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July 27, 2010

Nichole socks

Just wanted to share a super simple pair of socks I knit for my grandma about a month ago.

The yarn is Nichole by the Schaefer Yarn Company, 80% extrafine superwash merino wool, 20% nylon. Long time readers know that I've had mixed success with using Schaefer yarns in the past, but Nichole is a winner!

First, I was completely drawn to the color, Vanessa Bell, because it's perfect for my grandma. Second, the yarn has this wonderful thickness, like a very plump and firm fingering weight, but not quite sportweight. Using 2.5 mm INOX dpns (that's like a US size 1.5), I got a gauge of 7.5 stitches and 10 rounds per inch. The socks feel like they're made for puttering around the house in the winter - thick and sturdy.

Considering the thickness, the skein put-up (405 yards in each 5 oz. skein) is actually very generous - I had a ton left over after knitting this pair! And even though it took me several months to finish the socks, the actual knitting went very, very quickly - I just dragged it out because I was distracted by many other projects :).

I originally wanted to knit this yarn into a slightly more complicated sock pattern, but the color variegation demanded a very simple stockinette sock. No problem! A little ribbing, a few decreases, and then knit a tube over 56 stitches.

It's so funny that when I write an official sock pattern, it's never less than 3 pages long, but when I'm jotting down notes for myself, a few words and numbers scribbled on a postal office receipt is all I need ;).

Posted by Kathy on July 27, 2010 08:56 PM


Did you put several rows of garter stitch above the ribbing? If so, what is the purpose - decorative? functional?

Such pretty, simple socks. I love them, and their stripes.

These socks are very pretty, simple design but the colors add alot of interest!

Beautiful socks! And a yarn that has my name spelled correctly?! I think I have to have a skein (or two). Nobody ever puts an h in Nichole!

Great pattern...The yarn is beautiful!

Beautiful color!

Love your directions!! Short, sweet and to the point.

I've always wondered how the colors in Nicole would knit up - I don't like flashing in my socks - but seeing how wonderfully yours came out, I'm sold! About to go order some yarn for myself...

What kind of cast-on did you use? It looks interesting above the ribbing. Does it give the top of the sock more "grip" or something?

That's just what MY sock patterns look like (although the paper scrap varies)!

Oooh - just goes to show that sometimes simpler is better! :-) They're AMAZING.

Nice! Those colors really shine in the simple pattern.

Great socks, and I love your note taking method!

Love the colors - thanks for sharing!

What beautiful colors! I'm sure grandma will love them :)
I'm the same way with taking notes, too. I have all sorts of cryptic 3x5" cards sitting around on my desk.

I love these little socks! It is a great choice to use a simple pattern with some great yarn like this! It must be exciting to offer knitted socks to your grandmother! Have a great weekend!

I,also, think these socks are smashing. So often simpler is better. My questions are the same as well. I like the look of the garter stitch at the top. At what point did you decrease to 56 stitches?

your "notes" vs. "protocol" comes from the lab... I do it too! In your lab ntbk, it says "western blot" and the bare minimum... your protocol has the instructions. :)

Love the socks... sometimes stockinette is the perfect 'pattern'.

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