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April 12, 2009

I spy...

While spending the last few days with my parents and grandma, I was able to sneak a peek into my grandma's sock drawer. Here's what I saw:

Obviously not all the socks I've knit for her over the years, but interestingly some of my favorites managed to float to the top!

In addition, over the weekend grandma was seen wearing her 68-stitch socks (Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock in wisteria), and her Belle Époque socks (Colinette Jitterbug).

You know, I love to knit socks. It's as simple as that! I can knit only socks for the rest of my life and be happy. I probably won't restrict myself in this way (I love lace, too), but socks are always a win for me.

I suppose there's only one catch - I need to have gorgeous sock yarns at my disposal... as I clearly do :). At this very moment I have enough Lorna's Laces, CMF Sock Hop Yarn, and various goodies from Crystal Palace to last me a year or two. There are just a few lace commitments to wrap up first :).

Fortunately, no lace could be knitted in the car (I get car-sick if I'm reading a chart), so I was able to immediately follow-up the sock love reminder with actual sock knitting!

The Child's French sock is growing steadily (now even longer than what's shown in the photo), and this yarn from Ellen's ½ Pint Farm definitely falls into the category of "gorgeous sock yarns."

A little at a time, but always knitting socks.

Posted by Kathy on April 12, 2009 08:39 PM


Wow, that is one lucky gramma!

You are a veritable sock wonder....so inspiring.

Awww... so nice to see your socks are so loved! And I always love seeing what sock yarn you are using, it's great inspiration!

your grandmother is a lucky woman! i also enjoy knitting socks and could do it forever (this is only a recent discovery!). i hope you had a great weekend with your family :)

Yay, it's fun to see a full sock drawer! I just started working on the same Child's French Sock in some luscious yarn, so I'm right there with you.

Well, "a little at a time" is how to get the sock job done! Love those FC socks, but for me those would be too complicated for car knitting...

It was fun, having a tour of yestersox.

A drawer full of hand-knit socks! Lucky, lucky gramma!

I'm all about the socks too. I've knit so many that I don't knit them for myself anymore... and I was happy to find out that my friend with size 14 feet loved the pair of socks I knit for him.... he is more than grateful to get well fitting socks. (My hubby only likes cotton store bought, sigh).

I should make this comment on the previous post, but what-ever. I am smitten, absolutely SMITTEN with the potholder project. I have visions of potholders dancing in my head (but I must finish my Babette first!).
So please, more potholder posts. I would love a yarn to potholder use analysis. Perhaps a synopsis of form as it relates to potholder function. An assesment of size and style options? I am fascinated by your critical thinking skills as they relate to fiber, it scratches an itch just the right way.

Aww, that's so nice to see a happy knitted gift recipient!

I love knitting socks and it is nice seeing some of my favorite patterns in the drawer. As soon as I finish my current big project, I need to get back to work on my current pairs of socks!

I'm a sock nut, too, having about 20 pairs of my own and probably close to 100 pairs in total. My favorite first pairs that I have worn for 7 years need new soles. I don't begrudge them this work because they are still so lovely. So far I have only been knitting self-patterning plain knit sox, but now am intrigued by patterns and laces in socks. I'm a lace novice but after my first shawl I know I'm addicted to that, too.

Wow. Look at all those wonderful handknit socks. I love seeing all my handknit socks nestled in my drawer. :-)

Looks like she loves her socks. :)

Does she know how to darn them? I recently learned to darn socks (thanks to zigzagstitch).

The socks look in great condition despite being much loved.

No picture? :)

I love seeing handknits in their natural state. Thanks for sharing your grandma's sock drawer!

You are a sock machine! And like so many other comments, your grandma must be very happy!

You are a sock machine! Bet your grandma is happy! Thanks for showing.

Oh wow that sock is beautiful!

And also, yay for grandma's sock drawer! That is so cool.

I love seeing people's sock drawers, too. And I'm a happy only-sock knitter (though thinking of a smallish shawl to test the outskirts of lace addiction).

Aw, your grandma is great :^) this makes me want to knit socks again, I think I'll start using some of my LL this week, my first knitting project in my new house!

My Mom always reports what knitted items she is wearing. "I wore the charcoal colored cardigan today" or "I wore the gold socks with the colored specs in them but it's getting to hot to wear them".

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