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March 22, 2011

Fully lined zippered pouches

Just a quick little gift I whipped up this weekend.

I followed the Splityarn tutorial (minus the wristlet bit), and the process was very straightforward. There was a tiny bit of interpretation involved, but unless this is your very first sewing project, I think the concept and execution is quite simple.

I used fabrics and zippers from the stash - couldn't even tell you where or when I got them. The outer fabric is all the same, but the linings are different. I had 7, 8, and 9 inch zippers, and I made the pouches 8, 9, and 10 inches across, accordingly. They can nest inside one another, but it's a tight squeeze. Fortunately, that wasn't my intent. If I wanted nesting pouches, I'd make each one 2" larger than the next.

Quick, easy gift for someone who will appreciate a handmade item - success!

Posted by Kathy on March 22, 2011 07:53 PM


Love this!! simple and oh so cute!

Cute! And that paisley lining fabric is super cute!

Those are neat and great gifts!

I love the paisley lining fabric. It's one of my favorites (paisley that is).

Thank you for the link, these are fabulous! I bought a whole bunch of fat quarters on etsy with the idea that I'd make some of those triangle sock project bags. But, i bought the wrong kind of zippers. Now, I have something to use up those zippers!

Those are lovely! and thank you for the link, I'm going to try this the next time I set up my sewing machine...

Those bags are so cute and I love the color combo.

How awfully clever! You're right. They would make a thoughtful gift. That reminds me. I've got some fat quarters from purlsoho...

Very cute idea! Thanks for the link. Good practice for zipper sewing.

Wow, they look amazing! Thanks for the link - I missed it the first time around.

Very cute! And I love that paisley lining!

Picking the linings is always the fun part.

I love making my own stuff. I am in the process of creating a needle(DPN) roll and have made project bags of various sizes. And, they are all mine!

Looks very nice! I think I will try to make some. Thanks for the link!

Cute! Nice job.... great little gifts! Love your choice of lining fabrics.

Very fun! The look satiny soft on the outside, and I love the contrasting linings!

I love it! Especially the linings you chose. Very cute to have such an unexpected inside.

I love how they look similar from the outside, then BAM! Surprise, the linings are all different! I will have to take a look at that pattern myself :)

I love the zippered bags; such a great use of scrap material. Thanks for the idea and directions.
However, I am mostly posting to tell you that I have enjoyed your blog immensely. I stumbled on it quite a while ago; it was the first "blog" I'd ever seen/read and I fell in love with its/your name. How could I resist someone called "Grumperina" who goes to local yarn shops and Home Depot?!?! Reading back entries has entertained me, motivated me, and gotten me through some pretty depressing moments. Thank you!

I love those pretty bags. I have enjoyed your blog for a couple years or more. Thanks for sharing all your great projects with us.

Hmm...I need some zippered makeup bags for an upcoming trip...maybe I should just dig through my fabric stash. Lord knows I have some fabric and zippers.

I love the fact that they are three and that they fit inside one another. If you just give away one you always feel the urge to put something inside it so that it doesn't feel too small of a gift, but with three they are plenty!

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