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July 13, 2009

Vintage Baby Knits, part II

Today I'm delighted to showcase three projects from Kristen Rengren's new book, Vintage Baby Knits. As you might remember, I wrote a quick review/preview of this book back in May. I mentioned that I knit three of the samples - Daisy Soakers, Frances Nursing Shawl, and Stella Pixie Hat - and today I will tell you a little bit more about each of them. Information about entering to win your very own copy of this book is at the end of the post!

(Click for bigger)


Daisy Soakers

O-Wool was one of those yarns with an awesome rustic feel. I don't use them often, but when I do, I love them! Nubbly, wooly, sheepy... great to touch and knit. The fabric came out very thin and drapey, actually, but at the same time I know it's super absorbent.

The soaker pattern was very simple and straightforward, even the lacy bits. The back of the pantaloons (that's what I always called them - pantaloons, haha) has a bit of short-row shaping, which is very clever. I think I could knit a pair in a weekend if I was really determined :). If I were to knit this pattern again, I would consider working front and back in the round after the initial set-up rows.

Frances Nursing Shawl

What I remember the most about knitting the Frances Nursing Shawl is that it took for-eeeever! Using Blue Moon Fiber Arts Socks That Rock Lightweight in the Hoofle Poofle colorway and US 5 needles, I started by knitting the garter stitch center. Those of you who've used this yarn know that it's incredibly sproingy and squishy. As a result, the fabric was wonderfully dense and textured, but the yarn was being eaten up at an ungodly rate! Kristen decided that substituting a simpler knit-purl pattern, one which didn't contract as much and used less yarn, would be okay. I started over, which was okay because the knitting flew off the needles!

The lace edging was a pleasure to knit, even though I needed help from the tech editor to make sense of the original vintage instructions :). ETA: it's all sorted out now, and the directions are perfectly clear in the book version. The yarn, while being slightly variegated, did not interfere with the beautiful stitch pattern. It wasn't overly complicated, either: I had the whole thing memorized after working a few repeats.

The finished blanket was quite sizable: 47" square and almost 2 pounds! If I were to knit this again, I wouldn't hesitate substituting a fingering weight yarn and sticking with the US 5 needles for a lighter-weight version.

Stella Pixie Hat

Please do not be frightened by my wadded up scarf masquerading as a baby head! Haha!

I think this was my favorite pattern of the three! First of all, Blue Moon Fiber Arts Socks That Rock Mediumweight is perfect for a pattern with ribbing like this one - it gathers, then stretches perfectly! From a wee babe to a small child, this hat would work perfectly! Second, the construction of the pattern is simple and clever all at once (I love clever, you know that!). Last minute baby shower gift? This hat is it, do not look any further.

Did I mention that you can download a free copy of this pattern from the STC Craft website?!?

The only thing I'll add is that I was able to find the most delectable little flower button for this hat! It's the second from the left in this lineup:

It's a vintage wood button I picked up at Windsor Button, though I sadly don't remember what type of wood it is. Don't you think it's perfect?

Additional info and prizes!

Thank you for stopping by the Vintage Baby Knits blog tour! Again, you can read my review/preview of this book here. Kristen Rengren, the author, is currently running a series on her blog exploring various aspects of vintage knitting, so you might want to check that out. More information about the blog tour is here. Next up on the tour:

Thursday, July 16 - Blue Blog
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Monday, July 27 - STC Craft

Prizes! STC Craft is giving away a copy of the book, and you can find information about entering the giveaway here.

In addition, I have an autographed copy of the book that I'm going to give to give away to one lucky winner!

  • To enter, simply leave a comment!
  • Please use a working e-mail address. If I can't get in touch with you, you can't win!
  • One entry per person.
  • Comments will be closed Thursday (July 16th) evening.
  • Winner will be chosen randomly and notified via e-mail.

Good luck, and thanks for reading!

ETA: Comments have been closed, and winner notified via e-mail. Thank you for your entries!

Posted by Kathy on July 13, 2009 07:42 PM


Thanks for the link to that hat pattern. It is hard to keep a hat on a baby; that one looks like it solves the problem!

What pretty knits- you did a wonderful job! I've been eyeing the book....we've got neighbors on both sides of our house and a good friend who are all pregnant at the moment so lots of baby knits are on my horizon! :)

Grandson on the way! I would LOVE a copy. Thanks for your generosity. Cute hat... Great blanket...Amazing soakers...

Socks that Rock and baby patterns! What a perfect combination!

I love these! How wonderful. My mother always said I was born too late, for how much I love older things... she was right! I love that hat, and happy to have the pattern. Thanks so much for your beautiful work and posts.

This book is high on my to-knit list.
I like the vintage baby look, and Toronto/Canadian babies can use woolies.
(I am a bit worried that you had to contact the tech editor though. What about us mortals?)
Lisa in Toronto

Ooooooo soakers! My mom used to crochet soakers for me when I was a baby. I'm so glad to see they're still around.

Your work is just beautiful!

I had forgotten you'd knitted samples for this book - they are gorgeous. And STR and baby things - great idea!

I'm expexcting my first grand-niece in 2 months and have been knitting like a crazy person for her :) LOVE the few things I've seen from this book...thanks for such a wonderful giveway!!!

