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December 14, 2008

Dangerous, part IV

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7. Mittens: Anemoi and Lillyfield, SandnesGarn Lanett


Two years ago (almost to the day!) I mentioned that I wanted to knit Eunny Jang's Anemoi Mittens to match my Kristen hat. Other projects have been louder and more demanding, so it hasn't happened yet.

The yarn, SandnesGarn Lanett, is as gorgeous and soft as the day I blogged about it. I often get a little antsy when I've had a yarn for a long period of time like that but haven't used it. But not here - it's a keeper. I've never even contemplated using it for any other project.

That is until about a month ago when I saw the Lillyfield Mittens on Ravelry. I loved them, instantly. The fact that they're red and white only helped - yes, this is exactly what they would look like alongside my Kristen hat. And I thought, maybe I should use my Anemoi yarn for the Lillyfield? Would that be so wrong?

Isn't it like an even exchange? Both are stranded colorwork mitten patterns using fingering weight yarn. Even though the designs are completely different, they have a similar feel to me: obviously, curlicues and patterning in the background appeal to me! At a department store I wouldn't even need a receipt to make this exchange, even though it's been longer than 30, 60, or even 90 days :).

But also let's note the differences: ribbed cuff versus folded hem cuff, gusseted thumb versus afterthought thumb (or whatever that's called). Certainly these elements will make a difference in fit and wear, but I can't say I personally know which is preferable - thoughts?

8. Some socks


I want to show you some of the latest additions to the sock yarn inventory. On the left: Ellen's 1/2 Pint Farm 80% wool, 20% nylon, 500 yards. I got this at the NH Sheep & Wool Festinal. No colorway specified, but looks like "blackberry stain" to me (and feels like the same base yarn as Lorna's Laces!). On the right: Madeline Tosh 100% superwash merino wool, 395 yards. Colorway Lichen, which has shades of olive and hints of purple throughtout.

Nothing specific planned for these yarns yet (though both colorways were chosen to be grandma-appropriate), just something pretty to share :).

Posted by Kathy on December 14, 2008 10:54 AM


Personally I prefer the fit of a gusset thumb, but either thumb work fine and I am not firmly attached to either. I do not own either pattern so I don't know which one has the thumb - but I think I like the LIllyfield pattern more!

Oooh, Lilyfield. I love Eunny's mittens, too, but Lilyfield has an Art Nouveau feel that wins me over immediately.

I love that Madelienetosh Lichen. It's just a gorgeous color.

I have to say that I don't like afterthought thumbs at all. They either make my hand feel awkward, or I pull my thumb over to the most comfortable position and distort the knitting. But you could always adapt a pattern to include a gusseted thumb!

I agree that afterthought thumbs are not comfortable, but the Lillyfield mittens sure are pretty. I'd probably do the Lillyfield cuffs whichever mittens I made.

As evidenced by the sweater I blogged about this morning, I like the buffet approach: a little bit of this, little bit of that. I'd do corrugated ribbing for the cuffs, gusseted thumb, Lillyfield stranded pattern.

I agree with livnletlrn; I'd adapt the Lillyfield pattern to include a gusset thumb and corrugated rib on the cuffs.

This plan has the benefits of a better-fitting thumb and snugger fit on the wrist (in my opinion). Also, your blog readers would really enjoy hearing/seeing how you go about adapting the pattern, since you are so clever at that sort of thing!

Good luck with all of your new projects. :)

I much prefer both the gusseted thumb (much more comfortable) and the ribbed cuff (especially corrugated rib!). The ribbed cuff is better, in my opinion, because it hugs your wrist and keeps the warm air in and the cold air out, and also makes it easier to fit under the sleeves of your coat! Perhaps a Lily/Anemoi hybrid is in order? :)

I think that the cuff and gusseted thumb are much preferable. However, I really like the rest Lilly field mittens. You could use the thumb and cuff from Anemoi and the patterning from Lillfield and have one superb mitten.
Well, actually you will probably want two superb mittens in the end.

I don't know about thumbs b/c I don't wear mittens but I do love the lillyfield design way more! It's traditional and contemporary all at once. I love the asymmetry (which is usually offputting to me). Go for it! You can do the Eunny ones another time.

Lillyfield Mittens are awesome! Thanks for pointing them out.

I prefer a thumb gusset, and ribbed cuffs. The Lillyfield pattern is so great though. Can you make a hybrid? (I know you can, but do you want to?)

Gusset thumb gusset thumb gusset thumb. Accept no substitutes.

You may just have swung me from anemoi's to lillyfields. They are so pretty. Maybe I'll have to make both!

