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March 17, 2009

Kiwassa in progress-a

The Kiwassa shawl became the first victim of my Spring of Lace.

Even though I didn't find it particularly difficult to photograph the yarn in isolation (Schaefer Yarn Andrea in Greenjeans), I had to do a lot of tweaking on the latest batch of photos. And I can't even say that I'm unconditionally pleased with what you see here, but so be it. The navy blue background (my couch) probably made things only more difficult. But against a dark background you can make out the stitches perfectly clear, I think. Almost well enough to reverse-engineer the pattern???

The fabric is flying off the needles, just as I suspected. To knit this shawl, I'm using Addi Turbo circs, size US 5. These needles are larger than I would typically choose for lace knitting - grandma's Crown Prince shawl is being knit on US 2.5 (3.0 mm) needles, in contrast. But I have to follow the pattern precisely for this sample, and larger needles certainly make the knitting go faster :).

The lace repeat is pretty easy to memorize, with each row emerging organically from the one below. All wrong side rows are return rows: half the work, twice the progress! I do keep the chart by my side, however, because I can't keep track of the way new stitches are incorporated into the sides of the triangle. Not a huge deal.

In addition to Kiwassa and other lacey commitments, something else managed to sneak in and interrupt my lace-only line-up. I simply couldn't resist the lure of the crocheted potholders swap. The colors! The kitsch! The crochet! It's really the polar opposite of fine lace knitting, don't you think? A girl needs a break from fancy laceweight yarns once in a while! Plus, something crocheted was one of my dangerous resolutions. I figure 5 potholders can't sway me too far off course!

Posted by Kathy on March 17, 2009 09:09 PM


I'm knitting Kiwassa, too. I'm using Madeline Tosh Silk Lace in Logwood (a pretty pale lavendar combo). Went down to US4 needles because the fabric was a bit looser than I liked. I'm not making as much progress as you are because I easily get distracted by other knitting. It's a very pretty pattern, though!

Wow, Kiwassa is seriously gorgeous.

Reverse-engineering sounds science-y and therefore hard, but the shawl is all kinds of lovely:)

You know, I just learned to crochet myself, and that swap sounds like the perfect way to practice!

I just signed up for the potholder swap myself, after realizing that I don't seem to have enough potholders in my kitchen. I hope I get one of yours!

Yes, I do believe crocheted potholders are about as different from knitted lace as you could possibly get. Beautiful lace, btw--I'm working on my first lace shawl (with laceweight yarn, even) right now. Very fun, but requires more concentration than I can usually muster with young'uns around.

The colours in the lace are fabulous. Addis eh?! A little blunt for you;) I have recently picked up the lace addis...they are not much sharper, but they are light weight.

I've been doing crochet recently and it just killed me!

Lace and crochet, like pickles and ice cream, LOL

So glad you are trying Schaefer again! I've got my eye on you! It is beautiful!

Just found your blog a little while ago. Love your things especially the Kiwassa in greenjeans.

I love the shawl. The color looks like a sun-dappled stream - lightly shadowed with little patches of sunshine!

Oh that yarn is so gorgeous!

I love the shawl, the beautiful colour.

I just joined the swap!! SO EXCITED!

Gorgeous knitting, as usual.

Very pretty and I think the photos turned out well.

I think 5 potholders is like the gateway to crochet addiction...but that is just me.

Very beautiful lace shawl.

Beautiful work! The stitch really shows off the colors of the yarn to perfection.

Ooh, the shawl is SO pretty!

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