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April 25, 2009


Let me be honest: at first I was not particularly excited about knitting the Path of Flowers stole. The yarn, Mountain Colors Winter Lace in Mountain Twilight, is a magical combination of dark blue and purple. However, I find knitting with nearly-black yarn very difficult.

On top of that, the finished dimensions of the stole are 25" x 66", which is freakin' huge. If my body was collapsed into two dimensions, I'd be 20-something inches wide, and 65 inches tall - the stole is the size of a human! And the pattern is pretty complicated: two charts to follow simultaneously, lace on right and wrong sides, and I haven't yet been able to memorize it...

But somehow I haven't been able to put this project down. I often pick it up in favor of crochet or socks, even! Though complex, the lace flows easily from one row to the next, so I can spot right away if I'm doing something wrong. On size 6 needles, the knitting is going pretty quickly, and I'm able to see the stitches easily, even though the yarn is dark.


And of course it doesn't at all hurt that the resulting product is so photogenic. I can take pictures of this stole all day long and not get bored.

Just a week or two after casting on, I'm roughly 1/3 of the way through! After pinning out the fabric, my stole measures about 28" wide and 23" long. Yep, I had to get out the wide lens to get the whole thing into the shot :). I have another 3 weeks to finish it up, and I'm actually quite optimistic that I can get it done!

Posted by Kathy on April 25, 2009 11:06 AM


that is a GORGEOUS stole!

It's absolutely stunning! The combination of colour and pattern is really great. And you're right it photographs really well!

It looks fantastic! I definitely have to make one at some point!

That stole is beautiful. Great combo of yarn and pattern!

i love seeing my lace blocked out before it's really finished. gives me a reason to go on...


Gorgeous stole! The photos are absolutely compelling. No wonder you're choosing this over other projects. Beautiful knitting.

Oh, lovely! Makes me want to knit one.

Holy whoa...I can't believe how quickly this beauty is going!

That center motif is fabulous! And the yarn is all kinds of pretty too. I can see how it would be engrossing.

I really like this pattern. It is so rhythmic....kind of hypnotic. I can see why you haven't been able to put it down. And you're halfway done!

Gorgeous! But with 33" out of 66" inches done, aren't you halfway through?

Pattern on both sides? Oh man...

True lace? You have my respect, girl. It's looking absolutely fantastic so far!

You may be having problems with the dark yarn, pattern on both sides but OH MAN - you can't argue with the results. This will be a beautiful shawl!

Wow! That is beautiful. I am full of admiration. With three interrupting children around the house I mostly can't even count to ten!


Very beautiful! I can't wait to see the finished product.

BTW...I wanted to add that I think they should use your FO photos when you are done as from the pattern I had no idea what the stole looked like and dismissed it pretty much immediately. Now after seeing your version, I really want to make it.

That is stunning. It is really making me want have a go at knitting lace. I can't wait to see it finished.

heh. you're making you, in lace!

all kidding aside, it's gorgeous. I can't wait to see the finished version. which should be soon at the rate you're going!

It's beautiful! I can't believe how quickly it's coming, too.

Gorgeous! I love the center pattern.

Yowza! I love it in this dark color!! I love the central "spiral" motif!!!

Stunningly beautiful!

Stunning. Well done.

That's gorgeous.

This was one of my favorite knits of all time, and my grandmother loved it. Took awhile to get into it, but once I got the pattern memorized it was smooth sailing and went amazingly quickly. It took me awhile to figure out the pattern too, because you're knitting from top to bottom. Once I figured that out, the roses in the sides and the tulips on the center really wowed me.

Glad to see you're not stressing over your deadlines anymore!

It is beautiful! And the pics are gorgeous!

It is beautiful! And the pics are gorgeous!

Completely amazingly stunningly gorgeous

Very beautiful!

This is so beautiful and inspiring. I have Lace on summer "to do" list. Maybe not this pattern but certainly something to aim for.

Holy Smokes!!! That is quite likely the most gorgeous stole I've ever seen!! Makes me want to try lace knitting again so I can someday aspire to create such beauty.

lovely! I'll have to add that one to the queue

dude. the way the yarn-overs form braids is beautiful and ingenious. the color you chose really shows it off wonderfully - 10000% better than on the official site!

I am with you - I am mesmerized. Congrats to Gardiner for an awesome pattern (and fabulous test knitter!). When I have a chance to do lace again, it may just have to be this one.


Wow, that is gorgeous!

WOW! My husband just walked by the computer as I was reading your blog and he stopped to admire your work! It is beautiful!

Very pretty!!

it's gorgeous!

Hi Kathy!

Your current lace project of Awesome! and the color is amazing :)

wow, this is super pretty. The lace looks amazing! Its got this 3D look to it in your photos.

Oh my! That is gorgeous and that is before blocking. It is always nice to have a lace that gives up its secrets before the wash and block!

love the center panel.


Absolutely stunning!! I have some lace weight silk in a pretty seafoam green.... Hmmmmm...

This may sound crazy but put something white in your lap as you work on this lovely confection. It helps to see the dark stitches.

Grumperina is knitting lace. . .all's well with the world!

wow!! the yarn you selected shows the pattern off so much better than the kidsilk haze. i had zilch interest in the stole based on chrissy's photo (since it was kinda hard to see what was going on) but your work has really changed my mind. it just goes to show how important the right yarn/pattern combination is to the finished product. i'm adding this design to my queue now.

I am not the fastest knitter in the world, but I would like to go on an extended trip, where there would be peace and quiet. It is lovely.

The stole is gorgeous!


It's going to be gorgeous! What a lot of work!

It's beautiful!

I think you can't put it down because it's so gorgeous.

Very photogenic - it's a lovely pattern

Wow!!! That stole is gorgeous!!!

Simply, no--- complicatedly splendid! Kudos to you for even trying it and it is coming out beautifully. Well done, well almost. Keep on knitting!
Buffiesbanter on Ravelry

Oh my that is lovely indeed!

Wow that is awesome. There is some fabulous lace out there and it looks like you have found it!!

The shawl is stunning. I love everything about it -- the color, the pattern. Yummy. I'm looking forward to seeing more pictures!

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