All three of your sample knits are beautiful! Thanks for your comments, too. I love the pixie hat (looks better with the cute girl wearing it than your wadded up scarf!).

Love the nursing shawl and the hat looks like a great thing to have in the arsenal of potential baby gifts.

Wow! Gorgeous (as usual!). That soaker pattern would come in handy since I'm going to be cloth diapering my baby. I'm not preggo yet, so I've still got lots of time to start stockpiling!

I had no idea you knit some of the samples for the book! The photographs are beautiful in it. My mom has a copy which I have been drooling over continually. I'd love to have my own. My baby is due in December and I've been busily knitting things for it. Thanks for the recommendation of the lighter weight yarn on the nursing shawl. I really want to make it but had no idea it was so heavy! I also love the pixie hat. ;) So cute and who doesn't have tons of sock yarn?

Beautiful baby knits! There are always lots of babies to knit for around here. Thanks for the link to the free pattern and a chance to win this book!

Those buttons are adorable - Windsor Buttons is definitely on my to-do list the next time I'm in Boston!

I love the soaker, but the modeled photo shows it worn so loosely that there can't possibly be a cloth diaper under there. Details like that always make me laugh, even though I understand the probably reasoning behind them.

The baby hat is cuter than cute. In fact, all three of the projects you knit are delightful.

Those look like some fun projects to knit but I'd never do that blanket unless it was for a child or grandchild of mine. It would make a nice shawl, I would think, in a lighter yarn.

I love using Socks that Rock for baby items! The nursing shawl is just gorgeous.

I love the colors in all of these knits! So gorgeous and bright and cheerful! Very adorable.

Soooo, I'm guessing that "soakers" are worn over cloth diapers instead of rubber pants? Hmmm.
They are very pretty. All three samples, very tempting. Right now however, I am extremely limited by an infected thumb. No new knitting projects for me and I already have 2 in cheque.
What I will soon need is an easy not too intense quick project for faculty inservice meetings. As long as I can spend more time looking up at the speaker than down at the project no one has said anything, to me.

Beautiful! I particularly love the shawl and the hat. Wonderful colours too. This looks like a great book. I'm off to see what other patterns are included and to d/l the hat pattern.

wow what an awesome looking book. but then again I'm partial to baby knits right now (i'm due july 23... hoping baby comes any day now).

your knitting is always so inspirational.

Thanks for the pattern link, I have a new niece on the way and a WHOLE LOT of STR mediumweight...

I've had my eye on this book for a while, such sweet patterns! I didn't know that you had knit some of the samples. Fun!

Absolutely adorable baby knits. There certainly is going to be a very lucky wee one... especially with the blanket. I just printed out a copy of the Stella Pixie Hat. It would look adorable with a pair of Saarta's Booties.

I can totally see that hat on my friends unborn baby. I love it!

Thanks for the review - I don't often knit baby stuff, but these patterns are lovely!

Wow! That looks like an amazing book! I love, love, love the soaker and the hat! Thanks for posting a preview of the book!

Oh, so excited about this book! I adore vintage inspired patterns and baby knits are my fav! Thanks for the review/preview and info!

I love the yellows and peaches of the yarn you used. And your knitting is always so perfect! Thanks for reviewing this book!

Thanks for the baby hat link, it is adorable!

Oh, Windsor Button, how I miss thee. Kalamazoo's button selection has nothing on Boston's.

Thanks for showing your picture of the Stella Pixie Hat: it does a much better job of showing how interesting this sweet little hat is than does the one from the book (at least, the one you showed at the top of the post, I haven't seen any other). I'm off to get the pattern! :)

Looks like an excellent book, the hat is adorable!

I seem to be knitting baby things all the time lately. The pictures I've seen from this book are beautiful, as are your samples...thanks for the preview!

What beautiful items; I would love to make the hat and soaker!

Thank you so much for the inside peek, and the linky-do to the pattern! I know a couple babies that will be getting this hat! :)

Thanks for this post! These baby items look great!

Nothing like a prize to bring out us lurkers!

As always, I enjoy your blog.

thanks so much for the review. its hard to find something appropriate to knit for baby. i have lots of baby gifts going on right now and am always looking for an inspiration for gifts. i love making afgahns, shawls and hats. i want to try booties someday. i really love the shawl and the hat. the book would definately be worth the purchase just to be able to make those patterns. Thanks again.

A friend bought this for me for my birthday. It's a great book and I love knitting for babies, especially when the babies are other peoples'. ;)

That soaker is so very lovely! And I have a niece or nephew who will be born next month who just might need that hat!

Love the book - the hat and nursing shawl are beautiful!

Oooh. Very pretty! Thank you for the reviews and offering a copy of the book for winning.

I think I see a few 'must knit's for my 6 month old niece!

This looks like such a sweet book, I especially like the hat.

What great patterns! I love that book and would love a copy. I'm printing the hat pattern, a dear friend is due in a month, and I just need to knit her a hat, to match the little jacket I already gave her. This is perfect.

I really love the hat -- so pixie-like (the name is fitting) and cute!

Thanks for reviewing and previewing. I think I'm past the crazy baby knitting part of life, but you never know. It's good to be prepared.

