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October 22, 2009

Leftovers can be a beautiful thing

For some reason, pinpointing "fall" colors is really difficult for me. Is bright orange a "fall" color? What about mauve or crimson? Do any of the flowers in the picture below fit the bill?

I hope so! My friends asked for fall-colored knitted or crocheted flowers to use during their wedding, and I was happy to give it a go! All through the later summer and early fall, I excavated every autumnal leftover scrap of yarn, every fall-ish odd and end, and turned them into flowers.

I used two patterns: the center of the American Beauty square from 200 Crochet Blocks (if you remember, I wanted to use something similar in the potholder swap), and Flared Rose from 100 Flowers to Knit & Crochet. The latter was a better choice for this project, I think - very pretty and three-dimensional, yet seriously mindless to make. I would crochet the flared roses on the train on my way to work, before coffee!

And here's the canopy under which my friends got married, all decorated and gorgeous. I even spot flowers that I crocheted! Many happy years together, Amanda and Alasdair!

Posted by Kathy on October 22, 2009 07:24 PM


very pretty- those flowers even tempt me to pick up a crochet hook again....

how beautiful! and what a wonderful way to start new married life, married under something handmade by those who love you.

Wow, how fun! What a cool feel for a wedding, and how neat that you got to contribute!

How lovely!

These are sumptuous! On a completely different topic (so perhaps not really much of a "comment"), I wanted to thank you for introducing me to the cool stretchy cast-off that you recommended for sock cuffs, some time ago. I have been using it to great effect on socks, and then today I discovered that it's also perfect for casting off the long edge of a scarf knit lengthwise. It matches the cast-on edge visually but gives a nice stretchy edge so that the scarf doesn't curve along one side. (And having the cast-on and cast-off edges also means that the scarf doesn't just stretch indefinitely.) I am so happy with this technique! Thanks again...

Those are definitely beautiful fall colors! Flowers are fun to knit, aren't they? Yours turned out great.

Very pretty flowers and what a wonderful ideas!

Very totally fall I say.

I love the way their canopy looks, so pretty! Did they get other friends to crochet and knit as well? Those colors are definitely fallish to me

Very lovely.

How Autumnally COOL! ~Love it..great job!

Oh, they're splendid! A lovely canopy indeed. I love fall.

What a beautiful idea! Unique and lovely. I've never seen anything like it! The flowers are such a nice touch.

What a beautiful canopy! Wonderful idea...

Those are beautiful! What a great idea.

Beautful. I could see a scarf made with loads of flowers!

So pretty! I love roses. At first I thought you did one of those Nikky Epstein's flower scarf.

Gorgeous! What a great idea!

How beautiful! And what a wonderful gift for your friends!

Beautiful! What a wonderful way to be a part of your friends' wedding.

I think all the colors you used are fall colors, I might have even added some greens, not bright springy greens tho. I like the canopy - very original idea. Around here, any wedding decorations other than silk/polyester or real flowers would be out of the ordinary!

Those flowers are gorgeous! What a great idea.


How beautiful! I like the idea of a knitted garland. I'll have to start brainstorming for the holidays.

Those are fantastic!

What a great idea! Beautiful job!

I discovered this weekend that there's a tree I can see from my couch that is bright orange (with a vibrant yellow center). Apparently bright orange is a fall color.

Effing beautiful.

Oh wow! That is the best idea! Your flowers are so pretty.

What a great way to involve friends in your wedding! It makes for a lasting flower arrangement.

Totally gorgeous! I hope they hang that canopy in their home :)

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