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October 27, 2008

I've died and gone to nupp heaven

Ladies and gentlemen, I have the book.

Ever since my glowing review of Victorian Lace Today, and the three VLT scarves that followed (plus one in progress!), I have been looking forward to the next "it" book for lace knitting. And here it is: Nancy Bush's latest masterpiece, Knitted Lace of Estonia: Techniques, Patterns, and Traditions.

Don't get me wrong: I love Victorian Lace Today to pieces, evidenced by the scarf after scarf I keep cranking out using its patterns. And I'm far from done! There are so many more gorgeous patterns in it that I'm dying to knit up.

It's just that VLT set the bar so high. I have been itchy and anxious - can something, anything, rival this beauty? This extensive research, this breadth of patterns, this gorgeous photography? And let's face it - it's been two years since VLT, time to see a new face on that bookshelf!

Once I heard that Nancy Bush would be coming out with a book devoted to Estonian lace, I thought, here's a contender for a new favorite! No hesitation, pre-ordered it at Amazon, plus hunted down every bookstore and LYS within 20 miles. And... I may have overdone it, because now I have two! Keep reading to see how my overzealous nature can benefit you!

I'm not going to declare Knitted Lace of Estonia "a new favorite" because it's actually quite different from VLT, complementing it rather than replacing it. Well, the level of historical and technical detail contained in both books is similar.

KLE starts out with an extensive history of Estonian knitting, specifically as it developed in the coastal area of Haapsalu. We learn that, "Estonians had no written instructions for their patterns - the techniques and designs were handed down from one generation to the next." Reverse engineering was common practice as women shared their knitted samplers. Shockingly (to me, at least!), knitters used lightweight wooden needles with rounded - not sharp - points. Oy! An accomplished knitter, we're told, could complete twenty to thirty shawls during the quiet winter months.

As far as historical techniques are concerned, we learn that the square shawl is the stereotypical shape in Estonian knitting. It is usually comprised of a center panel and an edging, knit separately, and then joined together with a length of yarn and a sewing needle. Actually, the edging is made out of two identical pieces. Don't worry - there's no quiz at the bottom of this post and a diagram on page 31 :). Triangular shawls and rectangular shawls or scarves also exist, though they became commonplace a bit later, around the 1930s.

A note: Even though square shawls are the most traditional, KLE contains patterns for 9 rectangular shawls/scaves, 3 triangular shawls, and 2 square ones. Makes me very happy (I'm still kind of done with triangular shawls, especially if knitting for myself). The patterns call for laceweight or fingering weight yarns, and I would rate all of them as suited for the intermediate or advanced knitters.

The chapter devoted to specific Estonian stitches pretty much blew my mind. It's by far my favorite! The nupps, the fancy decreases, the "take 5 stitches together then make 5 new stitches" (I am not making that up!) add amazing texture and dimensionality. It's what makes Estonian patterns so unique and gorgeous! For a process-knitting junkie like me, it's the sound of angels singing. Aaaaaahhhh! Let's not even talk about the delightfully-extensive charts spanning whole pages. Oh my!

All of those techniques are useful in deciphering the "Estonian Lace Stitch Dictionary" at the back of the book, which contains 25 center panel repeats and 13 edging variations. If you want to design your own shawl, you can mix and match those options using the guidelines laid out in the initial chapters.

Last, but not least, the book contains detailed information on blocking and finishing, including how to tug each stitch of the lace edge to open it up (should your OCD tendencies take over... as surely mine will). Look at the edge of the goldenrod scarf below to see what I'm talking about.

And now, please, help yourselves to the gorgeousness in the extended entry. You won't regret it ;). Click on any photo to view a larger version, and then let me know which one(s) is or are your favorite in the comments!

At random, I will select one person from the comments to receive a free copy of this book! (the one I duplicate ordered - D'oh!) One entry per person, please, and I will close the comments on Thursday evening, 10 p.m. EST. ETA: Comments have now been closed. Thank you for playing!


Posted by Kathy on October 27, 2008 09:29 PM


Oh man! My favorite is the 6th picture down (dark haired woman in red shirt with folded scarf)! Second favorite is the 3rd pic down (another red shirt). I seem to be more drawn to rectangular lace objects than triangle lace objects for some reason...These all look beautiful though.

The orange/red scarf, 8th down. But they're all so pretty!

Oh my gosh, I need to make pictures 3 and 6. And now I want a lace spindle so I can spin yarn fine and sheer enough for these shawls. *covets*

They are all lovely, but I'm stuck on Number 1! Enjoy your copy and thanks for offering the next one to us!

Those are stunning. My favorite is the second one down in the right column. Reminds my of those little white spring flowers (sorry, don't know their name).

Oh wow, they're all gorgeous! The book sounds great, but I love the pinky-brown shawl at the top right, and the mustard yellow one too. So pretty!

I love the orangey-yellow one with flowers :)

Oh, lovely! The middle one on the left is my favorite - do snowdrops grow on vines? I don't think so, but if the did, they'd look like this. (The border between the body and the edging looks sort of odd to me, though.)

My favorite is definitely the first photo. It is just so ethereal and gorgeous. Love it!

Too beautiful to choose! But if I must, my favorite would be the first...so light and airy. I was recently married and still have wedding on the brain...I think this would make a special bride a very special wedding shawl.

Wow! Beautiful. I love the rectangular (?) one second down on the right.

So lovely! My favorite is the one you labeled EL7. Just look at those nups!

I like the very last one.

I think the square shawl on the bottom row is incredible. I enjoy the combined stitches at the intersections. Thanks for the extended post.

I have to pick? They are all so gorgeous! Um, I'll pick the red.

I really like the 3rd down on the left side - looks like lily of the valley flowers. I own Victorian Lace Today and am on my second project.

Wow - I want them all....

I love the first one! Looks classy and timeless! I'm all about taking simple clothes and adding some wonderful accessory, this would be beautiful!

Wowza! I totally love the red scarf. It sings to me. I'm still working through reading my copy of VLT... and waiting for my cabling phase to give way to lace. :) soon I hope!

Beautiful! I have been looking for some new lace patterns. These look challenging.

The big white square one, bottom row, middle, is my favorite! I'd love to be able to make one of those some day!

Beautiful! El12 would make a gorgeous table cloth as well, I really do love the versatility of the square designs.

That looks like such an amazing book. I still lust after VLT, too. I haven't knit a lot of lace, but I love it. My favorite from that selection has to be the one bottom middle: just wow.

Oh! I love rectangular lace, so I might have to get this book! The ones in the lower right and upper left are my favorites of what I see here, although it looks like they are all winners.

Beautiful! I just got inspired to continue working on the Estonian Garden shawl I'm working on as a wedding shawl for my friend (never mind the wedding was a year ago...). I'm still intimidated by the nupps to come, but perhaps a copy of the book will help!

I love that yellow scarf in the corner.

I think I'm all for the square one. I appreciate how many different leaf patterns she uses though! I love leafy lace patterns.

So gorgeous! I love the look of Estonian lace, especially the nupps. So . . . so interesting! If I were to make one, it would probably be the yellow scarf, as I'm definitely a beginning lace knitter (whoo eyelets! go mesh stitches!), but I would definitely have a lot of fun with this book--I do love a fiber instruction book with a meaty historical section.

It's really hard to pick a favorite because they are all so beautiful! I really like the white one that is second down on the right, but perhaps the one I like best the the very last, pink one. I would like to make a rectangular shawl next, and either one of those would be wonderful! Thanks for the preview!

Oh dear, gorgeousness. I actually just started my first "lace" project, so this is hardcore inspiration! I love the flowers, but I'm going to have to say that the top right one is my favorite--soo pretty. =)

Wow, all so beautiful with amazing stitch patterns. I think my favourite is the pink one down at the bottom.

They're all beautiful! My favorite is the red one.

I like the second one. :) Thanks for offering the contest!

I like #7 best, but it's a hard choice.

oh, the patterns are gorgeous! i read VLT cover to cover... this might be another great one to add to that list!

. . . Aand I hit "post" before noting my favorite. My favorite just to look at is probably el8--the tan scarf with the nupps--even though it's not the most technically challenging--it's just so lush.

I think I like the 8th one best . . . the one in red. There appear to be many crazy stitches in these shawls . . . do you remember the first time you p5 tbl?

I know that you're pretty much done with triangular shawls, but I haven't done enough to tire of them yet. Can't wait to see the book in person.

Wow there are too many to pick a favorite. If I had too I would also say the scarf with the lady wearing the red shirt. Very nice

Love them all, but the 6th one is my favorite scarf, and the 3rd shawl.

I love this book! How can you pick just one shawl, I just know that I must learn to knit faster! Love this site!!

Wow, wow, wow, wow! I love the red one. Plus the one that's third down on the left in white. AMAZING!

That is some crazy-ass lace. Very Grumperina.

Wow! Such beautiful lace!! I need to get knitting with all the laceweight yarn I have!

My favorites, row 1 right and row 3 left, because I can see myself making them. For simple beauty, row 1 left. Thanks, Kathy! Can't wait until you start blogging about your progress. Your lace entries have been among my favorites.

Love the shawls but the one on the very last picture is my favorite.

I really like the pink-ish one at the bottom right hand corner. I, for one, don't like triangular shawls (fine for otherse, just not for me - I only like rectangular), so this sounds like a wonderful book for a person like me. Especially since I haven't knit a lace shawl for myself yet. Thank you so much for the review!

I love the red one! Gorgeous book....gimmee, gimmee.

Wow! Looks like a fantastic book! :)

I am a huge fan of Nancy Bush's sock books and can only imagine how fabulous her new Estonian Lace book will be. My personal favorite is the the dusty pink one in the lower right corner.

Wow. Such gorgeousness. I'm torn between the top one on the left and the third one down on the left...apparently I'm drawn to Lilly of the Valley patterns...

I want to knit them all! The pink one looks like her Madli's shawl, which I knit and wore at my wedding.