That book looks great! I'm also loving the orange colors you used. I must make some of those adorable hats, thanks for the link to the free pattern.

wow so cute... and since my niece is nesting now - who knows?

Thank you! The hat pattern is simply adorable!

I'm knitting a pair of socks in a similar yellow variegated yarn. It's just lovely to have something that seems to be pure sunshine coming off the needle.

The color picks for the book make the patterns look even more incredible.

Love the blanket! My little ones are getting bigger but I would still be tempted to knit this up for the fun of it.

That hat is so cute. At my age there are always friends having babies so that will come in handy.

These are beautiful knits; winning this book would be wonderful.

Those patterns look like a lot of fun.

Oooh... pick me! Beautiful knitting as always!

Oooo, what perfect timing. Two friends are pregnant and my sister is trying. I adore those pantaloons!!!
Great knits :)

Thanks for sharing those projects! Adorable!

that hat is absolutely adorable! i'd like to make one for myself =)

Oh the pixie hat is my favorite! I wonder if June is too old for pixie hat?? Is one ever too old for a pixie hat?

This book looks so cute! I love vintage patterns because they tend to be classic designs that will always look good. What colorway was the baby hat knit out of? I really like working with STR but sometimes the colorways are too loud for items other than socks.

Looks like a great book. I enjoy reading your blog, your knitting ( and crochet) projects are always inspiring.

I would love a copy of this book. I'm always interested in vintage knitting patterns. There's something about them that really is timeless...

I see some of these in my granddaughter's future. Fabulous!

I previewed the book on Kristen's site. So many great projects. I love the green/white sweater and short set with a band of cats.

The blanket pattern will be perfect for a new niece expected later this year.

Beautiful!!! my friends need to start having more babies!! :)

Love the colours of the projects. And that blanket looks like it would be a great baby present.

That hat is ADORABLE. That's definitely a book I'll be watching out for - I've seen 2 reviews and it looks fabulous.

The blanket is the pattern that really caught my eye, although all baby knits are so adorable...

Ooh, so cute! I've made things from other vintage patterns and boy would it be nice to have some 'pre-tidied'! Plus, I have a bunch of friends starting to have babies, so this would be perfect! Love the little soakers!

Looked through the pictures in the book, and they're darling! Lots of great projects to knit for people I know having babies - and they make me (almost) wish that I could knit them for my own.

Eagerly awaiting this book to hit my local store! But maybe I won't have to wait??

thanks for the link for the hat - always need a last minute baby shower gift! Great pictures, btw.

All three of these patterns are beautiful, and the yarn choices are inspired! I love seeing bright colors for baby knits. Pastels have never done it for me. That button is the cutest thing ever.

That is one adorable and ingenius little bonnet! Thank you for the link. The blanket is beautiful, and the soaker sweet, although it pains me to see it modelled on a kiddo who is obviously not actually wearing a cloth diaper!

I love love love love love love love this book! I can't wait to get my hands on it!

What beautiful patterns :) I especially love the blanket lace edge!

perfect button for that wee little hat! Absolutely love the shawl.

I love everything about this set, including the colors used in the test knits. I think I'm going to need a copy, even if I can't get the special autographed one!

The lace on the blanket is beautiful. I can think of several ways to use that pattern! I like the little hat, too. I guess that means I would probably like the whole book, do you think?

The patterns are gourgeous and beautifully knitted. The free pattern comes handy as a dear friend is pregnant with her second. Thankfully she is due in November - plenty of knitting time.
P.S. Love your blog and read it almost every day.

Love the samples! I'm especially loving the shawl, which looks so cushy!

so very cute. i love the bonnet.

Love the pixie hat - I think I might have to make one for my own future babe in some gender-neutral color sooner rather than later.

Ackkk! Another book for my list. Your samples are lovely.

Ah, baby knits. Your samples look as squeezable as the babies who model them.

What cute patterns. I'm expecting, and keep finding all sorts of fun things I want to make! I'm not sure 5 more months is long enough!

I love the shawl!

Thanks for the pics! The blanket looks fun, and I'm definitely trying the free hat pattern.

Such pretty patterns! I've been away from blog reading for so long but I wanted to wish you a belated happy blogiversary!

Thanks so much for sharing the link to the pattern! It's too cute! My friend just had a baby last week and this is definitely going to the top of the must knit list. :-)

The blanket is gorgeous. Sadly, I don't think I'll have any babies to knit for for awhile yet. It's certainly something to keep in mind.

Those are such cute patterns. I wouldn't mind winning this book.

What a beautiful book! And, oh, I have so many friends with babies to knit for!

What beautiful knits! I always struggle with finding baby knits that are classy and yet usable -- these look to fit both my requirements! I think the hat is my favorite. That button is too cute.

I am getting less chicken with leaving you comments ;-). I love the colors and yarns you used for the baby knits! VERY classy, and not those barfy, over expected "candy pink""parakeet blue""mint green""don't wanna decide yellow" colors! Beautiful!

I like all three patterns you knit. Wouldn't the pixie hat be cute on an older child? All those patterns are clever. Thanks for sharing.

I looove the blanket! And the other two patterns are cute as well!

oooo, I love all 3 these, I bet that book is chalk full of wonderful patterns. If I would get a copy that would be awesome!

