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May 19, 2009

And what would you say if I knit you a pair of socks?

As many of you know, every year Claudia hosts a pledge drive to raise money for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society. She has been incredibly prolific, raising more than $32,000 last year!

To encourage contributions from fellow knitters, and to thank them for participating, Claudia enters the donors into a raffle chock full of fabulous crafty prizes - books, yarn, fiber... you name it!

This year I have decided to contribute a prize to her raffle: a custom handknit pair of socks! I will knit the winner a pair of socks, just like we used to do in the old-fashioned sock swaps (don't you miss them?), except it will be a one-way transfer. I will consider the winner's preferences, and do my best to select the fiber, color, and pattern that will work for them! Maybe it will be something from the stash or library, or maybe it will be something brand new. Who knows?!?

I have many reasons for contributing this type of prize, not the least of which is that I enjoy knitting socks, can't really wear them myself, and my grandma's sock drawer is way past saturation. Her loss, your gain :).

These are just some of my sock yarns. Now, I'm not saying that the winner's pair will be knit out of one of these, but it might happen. I have some fabulous stuff, if I do say so myself :).

For a chance to win this prize you simply need to contribute to Claudia's fund raiser (links on her sidebar). Easy and rewarding for everyone involved!

P.S. If it ends up that the winner of this prize has no interest in handknit socks, it's not a problem! I will instead knit a small lace scarf, hat, mittens, or something else with the same level of commitment as a pair of socks.

Posted by Kathy on May 19, 2009 10:42 PM


What a great way to give to a good cause!

Somebody will be very, very lucky. You are generous.

What a kind and thoughtful contribution to this fundraising drive, Kathy!

Fantastic prize! Hand knit socks from Grumperina?! That's something to treasure!

What a great idea from a loving person!

YAAY you! (and double yaay for Claudia) What a great idea for a prize.

Wouldn't I just LOVE a pair of your socks!
*goes to enter raffle*

This is such a lovely way to give! What a great idea of Claudia (and you).

I did this last year. It was, ummm, interesting. Good luck!

This is the prize that made me figuratively get off my butt and donate; thank you for your generosity. On the very slim chance that I do not happen to win a Grumperina handknit pair of socks, can you share the name/dyer/brand of the semi-solid green yarn on the top of the pile? I may just have to get some of my own.

what a wonderful addition to the raffle prize! i'm sure you'll get a lot of donations because of this!

I was already planning to donate, but now it's definite.

so nice of you to do this! a pair of knitted socks from you is quite the incentive to donate!

Thanks Kathy! You're the best.

a grumperina pair of socks!!! you think i could wear such a luxury ;-) hee! awesome kathy!

Best prize ever... especially for the people who don't knit socks.

That's awesome of you. Who wouldn't love hand knit socks?

Great donation, Kathy! Like you, I can't really wear knitted socks (I'm still trying to find a non-wool sock yarn I would love in shoes). But a lacy scarf would be divine.

I train a friend who has MS. It's fun and challenging and makes it so easy to donate to Claudia's ride.

Such a great idea and I imagine you'll have a lot of takers!

Kathy - I have already donated - - please request my name be placed in twice for a pair of your handknit socks. What a great gift!!

Those are some gorgeous sock yarns. What dyer are the rich magenta and emerald green yarns from? They are wonderfully super-saturated!

Let me know if you would like us to donate the yarn for your sock contribution!

What a great prize for a great cause, you are sooo generous, someone is going to be VERY lucky.

Kathy, you're a doll...

Cannot believe it's been another year already. What a nice idea...custom socks!

I donated :)

What a lovely gift, Kathy!

"Thank you!"

I have sock envy . The picture just makes me want to feel all of them and scream I LOVE YARN then my dh will say did you buy yarn and my response is as always not without your knowing about it

Modesto CA

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