Holy nupps batman! Amazing... and beautiful. I'm a big fan of the bottom rightmost one... in pink. So pretty!

oh, my. Too many to choose from, the nupps get me every time.

TWENTY to THIRTY shawls in winter months? Who wore all those shawls?! That is astonishing!

oooh! i love the yellow scarf -- and a few of the others look like they'd be perfect gifts for folks in my family...

how to choose just one as a favorite? If I had to choose one, I'd go with the square one in the last row. Beautiful!

I love the second shawl- the smaller brown with diamonds. They are all beautiful, though. Makes me want to jump right in! Thanks for sharing.

How could anyone choose from such beautiful works of art. I think I want them all.

Very inspiring. I love the one in the middle of the bottom row. But I think #3 (counting left to right, top to bottom) looks like one I'd actually wear.

I like the heavier weight mustard scarf. I am also fond of the pink, nuppy thing.

Hmmm...# 6 & 8, I think. They are the tan scarf with the woman in a red top, and the rust scarf below it on the woman in the brown top.

All lovely, really :) Thank you for the contest!

Favorite? Yikes! I'd say the top right one and the red one...so, so pretty!

EL4, row 1, column 3. I could totally see adapting this into a loose, airy cardigan that would be perfect for early fall with a cardigan, when you need light during the warm of day, but something to keep off the chill once the sun goes down.

I've been eagerly awaiting this one too. Thanks for the preview, and review.

Oh man - are these ever gorgeous. Very classic. This book is going on the wishlist. Thanks.

I kept clicking on the pictures and thinking, YES! This one is my favorite. I do love the second one down on the left, and the fourth one on the left, oh, and the huge square one at the bottom. The book looks and sounds wonderful.

wow. i am too amazed to single anything out. this book has me impressed. thanks for sharing.

The thought of completing one of these is awesome! I believe it must be the red one.

Oh, I really love pictures 8 and 9 of the orange and mustardy scarves! Lovely!

Oh, this is so difficult. Although the the scarf is a bit obscured in the photo, I think I like the third one down on the right. The model is wearing a red shirt, and the scarf is a camel/brown colour. I have the perfect yarn for it!

Oh, those are *beautiful*. (And I discovered a couple of weeks ago that I actually like working nupps...)

The red one (#8) . . . or maybe the tan one (#6). As with VLT, deciding which one to start with could be a problem.

Oh. My. Goodness. I *love* Estonian lace. I knit Laminaria (from Knitty) which uses a lot of Estonian techniques and loved every second. I think my favorite from the photos is the red one! Such a great color.

I like No. 2, 6, & 9. They are lovely. Thanks for your offer.

They're all lovely, but I like the middle one on the bottom the best. Thanks for offering your extra book!

ooh wow! What a comprehensive review! I love that first one and the red one, though they're all pretty glorious!

I like them all, but I have to say that the first one (top left) is my favorite! I have this on my Christmas list, so I have been good and I haven't purchased a copy for myself. But winning a copy in a contest is not cheating at all!!!

Thanks for reviewing this book. I hadn't heard of it before. The pictures are beautiful. I especially like the orange scarf. The lace here looks really wearable.

I love the square shawl at the bottom, with what looks like nupps at all the intersections... gorgeous!

"take 5 stitches together then make 5 new stitches"?

I need a lie down now.

Oh, these are lovely. I prefer the two in the third row so far, but they all look amazing to me!

I think I'm with you on the 3rd down - red shirt scarf. But I also really really love the more solid looking mustard scarf on the bottom row. Must make!

I love the left-hand photo in the very top row. All those nupps!!

I heart the third from the top on the left side. All those little nupps in lily of the valley-esque curves had me at hello.

I love how your enthusiasm for the subject comes through in this post. :D One day, I hope to master lace knitting!

Each one is more beautiful than the last. I think I like the red one the best. However, the top two are totally gorgeous too.

Thanks for posting pictures from the book, they're the best I've seen so far. This is going on my must buy list.

They're all gorgeous -- I don't think I could choose!

Hmmm, today I like the large square one but tomorrow I probably will change my mind, and change it again the next day.

Thanks for posting all of these pictures! Just gorgeous. I think my favourite is the white square in the bottom row - following closely by the pink one on the right of it!

Wow, those look incredible! Lucky you! And hopefully lucky me! ;)

Although every single one of these patterns looks amazing, I can't take my eyes off the elegance that is the third down in the right column!

I can't wait to see what you choose to make from this book first ^_^

They're all fantastic, but I particularly like the 4th down on the left.

I love the one on the left in the next to the bottom set of pictures - dark dress with the branches in the background. LOVE that deep border.

I, too, get more use out of my stoles rather than my triangles (so why is "Peacock Feathers" up next? Beats me, but I'm itching to cast it on.)

I been fascinated with the nupps for ages. And I have a deep and abiding love for Nancy Bush books - I have all her sock books!

Oh, my! All of these are spectacular. #5 is the one that's calling my name, though.

They are all gorgeous. I like the gold scarf in the last row. I am into geometric looking things right now.


Me me me me ME! Want to know why? Well, we are just having an exhibition at our library. There are real, wonderful shawls from Haapsalu to be admired there! They´re all white and beautiful, and they´re knitted of very, very thin yarn. They´re supposed to be thin enough to be drawn through a ring, the shawls! That´s amazing. Want to participate, as I would love to have that book!

ooh, the red one in the fourth row! i love it!

Bottom center. Awesome.

I COMPLETELY lost track of what month it was and didn't realize this book was coming out so soon! Oh man....it looks so great.
I think my favorite is the second row, on the left; I really like leaf motifs. But I also really like the one on the left of the bottom row (the golden medallions.) Really interesting, strong motif.

i am such a sucker for lace scarves...so my favorite is the third down second row. with the red shirt and tan scarf..

Awesome knitting eye candy!

Thanks for offering the book. It looks wonderful and challenging. I really like the second shawl on the first row ( the beige one). It looks so ethereal. Next favorite is the first shawl on the second row (white with red dress). The vining leaves are really nice. I don't know if my knitting skills would be up to doing any of them yet but they are inspiring.

Thank you SO much for posting these pictures! I'm in a state of near-worship of these lacy beauties. My favorite is: fifth down (white shawl, dark blue tank top). If I do not win the book, I will HAVE to buy it. :o) What an awful problem, eh?

I like the top right hand side shawl. It looks like a smaller project for someone like me who doesn't have a whole lot of time to knit.

Wow, beautiful. I think I like the first one best. I hope you pick me! Lovely stuff.

Oh, thanks so much for the review. I'd seen blips about the book and wondered what it would be like.

second row, second pattern. severe lust. i LOVE lace (just don't knit much of it, although it definitely inspires me)

I love the bottom center one. The nupps look like pearls in the fabric. It would be the project of a lifetime!

I LOVE those pics. So delicate!

thanks for the review--I recently knit Madli's Shawl, and I'm looking forward to getting my hands this book.

Wow, I'm loving the yellow one....but I would definitely do it in another color.

The white one over the turquoise shirt gets me first.. then the huge square one at bottom center. But, wow, they're all awesome.

Oh wow, that is definitely going on my Christmas list! Thanks for sharing!

I like the top right the best. So dainty!

My favourite is the third from the top, on the left. The pattern reminds me of the delicate white bells of lily of the valley with their wonderful spring smell, stems and all. I like the soft, rounded shape too of this piece.

I'm loving the red/rust one - it would just go so well with the dark palette in my December wedding!

What beauties! I absolutely love the red one! The tan one just above it gorgeous too. I guess I really need to keep working on my lace knitting skills so I can tackle those! *grin*

i like the first scarf on the last one, the mustard looking one. it looks like the only one i can do as a novice! the others serve as inspiration

The main stitch pattern in first photo appears to be similar to one Evelyn Clark used in her Estonian Garden pattern. (http://www.fibertrends.com/viewer/patterns/S2009.html) That was my first project using laceweight and I had to give up on the nupps. It looks like there are a few projects in KLE that will be nupp-worthy (esp. the last one photographed), so I'll have to try again.

Thanks for the detailed review of KLE. I bought VLT after reading your glowing review and hope to get a copy of KLE soon.

I was lucky to take an Estonian Lace class from HRH Nancy Bush several years ago, I'm a devotee.

My favourite is the very first one, top left. Next favourite, center bottom.

That scarf three down on the right is my favorite. It is pretty and intricate, but still suitable for everyday wear.

Kathy, I like #10, the large square shawl. Just imagine the time and work involved in that beautiful shawl.

This book has been on my wish list for months

My favorite is the third one down on the left. The shawl looks like it was made for graceful ballroom dancing and twirling. The stitch pattern somehow reminds me of ballerina legs.

This book needs to be my next purchase! VLT is my favorite book, one of two I brought with me when I moved to Japan recently. I love the technical discussion and diagrams from VLT, and can't wait to get my hands on this one too!

Thanks for showing these pics! I saw the book at a LYS over the weekend but didn't buy it because I'm saving it as a treat for finishing some current projects.

Right now my favorites are the top two shawls on the right.

I have insane love for the square shawl.

Thank you for reviewing this book! How exciting!

My favorite is the red one. But they are all gorgeous! Can I just say though...how can these women have possibly knit 30 shawls in one winter with rounded needles! I have trouble finding time for one with pointy needles! At any rate, thanks for the review on the book--I may have to add it to my Christmas list!

i love #6... along with all the rest. definitely going to have to buy this one.

I saw proofs of several pages back in August, and saw a few days ago that there were project pages set up on ravelry, and I can't possibly pick a favorite. I'm a sucker for patterns that look like lily of the valley, so of the ones you've shown, I'd say the first, fourth, and fifth, although the middle one on the bottom is also fantastic.


Oh my.

*flails* I've recently developed a love for nupps, with their little pebble-texture, and all of those shawls/scarves are completely gorgeous! I'm particularly enamoured with the very last photo, but all are beautiful.