Thanks again for having such a great blog.

Gorgeous baby stuff. I'd love to be entered in the contest. Thanks for the great blog!

I can't imagine knitting the yellow shawl on small needles and small yarn, but STR is a fabulous yarn.

Your samples are just adorable, and they make me interested in knitting baby things. Who knows when I'll need a baby shower gift or even have a grandchild on the way some day!

Thanks for the hat pattern - its a great teaser for the book! I love all of these patterns -if only I had a little girl to knit such beautiful soakers for - and that blanket is so so pretty.

Thank you for sharing this with everyone!

What a cute book. Every knitter needs a good source of baby knits.

The hat is great - it's in my queue right now! Not that I have any babies to knit for, unfortunately :-( The colors of each are lovely - I fear variegated yarns like the plague, but would use each of the ones you chose here.

I'd LOVE to have this book! Unfortunately, unemployment for the last 8 months doesn't lend itself to book budget...or yarn budget!

Those patterns are so cute!

I just love the samples you've done, they are just beautiful. Last week my daughter and goddaugher/niece both announced their expecting their first babies....I'm so over the moon, it's been 8 years since I had a baby around. I've already got the needles moving.

They all look great. Can't wait to make all of them!

oh, that hat is so precious.

I like the blanket too but I have sworn off making baby blankets for friends... after this last one... really...

Your previews have shown the patterns to be gorgeous! I am keeping my fingers crossed that I win the draw- thank you for holding a competition for it.

Thanks for the link to the hat pattern! I've been putting off ordering the book, trying to get thru some WIPs first (before knitting for my sis' new baby boy!!) but the hat is definitely a welcome diversion.

Well done! We're just starting on the grandbaby journey in our house, so that book would definitely cone in handy!

I love the colours you used! Lovely.

I like the blanket, especially the lace edging. :-) And thanks for the link to the hat pattern!

The pixiehat is just adorable, i want to knit one for my favourite baby girl, Romina!

ps. Tadam! I've finally left a comment!

I love this book. The hat is absolutely adorable.

That blanket is pretty, but does look like it'd take a long time. That adorable hat is more my speed!

Great idea, vintage patterns updated for today's babies! The items you knit are so sweet - the soakers and hat are adorable. I had to go look on the book site to see more. Check out the pink slippers - so cute. I would knit a few items from this book for my grandchildren.

What pretty baby knits. The hat is precious.

Great job on the samples...I don't have any little ones at home. But the preview is so yummy I'll have to get a copy for future grandkids knitting or maybe win one????

Thanks for the chance.

I stumbled across Kristen's new blog series over on Ravelry, and am thrilled to get more tips on Vintage knitting, since that's my favorite type of knitting but I am very intimidated by anything other than socks. My sweater has been sitting for years! I love all three of these projects and will buy the books if I don't win :)

Such frustration - I STILL haven't seen this book at any of my local bookstores! I'm so pleased to see the things you made for it. I will never understand soakers, but the shawl and hat are charming. I want to make them.

Yay for contests! Normally, I wouldn't have given this book a second look, but from your beautiful pictures I'm enticed! I've recently made baby sweaters for friends' babies and bemoaned their fast growth! The hat is pretty darn cute, so I may have to make one.

That hat is too adorable. I wonder if it would look ridiculous sized up to fit me?

The hat is my favorite!

Ooh. I've been thinking about this book. My babe is now too big for the items, but they seem to make wonderful gifts!

What a beautiful nursing blanket. I love reading your blog, you are a fabulous knitter. You're knits always come out so neat and pretty.

That blanket came out fantastic! In fact - all are great finishes - and lovely gifts!

I love that baby bonnet. It is gorgeous!

I love the hat! And the colours :)

I adore that hat!

I love the pixie hat! How perfect. These are really beautiful.

Looks like a beautiful book! Thanks for the review/postings.

Your samples are beautiful! I made a hat with a similar style a while ago. It's so cute on a kid!

I'm a sucker for a book with cute baby patterns.

I love the blanket - the lace is especially nice - no holes big enough for little fingers to get caught in!

That nursing shawl is gorgeous.

Oh, look at those soakers! So cute!

The nursing shawl is beautiful; I'd love to make this one. Also, never tried soakers but I'm game!

Such pretty patterns and excellent execution! I'd be very happy to have a copy of the book!

Lovely baby things! I've got twin nephews coming this fall so need to get busy with knitting.

I've got babies on the brain already - and that pixie hat isn't helping anything! Too cute! The nursing shawl is also just gorgeous. I'm curious - how vintage is "vintage"? Are these patterns from the 50s and 60s or are they earlier than that?

Thanks for your review -- love the soakers and hat!

Perfect timing! Just found out that a dear friend from college is having her first. Not sure if boy or girl, but it looks like some fantastic options in this book for either.

The shawl is lovely, both the pattern, yarn and color.

Gorgeous! The yellow yarns are so cheerful, and I love the hat.

Love to see the Blue Moon Fiber Arts yarn used for non-socks. I made my son a light jacket with the heavyweight (which is kind of a light worsted) and it's so nice to work with.

I just ordered a copy yesterday from Amazon!

