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August 05, 2010


Hey, guess what?!? Thanks to your input during my knitaversary celebration, the new about me/FAQ page is up! I wanted to take a moment and acknowledge the five winners of the contest, and tell you a little bit about the prizes each one chose.

Sara chose a digital scale just like the one pictured! I bought it here, but because eBay listings expire, you can always find something similar by searching digital scale "500 x 0.1".


Angie from California and Angie from Vancouver both chose 60 Quick Knits (my review here). Is it pure coincidence that both Angies chose this book, or is there a cross-country conspiracy going on? Hmm... :).

Brenda and Samina both chose Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock from the Birds N Yarn shop. Samina went with the Cedar colorway, and Brenda, the Baltic Sea colorway.

Side note: Did you know that the very first time I used Lorna's Laces, it was the Baltic Sea colorway? It's true! I knit these socks for my grandma. I bought the yarn off of eBay without knowing anything about it. I was hooked, and it's still my favorite, all these years later!

Congratulations again to Sara, the two Angies, Brenda and Samina! I hope you enjoy your prizes!

In other housekeeping news, this blog will stay a bit on the quiet side during the month of August. I have a bunch of projects I need to wrap up during the next few weeks, and then Mr. Sweetness and I are off on a vacation! But don't you worry: I'll have plenty of knitting time during the trip, and I've already started planning my vacation projects! If previous experience is any indication, I'll be back with a knitted blanket or two :).

Once I'm back, join me at Windsor Button on Saturday, September 11th, for the launch of Julie Turjoman's new book, Brave New Knits! I have a pattern in it! And an interview! (Which I haven't read yet. That makes me nervous. I hope I didn't say anything stupid.)

Posted by Kathy on August 5, 2010 08:30 AM


oh, I'll be in Boston the next weekend! too bad I won't be able to make it to WB on the 11th.

Great prizes! And congratulations on the pattern in the book and all.

And, and, have fun on your vacation!

Yes! The Windsor Button thing is after my show is over, so I will be able to attend. Terrific!

Congratulations on the publication of your pattern and interview! And I sincerely doubt any hint of stupidity!)
Love the FAQ section.... Have fun on your vacay!

Have a good time working on your projects and enjoy the well deserved vacations! This was a great contest! Congratulations to the winners!

Thanks again for the yarn. I love it! So far all I've done is pet it. Have fun on your vacation.
I might have to try to make it to Windsor Button - thanks for the heads up.

Thanks so much for the surprise birthday present. I count on your blog for thoughtful, insightful ideas. Looking forward to the book. Have a great break.

Congratulations on being published...what a great accomplishment! And not to worry..."stupid" would never be attributed to you!

Have a wonderful vacation...relax, enjoy and have fun knitting!

You are very generous in your contests & prizes. Kudos to you!

I saw on your about me page that you don't think you'll ever find a project to steek, b/c you don't do sweaters of that sort. What about a baby blanket?
There's the sleepy monkey blanket from Twist Collective? I don't know if it's your style, or the style of any of your friends, but you do like baby blankets and you've yet to steek....and I know we would a LOVE to see you post on steeking.

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