Loved the pink one and next fave would be the red. However, these are all beautiful.

I love the shawl first (from left) in the third row. Nupp paradise!

WOW, those are gorgeous!

Wow, they are all gorgeous, but I think my favorite is the Rusty Orange scarf.

Such lovely patterns! I would love to enter the drawing!

I love the one where the women is wearing a red shirt and the very last one that is pale pink!

Oh wow! As I viewed the photos the clouds parted and the angels sang... I'm still in awe of the beauty.

oh my goodness, i cannot decide! they are all GORGEOUS!

Your reviews and photos lured me out from lurking. I've been thinking about this book, and now will definitely have to buy it. Thanks for sharing.

Oh. My. I haven't even gotten around to purchasing VLT. Now I have another one to add to my list.

Those photos are amazing. I could totally see me removing repeats on the "square" shawls and making stoles.

Such a hard choice. As far as styling though I love the one that's a tan scarf over a red shirt.

Wow. These are just amazing. I can't decide which one I like most.

I absolutely love the square white shawl. I have no idea who I could give it to though, since I so rarely keep shawls for myself. Thanks for the review!

Perhaps it's just the impending holiday season, but I adore that red scarf ("el10.htm"). Absolutely gorgeous!

omg. how do you decide where to start? They're all gorgeous. I'd love to have that dilemma, though. Looking forward to learning who is the lucky winner.

Oh, oh, oh, they are SO BEAUTIFUL. I want to cast on four lace projects right now, sigh.

i can't believe i forgot to preorder this book! all of the patterns are lovely, but i especially love the fact there are a number of rectangular stoles. wow. i can't stop obsessing...lucky you! can't wait to see what you make. :)

Oh my goodness they are all so pretty. I hope I win, if I don't I'm going out to buy it!

Love, love, love the shawl in the first photo: it's so ethereal! Thanks for the great review of this book. Knew it had to be a winner if it had Nancy Bush's name on it!

My favorite is the center square pattern in the last row. That would some effort to make I'm sure. I'd love to win a copy :) I've been eyeing it for a while. Will have to go on the xmas list I think. With the continuing drop of Canadian $ in the exchange I won't be buying a copy for a while....

Ooh, those are so pretty.
I had been on the fence about this book, but these pictures made up my mind. Thanks for the post, and the contest!

oh man, they are all so gorgeous! i think 6 is my favorite... anyways, thanks for the heads up on a great book to look out for

Is it my eyes, os are those bobbles mixed with lace pattern?
It's so amazing! I recently bought a Japanese stitchionary which has a lot of never-seen-before patterns of cables, lace, and 'hook' work, but the pictures just challenge me even further!

The one on the cover is just gorgeous. I would never attempt it, though; the scarf ones are more my level.

I love nupps too! I know some people really dislike knitting them, but they were in the swallowtail shawl and looked lovely!

Wow, I LOVE the mustardy coloured one, just gorgeous! I'm off to buy some lace weight...

Oh, and you were afraid of tomorrow! How incredible it turned out :O)

I love the middle one on the bottom. It's very unique!

Love the red one! But all of them are so good.

I'm so much more a rectangle gal than a triangle gal. I'm with you on that for sure. When a good friend was telling her mom that I knit (her mom is an AMAZING knitter) she asked if I knit lace - I guess that's a bar to be measured by!

I like the top one on the right, the light brown "shawlette" and the third from the top on the right with "sprigs" and "bluebell" bobbles. I've never liked bobbles, but on that shawl and several of the others, they are so delicate.

#1 favorite: First shawl-Silvia (el3 by your label). Then followed closely by 2nd down, 2nd column (el6). I have my eye on this book, too. I love lace knitting, especially this intricate stuff. Thanks.

Oh, the white stole with all the nupps...what can I say I'm a sucker for nupps. [I'm NOT voting for the one with a curved bottom because I already fell in love with that one in Piecework.]

wow, that's alot of nupps!

Oh my, what beautiful shawls! I am drooling over them. I have been looking for the perfect stole to knit my roomy for her wedding and I think I will have to check this book out. Thanks Kathy!

Wow, even an avowed non-lacer like me is loving those pix. I must give the very bottom left yellow circle scarf a huge shout out. Lovely!

Love them all! I can't wait to see which one you make first.

Oh gosh, what beautiful shawls! I need to take a closer look at this book.

Oh. My. God. I had heard about this book, but didn't have the foresight (or the finances) to pre-order it. Now I have seen it, and it is breathtaking! I, too, was very impressed with VLT and have been waiting for the next "it" book-- living ten minutes from Lacis has certainly helped take the edge off, though. :D

I think I could get pretty obsessed with the second down on the right, the almost basketweave type texture is amazing!

Oh my Nubb heaven! Next stop, putting this book on my amazon wishlist. I've got a birthday coming up...

Oh wow, I love the 5th one pictured!

I'm loving the red scarf. Pretty pretty!

Uh-oh, it looks like I'll have to pick this one up! I may have fallen madly in love with the white square shawl in the bottom row... Oh me, oh my!

Oh, this is a long shot, but I want to win this!!!

I want this book so bad! I have loved Estonian lace since I knit the Laminaria from Knitty. Mmmmm.

third one down on the left. WOW!

I would love this book.

I love the yellow scarf with the circles at left bottom. Such an unusual pattern!

Any one with the nupps that look like lilies of the valley--we had some in our yard when I was little, and I loved them. They were in my mother's signature perfume, and though she is gone now, the scent lives in my memory. I would love to knit one of those shawls as a remembrance. Thanks for the opportunity to perhaps win the book! Love your blog, too.

The scarves seem to be my favorite.

I was warned about nupps being hard, but they're SO beautiful and not that hard, and I LOVE all of the shawls! Oh man, another lace book added to the shopping list!

Gorgeous! I've been waiting for this one. And if I don't win it from you, I'm buying it. Thanks for the chance to win one!

Oooh, I like the orangey-red one in the 2nd to last row.

Mm, the red one!

Oh, I so want this book! We got one copy in the shop where I work, but a customer snagged it before I could.

Of the pictures above, I particularly love the branching leaves pattern, first in the second row of pics. It has enough variety that it wouldn't get boring to knit and it could be worn as either a scarf or a shawl. Major love. :)

What a lovely book - I love the yellow scarf the most! It will be exciting to see which will be the first one for you. :-)

Thank you so much for reviewing this book. I've been harrassing my LYS looking for it, and by the look of the pictures you posted, it will be worth the wait. Mmmmm, lace. I can't wait to see what happens once you begin--you'll wow us all, I'm sure. As for my favourite, I can't choose just one. I narrowed it down to the top left photo, and the centre bottom one. Thank you for putting your "spare" up for grabs.

the very last pink one - I like :) thanks for pointing us toward the book, grump ;)

The red one (4th down on the right). Or, the white one to the immediate left....No, the red one is my favorite. And, the review was most helpful.

ooooh, pretty! Second column, third row - taupe scarf. Pick me! Pick me!!!

i love the *idea* of gigantically lovely square lace shawl, but i think, of the pictured ones, i like the very first one best. only i probably wouldn't do the nupps (are those nupps? or just denser areas of knitting?). you turned me on to nany bush's sock books, thank you very much (i do mean that), and now you've got me drooling over this one. the collection of mix-n-match patterns, particularly--i'm a pattern-hoarder. would you believe my library doesn't carry this book?!

oh, also--first time commenting, love your blog soooo much.

I was just commenting somewhere else about how much I love Nancy Bush, and then I see this!

From what I can see in the pictures I love the 6th one; the scarf wrapped around the woman's neck.

Thanks for giving us the opportunity to win a copy of the book! :)

My favorite is the big square x's and o's shawl in the middle of the last row! :)

Wow! What a popular girl you are! And rightly so. That book looks great!

Gorgeous! And why doesn't it surprise me that you ended up with 2!

3rd one down, on the left. The white one modelled by the girl with a braid. It's beautiful. What a lovely end to my birthday! I guess it's no longer my birthday... since it ended 30 minutes ago. :o) But I will say it is and call it a night.

Absolutely gorgeous!

I love the red scarf. Must show hubby to drop not-so subtle hints :D

Well, hard to choose. The red one? I'm not sure, I think I like quite a few!

And you'll have your work cut out picking a random winner from all these comments!

Ps.: I'm a Nancy Bush fan no matter what!

Definitely number 5, the soft triangle where the model has her hair pulled over her right shoulder. This book looks amazing!

Was it announced somewhere that you have a contest?

That very large square one looks fantastic, but I think I would never ever wear something like that, so for actual knitting I'd probably go for the third one.

I like them all. But since you asked us to choose just one I choose the red scarf. I have been fantasizing about the scarf like that for a while; I just did not get to the point to make one (it's brewing :-) Really great tradition in Estonia! Especially when I think of the fact they did not have written directions I admire their spirit and tradition. Enjoy your knitting!

They are all so pretty! But, I'd have to say that I like el3 and el6 the best. Oh, and you are right about the nups!

Oh my, they are all sublimely beautiful and I think I'd have a hard time chosing the fist one to knit... but that doesn't stop me from lusting for them all ;)

Ooooh - see all the pretty pretty nupps. I can't choose just one - they're all gorgeous, but EL6 shouts "Knit me!" the loudest.

Oooh me please! I hope I get lucky. I never seem to :(

Thank you for the pictures, so nice to see what this book contains, as release dates in the UK seem to be later.
My favourite is the rectangular shawl second row down on the right. Its simple central pattern really shows off that beautiful motif.

It's really difficult to pick a favorite, but I would probably go with 2 or 4. This book looks like a must have.

My favourite is the second row, right hand side, lovely lily of the valley type pattern.

They are all gorgeous.

They are just spectacular! I love the red shawl (EL10), but I'm not sure that it isn't just because it is a fantastic colour! I think my favourite is EL8 though, above the red one, which she is wearing a bit like a scarf. Thanks for the review!

