another very professional looking sweater. I love it! It's so adorable. What a happy little boy. You are blessed.

Showing off baby is always an appropriate end for a post. I love that sweater. It's almost like a letter jacket! Love seeing things for boys (as a sometimes frustrated knitting mosther of 2 of them--do people who knit or sew tend to have girls or something?)

The sweater is lovely, but that kid is gorgeous! It has to be your most impressive project to date!

HI! Just catching up - what a sweet boy! He shares a birthday with my husband and two of our dear friends (one of whom is a world famous quilt artist) and shares his name with my younger son. He definitely takes on the world with some great karma - not to mention phenomenal parents and a closet full of beautiful hand knits!

When my first was born, I had time to make him a few things. Second child received one or two; children number three and four had no hand knits to speak of, since I had run out of free hands by then. Now that they are all older and past the constant hand holding stage (which I do miss!) I get to knit more things, and sometimes they even commission knitted things. Something to look forward to.


My goodness, he's just getting cuter isn't he? (keep the sweater for him-- imagine how cute he'll look at the Harvard Sq farmer market in a collegiate style sweater? adorable!!!!)

Little Gregory is so adorable. The cardigan is nice too :)

Now that is one cute baby!

Your boy is so adorable. I think you should keep it for him, and given how long baby things fit you can give it to someone else at the end so it can continue to be loved.

OMG! He is just simply adorable! LOVE him! and the sweater is very nice also. I'd keep it for him..... unless, of course, he'd rather have it done in Hahvahd Crimson.....

Oh, a goo goo googly goo, a baby... Hello, baby! Look at your chubby little feet! Your twinkly eyes!

What, huh, did you say something about a sweater?

Gregory is the cutest! And so is the sweater, but I can't stop staring at the picture of Gregory-I want to pinch his adorably chubby cheeks ;)

What a little cutie! I see a lot of you in him.

Gregory is so very cute! I'm sure you are enjoying your time with him. The preppy sweater
is very nice. I think it would suit Gregory perfectly.

He's so beautiful! I just finished a XXL sweater for my nephew of Vintage and it held up really well.

Oh he is just adorable. Nice sweater, but the baby makes the post! Time goes by so swiftly.

What a handsome young man!! Nice looking sweater too!

Oh my goodness, that grin is the cutest thing I have ever seen!

lovely cardigan! Glad they corrected the pattern in the book, too. AND I can't get enough of your cutie.

WHAT a happy baby! Adorable sweater, but not quite as cute as Gregory!

Figured you wouldn't stay away for TOO long, not when you have such a bundle of snugglableness to show us.

Wow! He's really grown! and looks like such a hapy baby. The sweater looks good too.

Is he just the dearest, cutest, happiest little soul or WHAT? I hope you are having a GREAT time being a new mommy. There's just nothing like the expansion of your heart to a size you can hardly bear or believe! Precious days - even with the lack of sleep!

Ohmygosh, the cuteness, the cuteness! I'm going to swoon.
(The sweater's pretty nice, too. Impressive that you can focus enough to finish any knits, even mini ones.)

oh, he is so very beautiful, and what a smile!

I love the color combo of that sweater! I've got to get myself a copy of that book. And your little guy's smile is making my ovaries hurt. I have a quick question, though - I don't have kids of my own and don't have access to very wee ones for trying on knits, so will a baby's arms really fit through sleeves that narrow? Of the baby sweaters I've made, most seem to have wider sleeves, but I've never actually seen a baby wearing them to tell if the sleeves are the right size.

Gregory... cute cute sweet smile {think he looks like W}. The first year goes by soooo fast. Enjoy each moment. The sweater is beautiful too.

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