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March 13, 2010


I wanted to quickly share with you the first (and so far only) potholder I finished:

The pattern details are here.

I love it! It took a lot of blocking (hot steam from the iron) to get the front to straighten out and become a perfect square. I hope it stays that way with use!

I've run into one issue while crocheting this pattern: because the front and back are both solidly-colored, it's not possible to use yarn scraps of various colors. Even partial skeins have to be quite substantial to last all the way - about 30 grams of each color. I'm trying to limit myself to my stash of Tahki Cotton Classic as much as I can, and I've arranged a few trades on Ravelry to supplement what I have in matching dye lots. But I will need to buy a few new skeins as well. Not necessarily a bad thing :).

Posted by Kathy on March 13, 2010 09:05 AM


I wasn't crazy about this pattern when you posted the picture of it before, but turned 45°? Suddenly I love it.

Do the front and back HAVE to be solid colors? I was just thinking that making the front in a solid color but making the solid back of scraps of coordinating colors might be pretty. Sort of like a stained-glass effect. The front square would be the frame and leading - the mult-color back would peek through with splashes of color.

Love the way this one turned out. Just lovely. And yes, I think hanging in on diagonal makes it even more striking.

I confess I've never seen the charm of crocheted items. Your potholder is the only design I've ever liked; it looks Frank Lloyd Wrightish.

I think it turned about beautifully!

Very nice. It makes me want to fire up my crochet hooks.

I love how the four corners are shaped in a way that mimics flower petals.

Love it! And for what it's worth, I think you could try one round or two in a contrasting color if you wanted to use up a scrap or two.

This is so beautiful! Love it!

that is gorgeous! and I just so happen to have *tons* of kitchen cotton that need to be used up! thanks for sharing the details.

It's lovely! I particularly like the colors.

Pretty- almost makes me want to take up crochet again.

I love the colors - and the potholder is so beautiful! i would use better words, but mommy exhaustion has taken the thesaurus out of my brain. :)

The larger size really allows the corner motif to develop fully. And blocking helps this pattern considerably (as it does most things).

Your swap partners will be very lucky.

Your crochet projects are a good indicator of why knitters make such great crocheters. From my experience in a "knitting AND crocheting guild" the knitters were more focused on using good/appropriate materials and spent more time on pattern choosing and finishing. You made a simple potholder look smashing!!

Your potholder turned out beautifully! It has a definite vintage quality to it.

I have a fair amount of cotton classic leftover from the last potholder swap. If you want, I can check to see if any of the balls are in the 30 grams and up range and send them to you. Most of the colors I used last time were different blues, greens, yellow and purples.


It's simple yet classic. Do I sound like Martha Stewart?

Love it turned like that!

Buying new skeins of yarn is NEVER a bad thing!

A really nice potholder, indeed! Beautiful colours!

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