I think I like the red scarf best -- but it's really impossible to pick just one. That choice is probably based on the fact that the red is a perfect rustic color -- I can just see the scarf being a treasured belonging for an Estonian farm girl.

Having some Estonian blood in me, of course I have Nancy Bush's other Estonian Knitting book. But, I'm not really a sock knitter and mittens are usually overkill in California so I have been greatly looking forward to this book. Now I can do some heritage knitting for gifting to family members. I'm trying to hold off buying it so that it can go under the Christmas tree -- but this blog post just made that bit of self-control a lot harder.

How did Nancy Bush go and make all those nups sooo pretty? I'm usually not a nups fan, but I've got to check these out. I'm torn, between the regularity of the first row, left and the slight waves of the second row right. I prefer rectangular shawls so I'd have to modify it - bottom row, center is my favorite.

Ooh... el5... and el12! All are lovely.

Oh my gosh... pick just one? Wow... I'd have to say #3 (the second one down in the first column -- white over a red shirt)

Ooo, I'm torn between the red one (8th one down) and the nice tan one which is right above it.

I've been wondering about this book so thanks for your great review.

I like the pinky one, the last one.
But they are all beautiful. I was thinking about knitting a lace scarf, and this book makes the picking out of a pattern not easier...

They all look gorgeous, but I think I like the fourth (second row, second column) one best... I like the way all the lines seem to be curved, not straight, and the way the nupps (they're nupps, right?) make the yarn almost seem to glow...

So beautiful. I think I would have to start with the one on the left, last row.

I dearly long for this book. It's not available through Amazon.co.uk at this time so I'm waiting a little while longer before searching it out through other channels. Nancy Bush is the best (or one of them).

i am making one of hers from lace style(lily of the valley) NOW- she is totally brilliant! and i recognize madli's shawl (bottom right) - which i also made and loved. guess i need this book. the square white is my new fav!

Thanks for review, this is definitely a "must-have" book. Nearly impossible to choose just on favorite pic. I adore the first one, but would probably die knitting those nupps.

They're all gorgeous but the second one down on the right is my favorite.

How I now wish I'd pre-ordered this book when the aus dollar was worth more!

I think the first one is my favourite. Though I'd just HAVE to knit that second last one.

I love Nancy Bush's designs. I have all her books (except this one!).

I think I like the third shawl most, the woman standing with the red shirt. I don't see myself wearing it, but I desperately want to knit it!

I like the white one in the bottom row, middle. I think the X's are fantastic and remind me of hugs and kisses. I also really like the red scarf....probably the color pulling me in. Thanks for the peek!

the orangey-red that's 8th down. gorgoeous!

i think my favorite is the third down on the left. but then I'm a sucker for triangular type patterns

Wow, hard to choose. They're all beautiful.

Must order this book....

I love the 4th one down on the left side as well as the little yellow scarf, but they're all incredible.

Lace work like this is pure genius. Thank you for sharing! The pink one in the bottom right is amazing.

ooo my favorite is the last one (lower right).

I don't get the needles with rounded points thing - they obviously didn't knit with cats in their laps.

I love them all!
The closeup of the last scarf, the 11th one,
is my favorite. Difficult choice though.
Marlyce in Windsor, Ontario

I'm not sure I'd ever be able to knit those pieces, but they are pretty!


Wow, those are completely gorgeous! My favorite is the very airy scarf, second row on the left. I love the leaves, and how the nupps are placed, like a little sprinkling of nuts around the leaves.

EL10 is probably my favorite, but I wouldn't kick any of them out of the knitting basket. I just started my second lace shawl ever, and lace knitting is so addictive!

I love the baby pink one at the very bottom. So sweet looking! I can't imagine nupps on rounded needles - I had to do mine with super sharp size-1 dpns!

These are unbelievably beautiful. I am literally in tears looking at all these beautiful shawls. My favorite stitch of all time is lily-of-the valley. Look at all those nupps! (squeal) Thanks for letting us preview the book.

Love the third and fourth ones on the right. Maybe because right now I have scarves on my mind instead of larger shawls. Hard to decide.

Wow, what gorgeous lace! I'm particularly taken with that scarf, the third one down on the right. Lovely.

The large square shawl, EL12 is wonderful and would make a fantastic christening shawl for a very special baby. I'd probably leap straight into EL5, though - because that too is lovely and looks more immediately achievable.

Those are some incredibly gorgeous pieces of lace!

great balls of fire!
top row, right hand corner photo.
that lovely piece of lace could travel effortlessly through time.

thanks. denise f in charlottesville, va.

I haven't tried lace knitting and am quite intimidated by it. But, the goldenrod, narrow scarf looks like a good place to start!!

I love VLT too but have yet to knit anything from it. Hopefully this new book will whip me into shape and get me cracking! :P

I've been waiting for this book to come out too. It's simply beautiful and awe inspiring.

(Please excuse me for stalking your blog daily, but only commenting when you're offering up goodies. You don't have to put my name in the draw.)

The second one on the left, hands down. Thanks for introducing me to both these books!

i didn't realize this book had come out. thanks for the review!!!

I have already faved several of these patterns on Ravelry, but having your recommend makes me want it even more! I have VLT (also bought on your recommendation) and love it.

I love the yellow scarf with the keys. Delicious!

Both the second down, left row and the middle, last row, call to me. If pushed, I'd choose the shawl depicted in the middle image of the last row.

Cheers, Karen

I love the 6th down. I've taken a little break from lace knitting since stretching myself on my first project and am really getting the bug again. Thanks for the taste of this book, it looks like wonderful book.

I would completely not object to knitting many things from this book... Wow.

I like the first one, EL3, the best - each motif looks like angel wings, and all together they remind me of a giant flock of birds taking flight.

They're all beautiful, though!

Oh man, I have to choose? The red one speaks loudest to me, but I think that may be because of the color. They are all so beautiful! I'm awestruck, completely.

I love looking at all of the lace. I have been wanting to try to knit a lace shawl or stole but have been a little afraid to tackle such a project. I have been looking for something to catch my eye before I start since it is such a larger project. Definately want something you are going to love to knit. I have knit lace scarves but nothing big enough to cover a person. Love the Square one bottom center. Reminds me of my greatgrandmother she always had a shawl or wrap lying around, she loved tatting and crochet.

My favorite has to be the huge square on the bottom--an heirloom shawl. Why am I always attracted to the most ambitious projects? This decides it--I have to get this book for my self.

I can't pick a favorite but I'll go with the red one. Because we're headed into the dreariness of winter and it's...red.

My favorite is the red one. I would love this book!

Third pic down on the left side of page. I am partial to triangular shawls.

6th one down, model with the red shirt on. That's my favorite.

I like the yellow scarf (last row, first pic). It's a little less traditional than the rest and, being the contrary person that I am, I'm always attracted to the oddball :)

Number 7 gets my vote. I prefer rectangular or square, too.

I've made the one that was in Piecework - it took a few attempts to get the edging sewn on correctly, but it was really rather satisfying. Hated all those nupps, though. ~x~

You've already succeeded in making me ache for lace (I now have a copy of VLT to prove it!) Now this?!? They are all so gorgeous. I've spent a fair time looking these over, trying to concentrate on the pattern rather than the color, and I believe my favorite is the very last one; bottom row, right.

Oh this book is at the top of my wishlist right now. Thank you for the review and the pictures!

picture 4 wow, that is gorgeous

I really like the two you mentioned as your favorites, but I also adore the very first picture. I love the way it flows. I actually have some kidsilk haze in a beautiful silver color that I think is destined to become a shawl from this book!

I love them all!

But the first one and the tan one are my favorites, if I have to pick one . . . or two, was it?

I see what you mean about nupp heaven! Wow, these scarves truly are gorgeous. Even if I don't win your contest, I think I'll go out and get my own copy :)

Wow - hard to pick! I like the top right corner one - so cute! But EL8 and EL10 catch my interest too. I do seem to prefer something smaller. Good to know as I'm itching to choose and make my first real lace project. Thanks for the inspiration.

I'm in a scarf phase right now and so the 3rd one down on the right really speaks to me. I'm sure I have yarn in the stash for it too!

I love what I see so far of this book! Looks like a wonderful combination of historical detail and gorgeous knitting. I've made about 6 shawls of various patterns and difficulties and am anxious to knit a few new ones from this book!

Of the pictures shown, although it's hard to choose just one..I like the last picture, the pink stole design. I love that there are nupps, which I've never done before, and I like the level of detail in the knitted border.

My favorite is the summer shawl - third down on in the left column. It was published as a preview in the last Spin Off, and so I've already got it on the needles!

Second down on the left; if I wasn't a hairs-breadth from done with my wedding shawl, I would be knitting this one. Actually, the one I'm almost done is a Nancy Bush shawl from Lace Style. It always comes back to Nancy Bush, doesn't it?

That is some beautiful lace. Can't wait to see what your going to be knitting.

I'd have to say that my favorites are the first, the last, and the second to last. Although the second to last looks HUGE! o.O I've not tackled lace shawls so I can only imagine how long one of those would take...

So, first I said #1. Then #4, then it was #8. But the final winner is #10. Just thinking of number of stitches in there make me go all shivery!

The patterns that have called my attention more on a quick glance are the white rectangular stole on pic 5, and the mustard yellow scarf on pic 11

I love knitting lace! Now if I could just convince my 2 daughters that, yes, shawls are great for young 20-someones to wear, I'd have it made. I can't wear all the things I want to make. (I like the last one.)

They are all gorgeous! Right now I'm itching to cast on for the square shawl in the center of the bottom row. Madli's shawl was a joy to knit and I can't wait to try the lovely designs in this book.

That book is on my wishlist so here is my entry! I love the middle shawl in the last row of pictures best. Thanks!

Oh, the red! They're all beautiful.

Now I want to know how I, too, can churn out 20-30 shawls every winter!

