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November 01, 2009


You know how they say that a married couple eventually starts looking like one another? I think Mr. Sweetness and I are reaching that point.

We look the same when we're lovey:

We look the same when we're contemplative:

And we look the same when we're silly!

Pine cones are so amusing!

Pattern: His and hers Koolhaas hats. The details of his are documented here. To make mine, I knit the woman's size (4 repeats of the chart), but otherwise didn't change a thing.

I think my hat came out just a little bit too shallow. I know 5 repeats, which I used for Walter's hat, would have been too deep. A longer stretch of ribbing, or 4.5 repeats, would have been perfect for mine. Unfortunately, I didn't have enough yarn to do that. If you remember, his hat took up just a bit more than 1 skein, so I had less than a full skein to make mine work. I had barely a yard left over when I was done! The other issue is that while Silky Tweed is a delightful yarn in all respects, I find it a bit itchy against my forehead. Anyway, I'll have to test it out to see if it's workable.

Maybe it's a bit cheesy to have matchy-matchy hats like that, but I really enjoyed knitting this pattern, twice! Plus, matching Koolhaus hats is undeniably better than the porcupine disaster that (thankfully) never was ;).

Posted by Kathy on November 1, 2009 07:49 PM



My husband would never allow such cuteness. If we are both wearing plain black tee shirts, he goes and changes his shirt. He is terrified people would think that we are intentionally dressing alike. No fun at all!

What a cute photoshoot! Yes, I can see the resemblance. I like the matchy-matchy look, but I don't think my husband would go for it.

ack! You guys could not be cuter. Love the dueling Koolhaases!


i find myself inspired to perhaps knit my H and myself matching hats...

The hats are awesome. This is a really sweet post!

Aww, you guys are adorable

cuter than cute- aww!

The two of you look like a preview for your own reality show ;-)

Ha - I love matchy-matchy. What a great post. Too cute.

I love the matching hats. You two are just adorable!

Awwww!! You guys are so cute!

Great hats, great pictures!

Oh heck, I thought you two looked similar when you showed me engagement pictures. ;) Nice hats.

So cute! I love that pattern, I made one for my brother for Christmas last year.

So cute! I think it's hard to be cheesy in such an elegant hat as Koolhaas.

I love your matching koolhaas! :)

Cheesy is the new thing! Didn't you know? The hats look great and I envy you for being in New England this time of year!

Great photo story! Your hats looks beautiful, I love the color!

you two are the cutest! love the new matching hats :)

Very cute! I've been wanting to make one of those hats for a while, just haven't gotten to it.
My husband (of 16 years) just asked me (for the second time) to make him a sweater. The sweater he wants me to make? A copy of the one I just made for my 4 year old son. Too cute!

I needed the chuckle today. The hats look great!

Oh, I'm honored! They look great... love the color!

How cute are you two? I love the matchy-matchy hats!

You and your husband are so adorable - I love it! : )

Your Koolhaas hats are gorgeous. Thank you for reminding me of how much I like that pattern (I really needed to make mine with a yarn with less halo, because the patterning is obscured).

The Koolhaases are gorgeous. My family amuses itself at table by trying to pose as a holy card; it's surprisingly difficult since it's hard not to laugh. Your second photo is holy cardish - were there married saints? I can't remember.

I knit myself a Koolhaas last year and when I put it on the other day I noticed that it had stretched. I need to give it a soak and see if that fixes things. But even with it stretched out, it seemed a bit shallow for me too (and I have a small head). Your hats are great and I love that they match. Cute hats for a cute couple...

You and your sweetie are adorable in your matching hats. Thank you for sharing!

awwww, such cuteness...adorable...loving couple!

Mr Sweetyness has a name! - Walter. Love it, and love the hats, together and apart they will be great.

Aww, so adorable! I don't think my husband would let me make us matching hats...he thinks my parents are pretty dorky with all of their matching stuff :)

Love the matchy matchy!!

Very nice! Thanks for sharing!

OMG! How cute are the two of you!?

That's quite a cuteness factor you've got going on there! It's fun to see you so happy. Nice hats, too ;)

I love the hats, the photography, you two, the cuteness, everything! Now I await to see mr. sweetness and/or grumpy junior.

Seeing you two together (with your matching Koolhaas') makes me smile. See? I'm doing it again.

LOVE the hats , love the color. I wonder if I could get that pattern to work in Koigu?

You're so cute together!
My husband and I have matching Thorpe's. I try really hard to not wear mine while he's wearing his!

Love, love, LOVE that color!! That's the color that looks best on me and I happen to LOVE it. Did I mention I love it? :)

Oh yes, beautiful hats and I think we can do with some "couple cuteness." :)

You two are adorable, and the hats are gorgeous!

Awww!!!! You know how much I love matchy matchy! You two are so cute. :)

Not cheesy at all, AWESOME!

Great hats! I really like the color.

Maybe adding a hat-band would help? I made a hat for my dad and knit a contrasting edge/inner-band using a softer yarn. It makes an interesting stripe, and is much more comfortable than itchy woollie-wool on the forehead. That would also add some length.

Maybe black, or any leftover 'eggplant' purple?

I noticed that you and your new husband resemble one another the first time I had a glimpse of you two together, which, I think, were the wedding photos. Very cute.....
You didn't know it?

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