You do have a lot of dangerous, don't you? I think I like the Lillyfields a little more than the Anemois; the swirls are more pronounced. For the sweaters, I'm more drawn to the Braided Pullover, but I think that's just because it's closer to my personal style. If you don't mind having two very similar sweaters, I'd go with the Ropes and Picots, since it seems to be the one you like better. Both hats are beautiful...makes me wish I could wear hats! Good luck deciding!

I vote for Anemoi, but that is because I want to knit it so much myself. :D

This post came at an interesting time...I am knitting my mom some mittens for Xmas and was originally going to do Anemoi until I saw the Lillyfield pattern. Changed my mind instantly--LOVE the design. I don't have anything to compare to because this is my first set of mittens...but after completing the first mitten I can say that I do not mind the thumb at all. It's not uncomfortable and putting my thumb in the 'normal' position doesn't distort the knitting even though the mitts fit perfectly. And it appears based on my hand size that the double layered hem with decreases at the wrist will keep the air from flowing up--it's a really good fit. With that said, I'm sure that you can come up with a hybrid that will be exactly what you want--I'm just not experienced enough yet!

Gussets all the way. Not only are they far more comfortable (to me), but they make for more interesting knitting. Mittens are otherwise stranded tubes, while the gusset adds a bit of shaping interest. Plus the fit of a good gusset is so comfortable -- like it was made for your hand! (funny that)

Ribbed cuffs and a gusset! Ribbed cuffs- tighter fit to go under the jacket properly and not let wind blow in. Gussets as everyone says above... seem to fit hands better. I agree that the lillyfield pattern might be a little bit more striking? How bout, knit the Anemoi mittens with the lillyfield colour work? Whatever you choose, enjoy!

I prefer gusset thumbs. The question of ribbing or gauntlet wrist depends on the style of your coat sleeves at the wrist. If the coat sleeve is loose, ribbing will fit under it. If the coat sleeve itself has ribbing, a gauntlet will fit over it.
The Lillyfields pattern is beautiful and so is the Annemoi design. Make one of each.

I'm a gusset thumb/ribbed cuff kind of girl. The ribbed cuff hugs my wrists and keeps my (always cold) hands much warmer than the gauntlet style. Also, I've got rather large hands and having that gusset makes the thumb/mitten more comfortable. Finally, with a gusset, you can make the hand fit your *hand* more closely and not have so much airspace.

I guess this is my really long-winded way of saying that gusset + ribbed cuff = warmer/more comfortable.

(you could combine the two patterns ... don'tcha know?)

Go, go, gussets!

I don't know about the mittens. Both patterns are beautiful and appeal to me. I personally have a hard time knitting any pattern exactly as written so I wouldn't be adverse to some mix and matching.

I did want to mention that an interesting use for your Lichen Yarn would be the Lichen Rib socks in Knitting Vintage Socks from Nancy Bush. Just because the names go together. (I sometimes do silly stuff like that.)

I love the lillyfield mittens I haven't seen them before, thanks for showing these; I love things that give winter a "springy" atmosphere

and I won't want to bring you into more dangerous trouble, but have you seen the Sylvi coat from the latest twist issue?

Gusseted thumb, or you'll never wear it. At least that's the way I feel. Those afterthought ones land in a REALLY WRONG place on the hand and are just ridiculous, IMHO. They make pretty, but impractical, mittens.

My two cents as someone who has knit the lillyfield design and has the pattern and yarn for Anemoi.

The gusset thumb does fit better in most cases. but the lillyfield mittens do have shaping which makes them fit really well. I've knit an afterthought thumb before (the squirrel and oak mittens) that were very uncomfortable. And wondered why a mitten pattern would be written in a way that wouldn't fit anyones hand. I think the added shaping in the lillyfield really makes a huge difference. They fit and hug the hand just right and are very comfortable.

You should knit both. Since they do have different things to offer. They are both such beautiful designs

I have never made the 'afterthought' thumb. Everytime I look at them, and then at my hand, I just don't see how it'd be comfy. I have always made gusset thumbed mitts, so it's easy to fall back on them. But they do get tricky with colourwork. It would be great if you'd make the flowery mitts and let us know your opinions on that type of thumb :)

The mittens and yarn are all gorgeous! Thanks for the links!

I have to disagree that afterthought thumbs are uncomfortable. The mittens fit differently, but my favorite pair of mittens has an afterthought thumb. (And, as a Tennessean living in Minnesota, I wear a lot of mittens!)

I've made Anemoi and will most certainly make Lillyfield. I say go with the one that has you the most excited right now, even if it means abandoning your old plan. But I much prefer a gusset thumb, and it would be easy to sub in.

I never would have thought about needing to change the thumb myself, so all of these comments are really useful!

I like the really big swirls of the Lillyfield mittens. They are just so much bolder!

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