I don't know how to pick a favourite!! All of them are gorgeous and this book is at the T.O.P. of my Christmas list (yes I have a list!).
What a great review, thank you and hopefully no matter what I will be knitting from thisbook in early 2009!!

I love el6 and el7! I can't wait to get the book myself.

I would have to say in the last row, the middle one really pulls me in. I'm not one for boring knitting. I like, I mean LOVE charts and detail. Can't wait to see what you make first out of this book.

Thanks for having a contest to win a book and good luck to all.

They are all beautiful. I'm glad there are more rectangular shawls - gives me incentive to give the book more than a cursory glance.

Jeez, how am I supposed to pick just one favorite?!? I didn't think I was particularly interested in this book when I first read about it elsewhere, but now that I've seen some of the patterns I'm smitten. Especially with that pale pink one in the bottom row...

My choice is 3rd down on the right. I wear a lot of red and this beige scarf just sets off that red sweater beautifully. Choose me. Choose me. Thanks.

The second one in the top row. So simple yet so elegant.

Gorgeous stuff... too bad it takes me so long to knit lace

I have to say I love the tan number on the red shirted woman. The edging is show-stopping!

I checked your blog last night, and no new entry, but this morning, there's almost 300 comments! I just hope I'm the lucky one, considering the price of books in Canada :( and I LOVE lace!!

I love the last pic on the right! I'll have to get this book!

I love lace and I love this book!

The very last one on the right is my fave - I just love the edging, and the braided, alternating look to the main pattern. I also like #7 and #5, though it's almost too nuppy (can I say that?) - I like the shape and the overall plan. Nancy Bush has never let me down. Enjoy!

The red one! The red one!

i love number one!!!! i must knit it!! :)

Hmm, the top left, no wait, 2nd row right, no middle row left, no, oh I don't know. All? I've been fascinated lately by beads and lace and am interested to see how the nupps in these work as sort of non-bead beads.

Oh, those are beautiful!

#3 is the bomb. I'm a sucker for leaves, and the kind of sampler look to it, and the triangles... oh my. They're all beautiful, and whoever gets this extra book will be a lucky person indeed.

Great to see you blogging regularly again :) I love number 3, it's so gossamer and sweet.

My favorite is definitely the seventh one down - white scarf over a blue tank top - and it looks long enough to wrap around the neck a bunch of times and keep warm!

I love the fifth one--the shawl with the rounded tip. But they're all gorgeous!

Second one up from the bottom on the left. It's snow in a shawl...So lovely.

I'd have to say the top right one or the beautiful rust one...so hard to choose! All of them are beautiful.

me, me, me, please.

oooooh, I like that red scarf. I can't wait to check this book out.

Awesome! I don't think I can pick a favorite; they're all too pretty.

the mustard-y yellow one, last row, left, though all of them look amazing! i've been spinning lace weight singles and getting better at it. now that i have a super-fast set-up for spinning, i have plans to make a laceweight two ply!!!

And... now I want to make them all. This will definitely be added to my library as soon as I'm able!

Wow, the pictures are gorgeous! I've always wanted to try the lily-of-the-valley pattern with the nupps at the flowers... I have VLT, too, and couldn't agree more - it's a gorgeous book. I can't wait to see who wins your book! :)

I think I like the last one, the pink one. I made one in rust with a leaf motif like that one has and I really liked it.

Thank you for the pictures - they all look gorgeous!

Oh my goodness! Sign me up for the drawing!! I've entered a lottery to get a place in her class at the Madrona Fiber Festival in February. This whets my appetite even more. Oh, and if I do win, I will be out of town over the weekend, so don't give my copy away if I don't answer right away. How's that for positive thinking?

Oh, the red one jumped out and called to me, it is a great combination of style and color. I still have lots of VLT scarves on my queue (with yarn purchased for some of them) but these look like fun to try.

I like them all really but my fav is the 6th one - the tomato red scarf. The nupps/yarnovers look like little holly berries and leaves to me.

My favorite seems to be the one I've got my eyes on
at any one time. Thanks for sharing! They are so

Oh how divine! I don't know how I would pick what to knit first!

I love the coin scarf in the ochre color, but I do like them all. I can imagine many fun hours pouring over the book and contemplating what "fabulousness" I might be knitting next!

Oh - I think I love them all. But since I can't knit them all at once, I'd probably start with the pink one at the end.

I like them all, but if I had to pick, I'd pick #6.

The mustard color is gorgeous. I like the heavier weight of the wrap.


My fav has to be number 5, nupp heaven. Thanks for the preview.

Thank you for posting some pictures of the pieces. I have been stalking this book for a while, but I too really like VLT....so I was hesitant to buy before I saw something other than the front cover! Happy knitting.

my favorite is the 3rd. gorgeous! though i think the light color is a little blah for it. it'd be more striking in something deep!

They are all absolutely gorgeous! Must-get-this-book!

Oh My. Sheer Gorgeousness. My favorite is number 11...bottom right. Clearly beautiful. Not that the others aren't. WOW

Wow - I esp. love the red one. Thank you for holding this contest! :)

I like the fourth one down on the left.

I love the pink scarf at the end. Gorgeous!

wow! What gorgeous lace. My favorite from the ones pictured is the red scarf. I love the pattern and the color.

I am intrigued by the last pic. The pale pink bit of a shawl. Doesn't it make you wonder what the rest of it is like? It is gorgeous. Looks like this book will be going on my wish list!

Lovin' lace! Thanks for sharing your extra book!

They are all beautiful. My favorite is the 4th on the right, looks like holly berries to me.

The fourth row, I like them both. I don't so much like the square shawls (they always look awkward to me when worn), but I love that there is edging on all 4 sides - my only complaint about the rectangles. Maybe I'll have to figure out how to cut down a square to a rectangle. Beautiful patterns, thanks for enticing us.

I love the pink one in the bottom right corner! Thanks for the review! I'm totally getting this for my best friend for Christmas! She'll love it!

I love them all. I especially like the 1st one in all of it's nuppy goodness! I vote for #1

I LOVE the pink one - it reminds me of lily-of-the-valley for some reason.

And, I'd LOVE to have your extra copy!

~fingers crossed~

They are all beautiful, but I think I'd start with the 3rd one down in the right column. I'm really excited about the stitch dictionary and the info about blocking as I am a lace newby.

They are all gorgeous, but my eye keeps going to the white triangular shawl in the third row.

I'm afraid I can't choose ... they're all to die for.

They are all breathtaking. I have had an urge to do lace lately. I have only every done 1 lace project (used dk weight does that count?). My favorite is the beautiful scarf on the bottom left. I love everything about it including the colour - perhaps it would be a good first lace-weight yarn project.

So very hard to choose - but I do love the detail in the last (pink) one. (Thanks for the review, and for the contest.)

My favorite is the 5th photo. It reminds me of Lilly of the Valley flowers, which, in turn, reminds me of my mother. After such a glowing review, I think I'm going to have to buy the book!

I think I like numbers 6 and 8 the best. Number 12 is by far the most impressive, but I don't think I will ever have the patience for something that intricate and big. Thanks for the review!

I'm on a buying-things-for-myself ban until after Christmas, so I would *love* a chance to win this book! If not...well, Santa might have to come early. For me!

3rd down on the left.. I love the lilies of the valley. My only warning is be careful what needles you choose to do your "nupping" on. I won't go into how I learned that.

I'm on a lace kick right now, I have been waiting for this book. Nancy Bush is amazing.

Wow. I love el3 and el7 above the others, even though they're all amazingly beautiful!

I haven't the faintest idea what use I could ever have for it, but I really love the center one in the last row.

So hard to choose...ok, here we go:

1) the red one
2) the yellow one
3) the white one next to the red one

Although, yellow could be number one, it looks like a lace scarf, I could wear everyday!

It's a festival of nupps up there! I'm still going to go with the cover shawl - man, it's lovely.

I love the white on with the women who has back turned to the camera.

Oh! They're all gorgeous, but the first one I'd make would probably be el8 - the tan scarf worn by the girl sitting down in the blue top. I love it!

Wow, they are all gorgeous. Beautiful!!

I like the pink one at the end. They are all beautiful.

Definitely bottom row left - the little yellow number. Love it.

I really think the two examples in the second row have gorgeous detail, so they are my favorites. I have been itching to embark on a lace project for awhile now, so I find your post extremely inspiring.

My favorite is the 2nd row on the left.

20-30 shawls in a winter!!!!! Unbelievable.

Decisions, decisions....

I really like the first one on the left and the one in the center on the bottom row. They are all so lovely!

I like the white rectangular one, next to the red rectangular one. The repetitions of the diamonds are soothing and yet interesting. Thanks for the generous drawing!

I love the red one, it's so pretty.

Well, if I MUST choose just one, I'd have to go with the one in the center of the bottom row. A master-work, no question about it. I can just imagine it in black.

I think my favourite is #12. The combination of lace and texture is lovely.

My favorite is the 6th one, the brownish scarf on the girl with the red shirt. Looks like it would be a fun knit! Thanks for sharing with us.

Must......do.........EL 12......... I love them all and am "hankerin" to start something from this treasure of a book!!! I'm crossing my fingers, toes and needles that I will be the lucky one!!!

OMG, love. Love. All of it. (Cannot choose. Love.) Nancy Bush is a genius. GENIUS!

The 4th one! It reminds me of Lily of the Valley. So delicate....

I love the second picture. It is so dainty and girly - two things I am not! They are all beautiful though.

Oh, pick me! Pick me! Of course, even if you don't pick me, I'm going to buy the book anyway, but I'd feel like such a winner if I only... won.

Pictures 8, 10 and 11 are my fav's!

Oh my! Those are all so beautiful, but my favorite is the third one down on the left hand side in the neutral tan color. Beautiful!

I would love to be entered in this contest. The patterns are just lovely!

Wow. These are gorgeous (I'll have to buy this for myself after the holidays) and I have two skeins of laceweight probably only big enough for a scarf or stole...

