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December 27, 2009

Stockinette and garter

Nothing is better suited for hours in the car than some stockinette and garter stitch.

And nothing suits stockinette and garter better than handspun yarn! Four baby hats, all cranked out in the car. I still need to put the finishing touches on these, and then I'll tell you all about them!

Posted by Kathy on December 27, 2009 04:31 PM


Da-yum!! And I was all happy that I finished the cuff on a sweater;)

Pretty little hats! They look warm and cosy. :) I hope there will be a pattern.... :)

Pretty hats! I wish I wasn't always The Driver...

ah what great colors, too! I can't wait to hear the deets on these.

Yes, what Samm said, I hope there's a pattern, they are terrific!

I took up knitting so I had something else to focus on in the car, besides my husband's tailgating!


Mmm, handspun hats.

Love those! I like that they're not baby colors; I tend to get stuck in the baby color rut even though I know most moms don't like them anymore. Must be my age, but these will inspire me!

I agree! I love the shape of these hats and the cute yet practical ties. Will there be a pattern for them? Soon? I've got a couple of baby gifts in my future this winter and these are exactly the sort of hats I was looking for.

Wow! Great hats and I love the yarn.

I agree! I did a lot of car knitting too, although I didn't get as much done as you did. Those hats are great.

Terrific! I wish my "boys" were still boys and would wear them...
Love your blog, admire your knitting, aspire to create so beautifully. Looking forward to more. Especially about your Mum's vest.

Giant sock toes! How cute! I can't tell from the picture if they're worked from the top or bottom, but that's one of the most darling hat ideas I've ever seen.

What great hats.

Those look wonderful. I love the colors! I can't wait to hear more details.

Lovely hats in beautiful colours.
It's great to have "simple knits" for long rides on busses, trains or in the car. I love knitting plain socks in vivid colours - I don't know anybody who needs babyhats ;o)

Frau Putz

yet, i still probably couldn't do that in the car! to carsick! love the hats though, handspun is PERFECT for thorpes!

Beautiful, as always. I love it when knitters don't automatically go for the traditional baby colors like light blue and pink.

Cute!!! Can't wait for the details.


Love to see what they look like on a head. And the colors of course, are the bees' knees.

I love the colors! Are those from the Last Minute Knitted Gifts book pattern?

Love those "Retro Kitchen" hats...

Something about the picture makes me think of sock toes . . .

Way to crank out the baby knits! Those little hats are very cute.

Oh, YES. I promise you it's the best baby hat ever, and in handspun? GAH.

Darling! I wish I could knit in the car!

Very sweet little hats. Don't you love making cute little baby accessories for the little ones in your life? : )

these little hats are adorable. can't wait to hear more about them. hoping that will include a recipe . . .

Oh lovely yarn and gorgeous little hats!

Now if only I can finish mine.....!

Oh lovely yarn and gorgeous little hats!

Now if only I can finish mine.....!

They are so cute! And whoa! You cranked those out super-fast.

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