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August 08, 2009

Perfect anklets

Pattern: Zigzag anklets by Pam Grushkin from Knitting Socks with Handpainted Yarn (my review/preview here). I knit the 60-stitch (3rd) size.

Yarn: 2 skeins of Panda Superwash from Crystal Palace Yarns in the cocoa mint colorway (51% bamboo/39% superwash merino wool/10% nylon, 186 yards per 50 gram skein).

Needles: 2.5 mm INOX dpns. I think these are typically labeled US 2. My gauge was in the 34 sts/4" range.

These anklets were meant to be, exactly as they are. Simple, straightforward, no futzing! The pairing of yarn and pattern is perfect. Knitting every stitch was delightful, especially watching aqua and blue stitches interrupt the soft, gray brown. The fit is wonderful.

Only a few mods: as I mentioned, I cast on using two US 3 needles held together; otherwise the edge was too tight. I also used a round of purls for the "fold line" instead of a round of knits.

Truthfully, these socks were originally meant for grandma - I think she would love them! She would love the colors, and she would love the wool/bamboo blend and shorter length for the summer. But as I started to knit, I instantly realized that they were coming out too narrow for her feet... and absolutely perfect for mine! Also, I didn't find the fabric itchy or overwhelmingly warm, so I decided to keep them! We'll see if I can actually wear them when the cooler weather hits. If not, I have many friends with similarly-sized feet who would happily adopt them ;).

Last, I want to mention that, in my mind, Crystal Palace Yarns continues to be a leader in the bamboo-blend yarn market. I just love their offerings! Panda Silk DK was an amazing choice for the Mother of Pearl scarf. The Panda Cotton that Ms. Bestitched is currently using for her Södera socks is knitting up beautifully. And of course the Panda Superwash I used here proved to be a total winner. Thank you, Susan and the rest of the CPY team, for continuing to provide us with these great bamboo choices!

Posted by Kathy on August 8, 2009 05:19 PM


Yay! Handknit socks just for you!

awww... super cute socks for you! i love love love them! here's hoping for nice cool floors in the wintertime so you get to enjoy wearing them!

Love these!!
I just got this book, these will have to top my queue for socks next. :)

I just used some of the Panda Silk sock yarn and it was very pleasant to work with and the socks look great. My only quibble with it is that the color printing on the skeins didn't match (as I can see is also true for your socks). While for me there was no pooling-type problems, the patches of contrast color definitely were different sizes which annoyed me slightly.

A perfect pairing of yarn and pattern - I love it when that happens! Enjoy your lovely new socks... :)

They are so cute!!! I especially like the cuff.

I love the right combination of brown and green or blue. Those look like they hit it perfectly!

I love the subtle pooling, and the zig zag cuff.

Your socks came out beautifully. I'm delighted you enjoyed the pattern. Maybe Grandma can get the next pair!

Love the color and the pattern of those anklets. They look perfect on you. I also enjoy bamboo and CPY, just wish I could buy more.

Did you use up both skeins entirely? I'm using the same yarn in the Chocolate colorway to do a pair of Blackrose Socks and I'm not sure there's enough yarn.

Agree about the yarn; it's wonderful! Slightly splitty, but I'm taking my time with it and enjoying how it feels and looks.

I normally don't comment (but I'm always impressed with what you do) - but had to let you know I think these are just wonderful - the pattern and the yarn. The book has just gone to the top of my list of books I'd like to buy and I'm going to buy that yarn. Thanks!

these are supercute! hurrah!

I lurv CPY! Their colors and bamboo blends are the best. Beautiful anklets!

I love that colorway and have had it in my hand to buy a few times. Great socks!

I queued this pattern ages ago, thanks for the reminder that I need to finally buy this book!

Ooo--they are so pretty. And I'm glad you finally found a pair of socks for you. If your feet get too hot, wear them with clogs!

I've been tempted by some of the Panda sock yarns, but unfortunately they didn't come in the colors that my MIL asked for last year at Christmas (at least not in the Panda Cotton).

They look terrific! Thanks for the good buzz.

The socks are wonderful! I love the colors and the patterns. I do think I may have to invest in the book.

These are adorable, can't wait to give them a try!

Those socks look so good! They remind me of mint and chocolate icecream, the way it should be; more chocolate than mint.
I love the cuff!

I agree that the Crystal Palace bamboo line is wonderful. I just finished a Slinky Ribs sweater in the Panka Silk DK - and it's perfect for the moderate climate I live in!

Great socks!!

It's really nice to see you keeping one of the many pairs of socks you've knit! I hope you can comfortably wear them, and won't have to give them away.

Gorgeous socks, they make me think of ice cream too and I love the cuff! Hopefully you'll get to enjoy these yourself.

I used to cast on on larger needles when I needed a loose cast on but I found that I prefer to just leave a lot of room between each stitch when casting on. I cast on a stitch and then slide it down the needle a bit (a quarter inch? less?) and then hold my thumb on it and the space in front of it before casting on the next stitch. I've found that I really just need more space between each stitch as I cast on, not extra big stitches.

The cuff is beyond cute! Perfect little anklets:)

I think the cuff makes the pair. Very nice!

These are so pretty! Love the way the yarn and cuff turned out together!

These are so pretty! Love the way the yarn and cuff turned out together!

These are so pretty! Love the way the yarn and cuff turned out together!

I just love these socks. So very nice!

These are great socks.

These are super cute!


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