My favorites are the red stole and the first and last ones (they look like nupp heaven). I almost said the rounded triangle covered with nupps, but then I saw the last one and it pushed it away!

I think I like the white one to the left of the red one the best. (Actually, I really love the one in the lower right-hand corner, but it looks like a reprint of Madli's Shawl to me, so I'm picking one of the new patterns.) Thanks for the review--I've been dying to take a look at this book.

That book does look excellent. Third row on the left is my favorite. I love that shape!

I like the 5th one the best. The curve in the back of it is really nice.

Lately I like lace that isn't in columns so I've been having trouble deciding on my next lace project.

Oh wow, those are gorgeous.

While all of them are beautiful, I am partial to the pink one! Looks just like little berries on a vine!

I love the 3rd down on the left. Beige/tan over a red sweater. Size looks perfect and would make a lovely gift for my sister. We share a love of Lily of the Valley, the original nupp!

I love the red scarf, I would wear that with everything!

The very first is my favorite- love the Lily of the Valley motif! Thanks for the thoughtful review!

Oh My. I love this book. How beautiful. even if I don't win, i will be ordering myself a copy!!! Thanks for sharing.

They are all stunning! Thank you so much for sharing the pics. I have two skeins of lace weight silk I have been hoarding while waiting for this book to be released. I cannot decide on a favorite, although #3 and #6 were the first to catch my eye.

There are several that catch my fancy - but the simplicity of the red one is holding it the longest. I would love to make that for my sister. If I don't win the extra copy, I may have to break down and buy yet *another* knitting book

Wow! I already know I want to knit that beige scarf in cashmere/silk blend. I especially love the last shawl. The nupps add so much to the lace patterns.
Thanks for the review and peek into the book !

I like them all but my favorite is the tan one in the third row

I like the very last one--the pink floral. But I'd probably make and wear the mustard one.

I like the red one - though it might just be the colour. Which one will you be making first?

I'd like to go to nupp heaven, too! ;) I love design 9; it's dainty and detailed, and has a few nupps!

I love the second to last one. I think it would make a gorgeous baptism shawl. It definitely would be an heirloom for years to come.

Nancy Bush is one of my heroes! I was able to take a class from her in 2007 and she spoke about her experiences. What a treat. It's about time the book was available!

The next to last one is my favorite lace. They all look very lovely.

Wow! That book looks amazing! My boy's family is Estonian-- he'd be fascinated with this.

My favorites are the last 3 photos. The mustard because it is not fussy, but sublte and the colour is lovely. The great white square because it is a beautiful pattern I have never seen before and I love it's delicacy; And the last one because of the very light pink shade and the sweetness ad fragility of it.

I thought they were all "Nice... pretty... not bad..." and then I hit EL13 and went "Oh, MY." That's the one for me!

Love, love, love the red (orange?) one!

Nancy is signing books on Nov. 15th and I plan to pick the book up then. What to knit first is going to be a tough decision!

goddess goodness, Surprise Girl; who then do you consider an "expert" knitter? you set the bar mighty high! "wonderful wonderful" i can't pick a favorite, but i would start with that goldenrod yellow one; that's about my speed.

Well, I thought I loved the sort of lily of the valley like pattern in the top half of the pictures....but then I saw the really big white one (center bottom)....can we say over the top romantic, opulent, luxurious? I have a weakness for excess.

So beautiful. I am coming up on my first lace project, I can't wait!

Ooh, those patterns are gorgeous! I'm such a sucker for lace - it's so much fun to knit!

Bottom center, by a narrow margin, though bottom right comes close and they are all lovely. I love the interplay of direction and texture, and those two really showcase it. Also - fascinated by the comparison of #4 and #5, which apparently use essentially the same pattern stitch in a different orientation - one worked symmetrically and the other half-dropped. Sort of similar to the old Lily of the Valley pattern. Yup, definitely time to spin more laceweight.

My favorite is the 6th one down, the woman with the red.. I am really not the "filmy" shawl type. I like my shawls with substance, and make them with heavier yarn than specified often. They are just bigger when done and warmer!

I am drooling over this book. I will have to wait to buy it til the drooling subsides.

i've been oogling this book for awhile now. thanks for the extended review!

How pretty! And generous of you too! I love that second once- so sweet :)

Have been looking for an appropriate design for my daughter's bridal veil - the white shawl over the pink cami (3rd down on the left) is definitely in the frontrunning. It reminds me of Lily of the Valley, which she will carry in her bouquet.

I was lucky enough to see many of Nancy Bush's gorgeous Estonian shawls in person at SOAR, so I share your enthusiasm! My fave of the ones pictures is the 8th scarf - the red one. Nupps rule!

Hmmm...a favorite. Tough choice. I'd love to see more of that last one. I need some more lace in my life.

Thanks for the sneak peak. I've been waiting for this to come out as well, looks like it's been worth the wait! I love VLT, although I still haven't made anything from it. Some books just never lose their fascination because there's so much to absorb from them, each time you look you notice some other detail. This looks like another such book, I can't wait to see it in person!

Absolutely the 10th picture, which is the cover picture. I absolutely adore it! It has such grace, and in that ivory I could imagine wearing that for my wedding. (Don't tell my boyfriend, we're not engaged yet! But we've been dating for coming on 3 years, so it's about time I started knitting a wedding shawl!) I really love them all though. So many of the others would be so lovely to knit. I can't imagine knitting 30 a winter though. I'd be happy if I got through one!

I'll play! Thanks for posting the pics - first chance I've had to eyeball the designs.

The first and last are my favorites. I've been meaning to see if my library has this book yet. :-)

Beautiful! I can't wait to see some of your projects form this book.

Gorgeous book! Thanks for sharing all of the pictures. I immediately went to KnitPicks and Amazon to look inside the book, not realizing that you'd given us some photos at the end (KnitPicks had none, and Amazon only one so I'm glad you shared!)

I have to say that my favorite is the pattern of the very last one (pink), and the second to last one is a close second (though I can't see me wearing that one - I wouldn't know what to wear with it).

Oooooo, second down, on the left. love that one!!

I love the sixth one and the last one. Thanks for the sneak peek!

Oh oh. WHICH one?? How can I decide? I'm initially attracted to the 1st one and also the 4th (?) one, where you can see the woman's back and she's holding her arms behind her. WOW. Absolutely breathtaking!!

My favorites are no 3 and 10. I bought at least 3 books that you reviewed, and all are great (ones is Montse Stanley). This is next!

Wow! The engineer in me (realistically it is more like the me in the engineer) needs this book regardless of the fate of the random number generator. If pressured I would have to say 1 and 6 call to me first.

I love all of these. Must have the book! Thanks for the preview.

2nd down on the right is calling my name. It gorgeous! But I love the pink one too.

WOW! I love the second one - small and dainty. Thanks for showing us this book, Grumperina!

I love how El13 looks! Hard to pick. Thanks, and keep up your wonderful work!

My favorite is the pink stole in the bottom right-hand corner. Even though I am not a pink person, the photo makes me want to see more of the stole that the photo shows.

Do I really have to name one? The last one if I must, but love them all!

Do I really have to name one? The last one if I must, but love them all!

I like them all--I think the last one may be my favorite (the pink one)

They are all so beautiful! If I have to chose, I would like to cast on the goldenrod scarf right now. It would make a lovely Christmas present for my mother.

Wow, are those all gorgeous or what? Thanks for taking the time to introduce us to the book, and for accidentally (?) ordering a second copy to share.

I think the center one on the bottom row is my favorite. I love square shawls, and this pattern is absolutely gorgeous. Even better - no leaves! (I am tired of leaves in the center of shawls after recently completing several with this design element.) How will you choose which one to start on first?

I wish I could knit them all but if I had to pick one, El12 is calling my name. Thanks for the preview!

I'm in love with the very last picture, labeled el13. It looks like rambley flowery vines...

Gorgeous! This one is going on the wish list for sure!

So beautiful -- I love the burnt orange/red one! And I think I have the perfect yarn in my stash. Thanks for getting my creative juices flowing!

Love them all, but the last one is the one I'd knit first.

OOOOoooo! I've been eyeing this one and now I think it'll have to go on the wish list.

I love the last one and the third one. They are all so gorgeous its to hard to pick a favorite!

I love the first and fourth one but they are all stunning. I would have a hard time not knitting them all!

The pink one at the bottom is my favorite!

Wow! I'm a huge fan of VLT and someday hope to make all the patterns in that book. If I had this book, too, I think I'd be set for lace patterns for life. :-)

All of the patterns are exquisite, but I do like the looks of the rectangular shawl in the second row, on the right. The pattern looks like lilies of the valley and it's charming. I do love having the history of patterns - wearing something that is knit in the same manner and with the same pattern as something knit several hundred years ago certainly reminds us that we are connected to the past and not all that far removed from it.

Wow! there are some great projects in there...

#6 red shirt--LOVELY!

Ooh, I think I love #5. These are divine.

What an amazing book! So hard to know what to gravitate to first. I'm so grateful to all the women who knit(ted) in Estonia and to the inestimably wonderful Nancy Bush. Thank you for an excellent review.

The first one is definitely calling my name (and has sent me rifling through the stash to see what I have handy). Looking forward to seeing which one you make first!

I like the red one. Thanks for sharing!

Oh Grumperina let me take up that challenge of thirty shawls over the quiet winter months - as I already own VLT I could take it on!!!

Brown shawl at the top is my favourite with the edging changed to the scarf edging two pictures lower...


You're going to have people coming out of the woodwork for this one!

I nearly forgot to comment because I got distracted as soon as the pictures scrolled into view. I'd clicked away before I remembered that you'd hinted at a giveaway.

I'm nearly obsessed with the last one. I've been looking for a piece of rectangular lace to knit, and I think I've found the pattern. Thank you!

I have never tried lace knitting before and these beautiful patterns inspire me! Thanks for your review!

The last one that is pink. Although, all of the lily of the valley ones keep yelling, "Pick me!"