I love the hat! It reminds me of the hood on the zip up the back sweater on knitting.about.com.

Those soakers are adorable! I have a few friends who use cloth diapers, and are always looking for cute covers.

I must agree, those definitely came out to be some lovely knits!

Seems like a really adorable book. Thanks for offering up the giveaway!

Thanks for the contest! Some really cute (and relatively speedy) knits there!

Cute hat. I think I like it best of the three t00.

Fantastic job! I'd love to win a copy of this book :)

I already reserved my copy at the library - and I looked at her gallery. The pale pink shrug is in my Rav queue, as is the pixie hat, and as will be a couple of other projects. The best part is that I also have to buy yarn for these, yay!

I love the pixie hat! I may need to get this book, since I have at least two babies to knit for later this year. I always love your reviews. Thanks Grumperina!

I am inspired to use my Socks that Rock stash for non-sock projects: baby shower gifts! Thanks for the great inspiration. I may have to purchase this book. . .

Darling!! Makes me (almost) wish for a baby....

So many people I know are having babies! The book would be put to good use if I won...

oh, those are too sweet! I love vintage patterns! I also love all the orange.

The patterns in this book are beautiful and perfect for the sock yarn stash. Thanks!

That baby hat is adorable! And I'm loving all of the yellow. Now I need to knit something yellow!

This book looks great, and what beautiful yarn choices! I can't wait to see the real thing!

My mum was looking for an easy baby hat pattern; I saw your post today; and she cast on this afternoon! It's very pretty and looks like it will be done quickly too. Thanks!

I have a baby shower coming up and would love to make that pixie hat. Too cute!

I love the hat!

Cute! What beautiful little knits!

The pixie cap is adorable and a great use for those one-off fab buttons we all seem to pick up.

The book looks lovely. Thanks for the hat pattern!

That Stella pixie hat is sooo cute!

Also, Socks That Rock is superwash, yes? Good choice for baby items!

You've definitely sold me on that hat!

I've made a couple of bonnets in the past year, but none of them seem remotely as cute AND functional!

I LOVE the colors - such pretty, sunshine-y colors!

I don't have children, but I love to make baby gifts for all of my friends. A nursing shall is such a novel idea. I usually make knitted hats and booties but quilts for blankets as I always remember getting all caught up in my grandma's afghans. I never thought of such a beautiful piece for nursing. Thanks

so cute! Vintage and Baby seem to go together...

I have HS friends with babies in cloth diapers, so I've been knitting lots of soakers. I'd love to give the daisy soaker a try. And the pixie hat? That's flippin adorable.

Wonderful baby gifts. Thanks for the give-a-way. I have a baby shower for a little girl coming up soon, plan on making the hat, but would love to win the book.

I like lacy vintage patterns, but adult-size can be hard, and they're so darling on babies! I love the peachy pink you picked for the hat, too.

Ooh, I'm in for this one. Little Daisy needs some Daisy Pantaloons! (I refuse to call them soakers; why would anyone want to knit something named after pee?)

This book looks wonderful--I have always liked vintage patterns.

One of my husband's co-workers just had a baby. That hat would be a simply perfect gift. Thank you so much for posting this information. You have a lovely natural gift for knitting perfection.

What lovely work! That hat is especially cute. So many of my friends are expecting babies, and I'd love to get my hands on this book :)

Beautiful samples--would love love love a chance to win the book--thanks!

What a gorgeous looking book, thanks for bringing it to my attention!

Beautiful knitting. As a costume historian, I love the re-issuing of vintage styles for today's knitter...

Oh, I'm completely in love with that pixie hat!

I don't even have a baby (or even one to knit for) and these are tempting to knit. :)

I lead a charitable knitting group at church and we do lots of knitting for babies so we would love to have the book!

I love the soaker! And while it's true that my 6mo really doesn't need any more (between her sister's hand-me-downs and the ones I knit specifically for her, her butt is the most wool-covered in MA), that has never stopped me from knitting.

Wonderful work!

your knitting is impeccable as always. and that bonnet is to die for, definately my fave of the 3.

My friend just had a baby and I already knit a blanket and booties that I gave her at the shower but I think I have enough yarn left over for that hat which should coordinate pretty well. Very cute. and it looks like a fairly quick knit too.

Oh, I just love the little bonnet! It is so adorable!

What a great set of patterns! Enter me in the drawing!

Throwing my name in, as a friend's upcoming baby is in need of spoiling with lovely baby knits. (I've already got a decent start)

The women in my office are constantly having babies so this book would definitely get some good use!

I love the blanket especially. Please enter me in the drawing. And thanks for your fav 5 collection!

So cute! I need this book, I'm a new auntie twice over this year.

Thanks for such a wonderful review of a great looking book.

Since I never have a lack of babies to knit for, I'd love a copy of the book.

Beautiful! I've been eying this book since it came out.

Oh those are so adorable. I love the hat!

Love it! I've already downloaded the pattern for the little hat, but everything in the book looks great!

I have bought the book as soon as it came out because I love vintage-looking garments and I have a baby in the house. I'm already on my second knit from it, and loving it!

Thanks for the review. The button is adorable - I wish I lived closer to Boston and could visit the store!

