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April 21, 2009

Miele socks

I think you'll agree that the photo of the Miele socks (the golden ones) on the knit.1 website are just a little bit flat:

Miele socks

Especially when compared to the textured loveliness I actually designed ;). No worries - I took a few photos before I mailed them off!

Miele socks 2

Miele socks 3

Ah, that's much better!

This design evolved from a very interesting concept: several sock designers, myself included, were asked to interpret a painting by Komi Chen called Fresh into the knit form.

Fresh by Komi Chen

As expected, I did a lot of hemming and hawing, charting and swatching. At the end I focused on the two oranges because no matter what I did, my stitches morphed into curvilinear patterns, waves and dips and loops. I went with it! I used Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock (naturally) in the butterscotch colorway. It matched the color used in the painting, and it screamed "summer" to me!

Miele socks 1

The name of the pattern emerged some time later. The golden color, the summertime feel, plus the droplet-like shape of the pattern all reminded me of honey, miele in Italian (also a vacuum cleaner brand, haha!).


I think what makes this project incredibly exciting is seeing the other designs inspired by the same painting: Basilico Socks by Yarnissima, Blossom-top Socks by Cat Bordhi, and Poppy Socks by Cookie A. Yarnissima's socks are knit out of Blue Sky Alpacas Skinny Dyed Cotton - pinch me, I'm dreaming! I am definitely looking forward to my copy of knit.1, for the sock feature and other goodies :).

Posted by Kathy on April 21, 2009 11:52 AM


Wow, I don't think ANY of the knitwear in this issue is shown off well in the photographs. Well, except the ottoman. Ha. It looks like there are some beautiful designs, but it's just too hard to SEE them.

oh, your photos are much better! beautiful socks, and congratulations :)

Oh, that is lovely.

I love that you were inspired by the oranges in the painting; that is thinking outside the box. Yet you still honored the poppies at the top of the cuff. Lovely. Did you graft the toe, or do my favorite "pull through and cinch?" Or am I completely befuddled? (Always possible!)

Your socks are bellissima! You are such great company - I feel honored...
I agree regarding the photography.

The socks are gorgeous! I am glad you took your own pictures because the magazine doesn't do them justice.

Gorgeous! I love the design...I'll be knitting those...thank you!

I have to agree you captured the color far better than the magazine did and I bet they used a professional photographer!

The sock pattern looks great. Congratulations! Interesting design concept, too.
I must get a copy of the magazine!

wow, what a difference a well executed photograph makes no? such a pretty pattern and that color totally screams summer

I hadn't even considered knitting them based on the Knit.1 photo, but I'm definitely thinking about it now! Very pretty!
Have to go hunt down the magazine.

The Knit1 photographer needs to take a class in lighting and composition!! Your photos are waaaaaay better, but then you're an artist!!

I have a miele vaccuum! It is fantastic, as are the socks. And you definitely took a much better picture!

Wow! It really is a beautiful design!

Your photos do the socks justice! I am often surprised at the less-than-adequate pictures magazines often feature...

i agree, your photographs really show off your beautiful design. i'm so excited to be in an issue with you!

heheheheh my first thought: miele?? like the vacuum cleaner???? hehehehe Lovely!!!!

Congratulations on another great design!

Oh, these are fantastic! And what a perfect color you picked as well. Congrats on another fab design.

Wow! Those look fantastic - and all the more fun for sharing a name with my mum's dog (also named after honey, and not washing machines!)

I think they turned out wonderfully! Kudos!

they look fantastic - even if they won't last a lifetime as the miele washing machines and dryers tend to do.

miele. also a dishwasher.

I have to get that mag!!! I love the colorful project in that Knit 1, and now that I know you have designed the socks...I'm NOT going to miss that. Wow. Congrats!

What I don't understand is why they took the photograph of the socks from so far away? Socks are small, detailed things - standing five feet away from them will NOT make a good photo! I love your socks, though - the flower detail at the top, especially. Beautiful work!

My mom has a miele vacuum in just that color : ) Very nice socks!

Great design, natch! You are fabulous!

Thanks for picking our yarns.

Lovely! LOVE the color!

Those socks are fabulous! I love the color and the design. The knit1 website photo is terrible, and those hideous pants, gah.

I love the "diamond thingies" and the poppy at the top. Congratulations!

Socks knit out of cotton?!!!

Beautiful design and photos. And yeah to yellow socks, I've just cast on a pair in yellow yarn too and it certainly feels like sunshine.

Beautiful! Love the color!

Your blocks are beautiful. I am inspired. I recently started crocheting, and I have decided that it is serious fun. I will put "200 Crochet Blocks" on my wish list. It makes me realize that there is fun just waiting to be discovered.

Hi I really like your socks and I'm making them right now however I'm not that expirenced of a knitting although I've made a couple pairs of basic socks however I've never used a chart before and I'm just starting the poppy chart and I don't know what to do when it has one of the squares that symbolize a no stitch if anybody could explain this to me that would be much appreciated thanks

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