Oh the pictures! I want to knit them all. Even if nupps scare me. :)

I think my favorite is the pink one (bottom right) but they are ALL amazing!

Wow... which one is my favorite? It took me a long time to get to the point where I actually liked lace, and even now, it requires cold weather to keep my hands from sweating!

I love the first shawl and the scarves - actually, they all are beautiful. Thanks for holding the contest, and great review, Kathy. I have enjoyed your blog for many years now.

I like #3 and #8(the red one)best. They are all so beautiful! I think the random number generator should pick me as it is my birthday today. That will work, right?

all of them are really beautiful, but I think I like the last best.

oooh, el10 is myn fav! Luscious deep colors seem to sing to me lately....

omg - my jaw just hit the keyboard. those are gorgeous! i particularly like the first four but all of them are beautiful.

oh the square on on the bottom line is my favorite, now I *need* a copy of the book.... - Thank you for sharing this.

I love the nupps, too!

They're all awesome, but my favorite is the red one!

I adore the one on the model in the red top -- gorgeousness personified!! (the scarf, not the model, though she's lovely, too.)

Just completed my first ever lace shawl and I am hankering for more. For the first, I chose Syrian Lace from VLT -- it's on blocking wires now, taking up my whole bed, and I will be casting on tonight for a new one. I think I'm hooked!

Oh, number 4! It is gorgeous. Thank you for being so generous!

I love your blog!

Bottom row, center. The square white shawl.

They are all amazing. It is hard to choose, but I am rather smitten by the top right shawl.

This is on my wish list for Christmas....thanks for sharing!

EL7, but really they are all lovely. It reminds me of lily of the valley.

Thank you for your generosity.... :^)

Although I look at new techniques more as a challenge than a stumbling block (it's the scientist in me), Estonian lace still scares me. I can't imagine having the talent to design such complexity, much less "reverse engineer" it! My favorite is the 3rd down on the left, with the lily of the valley nupps - my mom's favoite flower - she would love it!

I love the very first picture. Soooooo pretty.

They are all beautiful, however, I think my favorite is the first one on the right. The way its worn by the model makes it look like a caplet.

They are all so lovely! I would make the sweet little golden-orange one first...

They are all beautiful but I'm most attracted to all the white ones that look like they have lily of valley flowers in them.

I adore the big square one on the bottom row. It reminds me of hardanger embroidery. Although I'd probably knit the pink one, the goldenrod one or the beige one that is worn over the red shirt, first, since I'd be more likely to wear them (or find a wearer!)

Thanks for the review. I knew this book was coming out but hadn't paid much attention - it's now officially on my want list!

So much pretty! I find the one in the upper left corner very attractive, but that's possibly just a few TOO many nupps for me ever to want to knit it. I'm loving the one in the bottom right corner, and I'd like to see the yellow scarf laid out to reveal the full pattern just because the shapes look so unusual. And for sheer heirloom my-great-grandkids-better-still-be-fighting-over-this WOW, the great big beauty at the bottom center.

This book is on my wish list. Love VLT as well. I can definitely see myself entangled with #5 (and questioning my sanity when it comes time to apply the edging).

Wow, those scarves are so beautiful. Time to add some to my queue.

All are breathtakingly beautiful, but the first one on the left is positively heirloom material!

Oh wow, so pretty! Number 5, the triangle with the flowing nupp vines is wonderful.. but the last one , the pale pink is my favorite.
You know what you've done, don't you? You just caused this book to go into reprint!

Oooooo, the first and last ones!

Oh my! Look at al the comments. =)
They are all beautiful, but I think I like the bottom right one the most (the pink stole).
I saw this at Knit Picks (available the end of Nov.) and immediately put it in my cart..glad to hear my instincts were good.
It would be nice to win it here, but either way this one is going into my knitting library.

Bottom center. I love how the taut geometry becomes softened and organic with the addition of nupps- and,conversely, how the typical lily of the valley is rotated around itself to create those larger, blossoming crosses.

That one, it's on the cover for a reason.

I love the gold one. It looks a little more substantial.

oh... my... those are gorgeous! ... my favourite has to be the center one in the bottom row...

Wow. I may have to put this book on my amazon wishlist if I don't win a copy. Ha ha.

They're all so lovely. I have so much to learn!

My parents took me to Estonia for the summer when I was little, but it was not the season for shawls. I like the pink one, myself.

Oh wow!! It's on my wish list for santa this year. I've been good...Honest!!

Darn, the picture's not loading for me. But, I got to take a class from Nancy a couple of years ago, and so have been initiated into the gloriousness that is Estonian lace. Does that mean I can still enter? :) Love them nupps!

Ooooh! I am trying to pick a shawl to make for my wedding day. Now I will have to get this book for even more beautiful choices! Thanks for the generous giveaway!

They are all really beautiful, but my favourite has to be the red one! It's totally me!!

I love the red one!

Wow, I can't wait to see you knit some of these gorgeous designs up.

Even though I don't normally like triangular shawls, my favorite pattern is the third one down on the left--it looks like little Lillies of the Valley. Very pretty!

The red one is my favorite, but they're all gorgeous! Thanks for the review - I've been looking forward to this book, too.

I LOVE the second to last. But, they're all beautiful.

So pretty! Makes me want to knit a shawl now.

So gorgeous!! I can't wait to see what you pick first.

Definately the red and rosy coloured ones (bottom right). Tough decision. This looks like a must have.

Number 9, the golden-colored scarf with the unique pattern! but they are all without exception gorgeous.

No. 2 for me. Very feminine.

I love the square shawl in the middle of the bottom row. It's the fancy x's that really strike my fancy.

They're all gorgeous, of course, but I think I like the 6th one (el8.htm) the best. Maybe it's because it's knit in a slightly heavier yarn that it appeals to me more. I definitely prefer rectangles and squares to triangles. I'd love to try one.

As incredibly difficult as it is to pick a single favorite, I'd have to say the white one in the middle of the bottom row - I'm partial to circular/square shawls rather than triangles and rectangles...

I know exactly what you mean! I wandered into the LYS yesterday to drop off some charity hats, and they mentioned a new lace book on the table... not OMG THE AMZING NEW LACE BOOK IS IN that I would have prefaced it with! I have, of course, immediately cast on for the first shawl! So, I don't need a second book, but I wholeheartedly agree with your sentiments!

I am feeling extremely frugal now but on the other hand I have to get this book so please pick me.

They are all gorgeous but I'm partial to the crimson one and the lovely pink one. Thanks for sharing!

Left from bottom really makes me go UUH!

The very last one on the right. It looks very much like an earlier Nancy Bush pattern in a previous Interweave Knits, possibly Madli's shawl?

Thanks for all the lacey goodness!!!!

nupps oh nupps.....I think I have to make #5

I love the red one! I think all are lovely, but that would probably be my first knit from this book! Happy knitting for lace lovers!!

Ooooh, I've been waiting for this to show up in my LYS. I'm having a hard time deciding between the second on the left and the 4th on the left (numbers 3 and 7), but I just finished the Lily of the Valley stole from Lace Style, so I' can wait a little while for more nupps.

I've been a loyal reader for more than a year, I just haven't written much to you in return.

My favourite is the pink one, though I rather love all of them.

(I've never made anything with nupps. Or bobbles, for that matter.)

I, too, am in love with picture number six. Thank you for this great review! Definitely one to add to the wish list!

They are all so beautiful. My favorite is the last picture! Have fun with these.

I too like the reddish one (8th one down), especially paired with the model's "come-hither" look!

it looks like such a lovely book! I really love nancy bush´s patterns!

They're all gorgeous- I can't choose a favorite! Thanks for sharing, Kathy!

Number 7, I think, for me. I love the wavy pattern going on there.

I love the gold scarf!!!But they are all outstanding.

I like the yellow one. I love scarves and wear them constantly, so I like the simplicity of the pattern - lacy, but not too fancy for everyday wear.

Pick me, pick me!! She jumps up and down with so little style. fiberfool from knitty or fiberfool1 from rav

The first photo is my favorite. I like the edging and the overall design. The middle one in the last row is a close second.

the first one -- white, top left -- is really exquisite..

I adore the tan one worn by the woman in the red shirt. Why do I love lace when it comes to shawls and scarves and yet not when it's in socks?

Absolutely gorgeous! How is a person supposed to decide which one to do first!?!

I like the pink one on the lower right corner.
It's simple but not too simple.

Beautiful pictures. Would love to make any of those :)

The fourth picture, the rectangular one with nupps (I've mastered the nupp for my swallowtail shawl - someone told me to pull out the stitches a little with a dpn, awesome!) It's gorgeous. And so is the square one at the bottom, what an awesome christening blanket it would make!

OOH! Must have that brown off the shoulder! Gorgeous!!!

I love the stole in the fourth picture, but as many others have remarked, it would be difficult to choose just one project - they all look stunning!

Oh, how can I decide? I like them all. The first one on the top left and the fourth one, second down on the right would maybe be the ones I would start knitting, but then again....

So lovely.

They're all very pretty.

I love the shawl at top row right, just so beautifully delicate! And I'm also drawn to the nupps and the beautiful edging on the stole at bottom row right.

What an intriguing book!

Ooh!!! I can't imagine knitting one of these in the immediate future, but a girl can dream!

I love the style of the big square shawl at center bottom, and the lovely mushroom brown at bottom right. Can I combine them? *grin*

I think it's gotta be that last pink scarf for me. Print o' the wave with nupps? Win!

Delurking to comment because I haven't been able to find this book yet and I was considering ordering it online from the US. I fell in love with Estonian lace after knitting Laminaria and now I can't get enough - although there's no way I'll be churning out 20 or 30 shawls this winter! Love your blog by the way!


I have been waiting for a comprehensive review of this book. ALL the shawls are lovely, but I am not a huge fan of real pointy triangles either, so the third one down on the left really intrigues me - love the shape of it.

I think my favorite is the first. Flowery but a little more abstract than the usual lily of the valley.