I am due in three weeks, plenty of time knit me up some daisy soakers! Come on big winner! *spins the wheel*

I would love to have this book to knit items for my super adorable niece! That hat is great, I already downloaded the pattern and can't wait to knit it.

Nice job with the samples. I can't imagine knitting such a large square of such a simple pattern for that nursing shawl. That's some serious stamina!

I love the blanket/shawl. It's so pretty and calming.

lovely knitting, lovely patterns. i'd love to win!

What is a nursing shawl?

such pretty projects - the more I see of this book the more I realize that I would love to knit things from it

Beautiful knits! I've been looking for the perfect baby gift, and this book looks perfect.

Does the nursing shawl have some function for nursing as the name suggests?

What a great book and what beautiful projects! I especially like the nursing shawl.

Those are so cute! :D

What a wonderful review. I have been coveting this book for a while now (not available at our 2 local bookstores here in Canada yet). Eventually I will probably have to break down and order it online. Thanks to your article I have a new appreciation for the Stella Pixie hat. I wasn't overly inspired by it until seeing it here. I might have to cast on for that soon. Thank you

What do we use soakers for, I wonder. Every now and then I see a pattern for a set. Are they shorts (sort of)?

i don't usually ogle baby knit books, but this one is an absolute must have. everything i've seen of it is adorable and i'd love to get my hands on a copy!

The hat is adorable, and the shawl looks great.

Wow, I have lots of friends who are breeding lately. I'm having a great time knitting things up for them too. The book looks fab.

Why, oh why, did I not pick up knitting years before I had my DD so I could have made these for her? Each one is more beautiful than the other!

That hat! It even looks grand on the wadded-up scarf. I will knit that for sure. The soaker looks much more elaborate than the ones I knitted for my daughter 20 years ago -- pretty!

LOVE the hat! may have to make that for a baby soon... lots of my cousins and friends are having them lately :)

I've been reading lots of good things about this book; now I see why. The samples you knit are just gorgeous! I'm going to the STC Craft website right now and downloading a copy of the pixie hat pattern.

The blanket is fabulous. I wouldn't mind that as a lap throw!

Looks like a fantastic book. Thanks for sharing!

Those patterns are adorable. And I'm going to be a Grandma of twins next month. I've started the hat from the free patterns site and would love to make all the things in this lovely book.

What a gorgeous baby blanket, but yikes! 2 lbs!

Those patterns are so sweet!

Absolutely beautiful work and awesome yarn. Thanks for sharing.

Your samples are adorable. I love everything I've seen in this book, although a 2 pound blanket might be a bit much.

I love everything I've seen from this book. Plus, everyone I know is having babies. I must own it.

Your knitting and photog work is stunning as always! And the generosity of a second give-a-way, fabulous! Now if only the baby hat was upsized for toddlers and adults... *grin*

The work is gorgeous (as usual) and the colors great for baby items. I like the shawl the best. I can see it in so many beautiful color combos!

It is great getting your comments about the test knitting. I have been eyeing this book and would love to win a copy!

I would wear this book out in no time flat!
Thanks for being so generous!

Thanks for the button website!

Baby clothes are my favorite things to knit. I have been eyeing the book and would be thrilled to be lucky enough to win a copy.

Lovely. Just lovely.

These are all so lovely... I'll be keeping this in mind when I end up knitting for a child someday. Meanwhile, I'd love to be entered for the book, please. :)

I love the pixie hat! I think all babies should wear quirky little hats - time is short before they start protesting :)

This book looks like such fun! Just wish there were more babies in my life to knit for . . .

What adorable patterns. You do such nice work. I wish I was a perfectionist like you (sometimes!). I love to work with Socks that Rock yarn. I'm making a pair of socks with the medium weight right now and it is wonderfully sproingy. I'd enjoy having a copy of the book. Please enter me in the drawing!

I think the shot of the faux baby head is very "Alas, poor Yorick."

I have GOT to get that book for my niece. I know I am biased, but seriously, she is the cutest baby I have ever seen

What beautiful samples! I don't have any plans for a baby anytime soon, but many MANY coworkers and friends who are expecting, which would make this book perfect for me!

Wow, thanks for the review. It's totally different to read about a pattern from the person who knit the samples. I'd love to win a copy of the book!

I love that hat! Thanks for linking to the pattern.

I've had my eye on this book since it came out, thanks for the in-depth look!

I love the soaker pattern. So sweet! The blanket is beautiful too.

Thanks for the opportunity to win!

i've been eying this book for a while now. all my friends are starting to pop out kids, and the patterns here are just perfect!

Lovely patterns that bring back a lot of memories!
Thanks for the links!

Those are absolutely beautiful pieces you knitted up! How fun to work with old patterns and new yarns.

I would like a chance at winning this book, so here it is!

the nursing shawl is GORGEOUS!

Your samples turned out lovely!

Great job! I really like the baby blanket--it's lovely!

That hat is TOO cute!

I love the hat! I wish my girls were babies again!

thanks for the link to the pixie hat! it's adorable.

I've admired this book, and you've convinced me it's a must have! Thanks for all the details about the item you knit. I always appreciate getting the whole story.

These knits are wonderful. Thank you for the link to the hat.

Thank you so much for showing us projects from the book! If I didn't read your blog, I probably wouldn't have found out about the book, but now it is going on my list of books to buy!

I hope I win - because I LOVE that pixie hat.

I would love a copy of this book! These patterns are simply adorable. I can't wait to get my hands on that nursing shawl pattern!

What adorable things! I've already put this on my Amazon wish list. These are just the kinds of baby knits I love. Makes me sad I didn't know how to knit when my kids were in diapers.

I love the hat. It looks like it would be a bit harder than most for a baby to take off.

Soakers! I remember my aunt complaining that my grandmother would put them on us grandchildren without warning (this is back in the era of the rubber pants/cloth diapers). I'd love to try knitting one of those...

BTW, Congratulations on your 5th Blogiversary!

I really love the patterns - BUT woefully - my niece has never dressed her son in the traditional beautiful hand knitted items that I did as a young mother...

Oh I'm always on the lookout for cute soakers. It seems like everyone is going back to cloth diapers!

Thank you for including your wonderful samples!

Wow, absolutely adorable! And just the thing for the influx of babies invading my office.

I love the baby hat and would love to have the signed book. It seems that I am needing to knit a lot of baby things lately and it will come in handy. I enjoy your blog.

Love the shawl and the soakers - as more people I know have kids, I need to knit more!

Woo! This looks like a good one. I love those soakers. I'd knit those. And the hat (with its gorgeous flower button) is just ducky!

It looks like you had had fun with this project. Thanks for sharing it with us!

I love that hat! Can't wait to make one.

Wow! with two new grandbabies expected in January this is a book I could use. And one of my daughters does the cloth diaper/soaker thing too so the soaker pattern would be sooo useful.

I've been so tempted by that book! It's beautiful!

I have several friends in the midst of family-building who need me to knit those adorable hats!

I love the baby knits--especially the hat! I would love to get my hands on the book! Please enter me in the contest!

Love that little hat!!

I paged through this in the bookstore after seeing it on Franklin's blog, and was quite impressed. But my sister had only offered to buy me one book for my birthday, so after much cogitating I went with A Gathering of Lace. Now there's a chance I could have both!

Clever is my favorite.

Thanks so much for offering the book. That blanket is getting put in my queue ASAP!

This book looks really great - thanks for sharing with us!

That nursing shawl caught my eye when I browsed through the book. It is breathtaking.

As always, gorgeous work! The blankie is definitely my favourite :)

Your knitting is always so beautiful! Thanks for the chance to win.

LOVE this giveaway. Your work always looks so impeccable!! I am jealous ;)

Thanks for the awesome giveaway! I really must try that baby hat. It's pretty darn adorable!

Thanks for posting the free pattern link! I especially love the shawl, although I don't think there's a bad pattern to be had in the book!

Wow everyone want this book. I have always enjoyed reading you blog. Thanks for the give away.

I need to knit something special for a special baby on the way. Great work!

Thanks for another great review! I have added quite a lot of books to my knitting book queue since starting to read your blog. Not that I'm complaining.
That hat is just lovely, too, by the way, and I will definitely be knitting that soon. Great work!

So many gorgeous patterns, only one life to live! It would be hard to choose which one to make first, but I could do it!

Oh, and that shawl is amazing in STR (my favorite yarn).

It was very interesting hearing the process of knitting the samples.

LOVE the hat! This book is definitely going on my list.

I love love love this book!! I got a copy over at TNNA and was totally In Love with it. I love all of those projects and am itching to cast on! :-)

Love your test knits. This is one book that I think I am going to have to add to my library.

Thanks for sharing your involvement with the book. The hat is too cute, but then the model is pretty cute, too.

Beautiful knitting, as always! Yellow is my favorite color, so those first two projects are just irresistable!

Holy Moly! At best there's a one in 306 chance of winning! Worth the de-lurking though! Thanks for consistently posting all the yummy knitting tid bits!

I like the book,and your blog is very interesting, all you knit is beautful.

Oh, these look all gorgeous! The blanket might be my favorite.

Love the colours you've used - I am totally captivated by yellows at the moment.

The shawl is so lovely, I want to make it! I love the way the hat makes a little peak, too. Your projects are always a pleasure to follow.

I have three co-workers that are due in October. I am going to check out this book for ideas. Thanks!

Love the soaker - absolutely precious.

Your knitting is always so beautiful. I really like the nursing shawl.

Ooh I love that hat! THe pantaloons are cute too.

I love that hat! I'm getting a niece or nephew in January, I need this book.

I flipped through the book last month at the bookstore and fell in love! I have promised myself that I can buy it once I get pregnant again! Beautiful samples!

Those are all lovely baby knits. I like the Pixie hat especially. What a treat for you to have been able to knit them!

Most interesting blog. The hat is really cute.

I just drooled over this book in Brookline Booksmith the other night. Your photos of the hat, in particular, make the projects look even MORE delectable!

I love that little hat! Perfect baby shower gift! And the shawl is amazing.

All three of the patterns you showcased are adorable. I have a niece on the way and would love a copy of this book...actually I might have to go out and buy one if I don't win.

This book looks so cute. I'm definitely buying it.

I simply adore the buttons on the little hat! What a wonderful collection of patterns!!

Thanks for the great review. I am not sure if I can ever get this copy in Singapore but the patterns look amazing!

What an inspiration!

I LOVE the baby hat! And you're right----it IS a clever design.....which would make it fun to knit!

Two babies to knit for. I'd love this book.

The nursing shawl pattern is calling my name. STR is one of my favorite yarns. My grandson is a blanket guy, this would be perfect for him.

Thanks for the link for the free pattern! I love it!

Love the pixie hat best of all. Though I think I prefer it on the real baby head ;-)

Thanks for the heads up about the hat pattern (ha)! I don't like all baby knits books, but this one fits my style well. And... I have a niece coming this winter. Sign me up!

Love it, and now must have the book. Is it available now?

LOVE the daisy soakers! Of course the hat is too adorable as well. :-)

This book is so beautiful it is inspiring.
I check your blog daily I think you are brilliant. :)

please enter me
I love knitting baby stuff.

Love the hat! I was pondering what to knit for a dear friend's first grandchild and this is perfect. Even more perfect--I'm pretty sure I can stash dive.

Thanks for the giveaway!

I love the blanket and the hat is cute to boot too!

I can't decide which of the 3 I like the best. The lace on the blanket is beautiful, the soaker is really clever and the hat is just adorable!

The soaker design looks very ingenious. Kristen is a gem!

I had a chance to flip through this book and I love the number of knits for boys! As a mom of 2 little boys, there is a lack of cute knits for boys out there so I was very pleased by this book. I'll certainly be purchasing a copy!

Ooooh! I am so going to make the pixie hat for one of my co-workers! And, just in case...my email is gracedleeATgmailDOTcom.


The buttons are wonderful! I collect (and use) old buttons all the time; to find any button that works as well as the flower one does on the pixie hat is fantastic.

Lovely photos

I can't wait to knit something from this book. All of your samples are so beautiful. Love all those oranges!

lovely projects.

Ooh, I love that hat. Cute!

Just curious, was it happenstance that all the items you knit where in the same color family, or did you get to choose? :)

Being a test/sample knitter sounds like such an interesting process. You really get to be a part of the design process and help to enhance the overall knitting experience for all of the patterns' users - how cool!

Thanks for pointing out the free hat pattern, its adorable! I'll be sure to make it for some babies on the way.

I love the fact there seems to be such an interest in vintage patterns, and books that modernize the instructions totally rock my socks. Thanks for the heads up.

I have several kiddos for which that hat would be perfect. and a cousin-on-the-way who needs a blankie.

That nursing shawl makes me think about having another baby- and my first one just turned one! Cute review on the vintage babywear.

Omg. This would be perfect for the "baby explosion" happening in my part of the world. So many babies need so many cute patterns to knit!

Love the pixie hat!

I think the soaker is my favorite. I have some old vintage knitting patterns from my grandmother that I want to delve into right now!

What beautiful pieces! They look like something my English grandma would have knitted. Love the pixie hat!

Beautiful entry! The pieces are lovely!

That is one beautiful baby wearing the Pixie Hat. Thanks for the link to the hat; I have a co-worker whose wife is expecting in October!

All beautiful knits. You make me want to cast on for each of them and there are no babies in my immediate future.

I am totally loving the nursing shawl! That is definitely going on the to-knit list if I find myself expecting again. Thanks for sharing about your projects.

Damn K my wrist is sore from scrolling down all those comments! Heh. I agree that STR is the perfect yarn for this type of project and it is such a pleasure to use it for non-sock purposes. Happy Anniversary and thanks for 5 years of knitting pleasure:)

Very cute patterns! I love STR - what a fun combination of new and old.

Those patterns are adorable. I love that hat.

I love the hat! I have so many friends having babies right now...

Holy moly! How have I not heard of your blog before today? I love that little soaker pattern. Hmmmm....

I think my two new nephews are in for a lot of knitted clothing. What gorgeous patterns!

The shawl is just beautiful! I *love* it.

Lovely! I love these patterns. The bonnet is so precious.

What a great book! I can only imagine the amount of sheer tenacity required to finish the shawl. And that hat is beyond adorable. Well done to both you and Kristen.

What a lovely book! Thanks for the contest!

I think I need that shawl. I don't even like yellow, but that's just gorgeous!

This book looks like it has some great patterns in it. I love to knit at a smaller gauge, especially for baby things. Thanks so much for letting us know about it.

Ooooo! I loooove those! They're so adorable. Almost makes me want another baby. But not quite. I love love love your choice of color for the nursing shawl! I wish someone had made one for me. I haven't got the, uh... fortitude to finish anything that big. :-( Four kids and ADHD, what can I say?

I don't really know what a soaker is, but people I know keep having babies so it's probably time for me to learn.

That hat is so adorable!! Actually all 3 projects are adorable.

Adorable projects, would love to win this book. Thanks for the giveaway!

Ooh! I don't usually enter contests, but I'm expecting in January, and I would totally use any one of these patterns!

The blanket is lovely, as is everything else. I'll have to add the hat to my queue, along with a trip to Windsor Button next time I'm in Bean-town. Thanks for the giveaway!

Delightful patterns, indeed! With anew GS on the way, I have to check them!


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