I like the fourth one. Just love that traditional "lily of the valley" look. They are all just beautiful. What a great book.

While Queen Silvia (#1) (I went over to Amazon) will probably live in my fantasies forever, I know I would certainly do #'s 6, 8, 9, 11...absolutely!! Oh, the gorgeousness!!

I love them all, but I like the 3rd one down on the left best. When you mentioned nupps, I wasn't sure I would like them, but the nupps are actually quite beautiful.

7-I think it was featured in Piecework? It reminds me of Lily of the Valley. All are pretty!

The one pictured in the uppermost left (#1?).

Wow, what a gorgeous book! The nupps on everything are really fabulous. My favorites are the rose-brown one on the top right, and that gorgeous rust-orange scarf. I'm a sucker for color...while I like the white ones, I'm sure I'd be a lot more drawn to them if they were rendered in some saturated jewel tones. That's why I'll definitely be getting this book!

Truly, Nancy Bush is a lace hero. I'm thrilled to see so much Lily of the Valley in this preview. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

It's a tie with me ... either the square on in the middle of the bottom row or the second one down on the left.

I just love them all. It would be great to have this book.

Those are all so beautiful. I would love to have this book. I saw Victorian lace today on your blog and had to check it out from my local library based on your recommendation.

I wasn't yearning for this book, though I have and love VLT, until you cracked the cover for me and showed me those pictures. Oh, my!

Well, should I be the lucky one out of (currently) 568, that would be awesome! Otherwise, I know what's on my wishlist now!

I love the red scarf. I'm going to have to put that on my list of things to make, a very long list.

I think I am in love. Such beautiful lace patterns. I can't wait to see which one you knit first!

I'm a May baby, so anything with lily of the valley motif makes me happy. :)

I'd have to say 6. No, 1. No, 11. Okay, all three!

Top left. Hands down. Nupp it up, Buttercup!

I think they're all lovely, but for me the second from top, right side.......it sorta strikes me a bit odd. My mind sees the design as a bunch of fake wind-up type teeth running across the poor woman's back! Or, I suppose it could be that I'm tired and working hard at not allowing the cold that is trying to overtake me. LOL!

The 3rd and 8th are gorgeous but the to-die-for one for me was the 5th picture of the rounded shawl. Beautiful!

I think my favourite is the 6th one down (worn by the lady in the red shirt). Looks like a lovely book.

I never thought I'd see a book on lace that would rival VLT, but... wow! Just... wow!

I like el13.jpg. It has that center section that reminds me of vine lace (which I love), plus nupps. Can't wait to see what beautiful scarves you turn out with this new inspiration. :)

The white square in the middle of the bottom row--the X pattern is just awesome. I'm altering the 21x25 scarf from VLT into a shawl for my grandma, and my friend has asked for the Lady's Circular Cape in Shell Pattern. I'm going to be knitting a lot of lace this winter!

I like the second picture, the little capelet, I think it's really pretty and very wearable to a non-shawl wearing person like me! Can't wait to see you knit something from this beautiful book!

They are all so beautiful. As much as I hate making nupps, I love the way they look, so I'm always will to suck it up! I find the 5th photo--the sort of rounded triangular shawl to be quite charming. I like the shape and the edging. Very dainty and feminine!

Favorite has to be the giant square shawl with the X motifs. It looks like it'd be a darling christening shawl.

Oh boy, I wouldn't know where to start!

Boy, I am so far down! But I love the 3rd from top down on the left column - Lily of the Valley triangular shawl? How I love thee!

I adore the square shawl--simple, elegant, and huge.

I just picked up VLT this morning! Now I am coveting this book, woe!
My favorite is the third one down on the right - Ms. Red Shirt. That's probably because I've turned to making lace scarves instead of triangular shawls, now. Thanks for the lovely post!

I think for me it has to be the red shawl, fourth row on the right. I love the fern leaf effect the pattern makes. (I am allowing myself to hope that you might knit all of these so that we can see closeups and get your insights into their construction! they look fascinating...)

Thanks for your wonderful blog!

Wow, they are all so beautiful! My favorites is the 4th down on right but that might be because of the yarn/color! Does it have "googlie mooglies"? Runner up would be 2nd down on left. Thanks so much for including us!

all of them are wonderful; i can even see past one of them being pink to notice it is lovely. but the one jumping up and down begging me to knit it right now (as in start as soon as i get home from work if i only had the pattern since i have some only ply cobweb from lacis) is the square one on the bottom row. wow. wow.

Oooh, I love the one on the bottom row, center. GORGEOUS!

I share your enthusiasm for the book - I've been waiting almost a year for it to come out. I happened to be at my LYS when they were delivered and struggled to maintain dignity while waiting for the box to be opened.

In a stroke of luck likely to never again befall me, last Saturday I found myself in a class taught by Nancy Bush. She brought all the shawls from the book with her so we could see them up close. They are all stunning, to say the least. My favorite is the Queen Sylvia.

Apparently the book is selling fast and will likely need a second printing.

Last row, in the middle. I love a challenge and one of these days I'm going to make myself a big square shawl.
Great review. Thanks!
Sheri in GA

I like EL14 the best.

Third one down on the right. Amazing!

Ohhhhhh me oh my!!! You are such an enabler, I love it. I am also a huge fan of VLT, but this new book seems to be a great find. I think I am most partial to VL6, but the last one (the pink) is also very lovely. Thank you for offering up your duplicate copy.


Duh, I meant el6, my bad.

Beautiful! I can't wait to see which one you do first!

I love the large square one in the bottom row - I've not tackled a large lace project yet but that jusst might be the one I have to make!

I love the second one on the top, the wrap! So pretty!!

Oh WOW. I see what you mean about nupp heaven!

I can't decide which I love more between two of the them - the triangular white one with all the swoopy curves and the nupps (third from the top on the left) and the very last one in the lower right - I love how the nupps complement the interlocking leaves on that one.

All of them are stunning.

Wow, these are amazing! So many nupps! My favorite is definitely the 2nd photo, the brown triangular shawl. Beautiful!

The square white one. I've been coveting this book.

If I HAVE to pick just one, it would be the cascading lilies of the valley, second down on the right. They're all so pretty!

I am really attracted to the pattern of the gold one at the bottom, and would start it tomorrow if I had the pattern. Thank you for this contest!

I always associate being in a yarn store to a child in a candy store -- but the preview of these patterns is the visual equivalent! Been reading about the book .... and know some of the patterns from magazines .... Initial favotire - the third one -- beige on the red dress ...

They are all stunning, but I must vote for number two, the taupe shawl, top right. I love the subtle natural colour of it. Thanks for your generosity!

The orange one. By a lot. Though the others are beautiful too.

I loved #1, 6, 8 and 9 - Although they are all really beautiful.

What a book! The triangular shawl, fifth photo, (el7)reminds me of lily of the valley. I wonder where the term "nupps" originated? Thanks for the contest.

Wow, that looks like heaven for us process knitters!

I seem to be especially drawn to the deep orange one, but they're all making me drool!

Gorgeous! I can't wait to get my grubby hands on a copy of this one :)

I love the one that looks like it has lillies of the valley on it. They are flowers that grew by the house of my childhood and bring back many memories. I love it!

EL10 is my favorite. Now, anyway. In an hour it might be EL8. Or EL11. I'll stick with EL10.

The one in the centre in the bottom row, but they are all so lovely.

I need them all - sorry for the previous empty post - I got so excited I hit the buttons!

Goodness! Those are all gorgeous! I think my fave might be the pink beauty on the bottom right.

The red one - the red one! Am thinking this book will make it to my Christmas wish list!

Second one down on the left.....but they are all pretty....

Thanks for posting your review - this book looks great! I'm a big fan of VLT too and it is great to see another book in a similar vein.
My first preference is the "shawlette", top picture in the right column.

wow they are all gorgeous.. i think the bottom beaded shawl on the right.

I will vote for the giant white one (gold background) in the middle of the bottom row.
It is so enormous, and I don't have confidence that I could make one, but the results are fabulous.
Thanks for sharing your duplicate copy!

I like the shawl on the third row, viewer's right. Nice oatmeal color of the yarn against the red sweater.

Oh heavens these are beautiful! My favorite is the first one. I have three daughters and perhaps if I began now I could knit them each one of these for a wedding shawl (they're only 7, 10 and 12) if they married late in life. Recently I purchased a copy of The Gossamer Webs Design Collection of Orenburg lace shawls. The pictures of those also left me breathless, but the charts are rather intimidating. I can't believe that people used to knit these works of art without patterns.

I love the mustard-y yellow one on the teal background. I'm not sure if I'm just loving that color combo, or if it's the scarf... They're both gorgeous!

Thanks for the great preview. Can't wait to see what you make first!

They are all lovely but I am particularly to the tiny shoulder shawl on the top right and the red one. Of course, that could be just because it is red.

They're all gorgeous, but I love the cross shapes in the 2nd to last one!

I hadn't picked up a copy of VLT, and this one wasn't on my radar, either. That may have to change now...

#1 is my favorite, though I really like the scarf edging, too.

I like the picture in the 5th row, 3rd picture (it's the skinny picture of the rectangular scarf).

It is so hard to choose just one favorite. Since I must, I'm going with No. 7 (ros 4, left side). I can't wait to get my hands on this book! Thank you for your review!

I'm enchanted by the one on the left, second row down. I can't wait to get this book!

I had two days of classes with Nancy Bush last year. She brought several hand knitted items (socks, gloves, mittens, and shawls) from Estonia to sell as part of her Estonia Project (she sells the items for her knitter friends in Estonia to people in the US, thereby earning those knitters a much better price for their handiwork) and I bought a lovely triangular shawl in a buff color. I couldn't resist wearing it to class the next day, at which time she realized that there was a stitch pattern in the shawl that she wasn't certain she had documented for the book. (She was putting the finishing touches on her book at the time.) So, at the end of the day, we sat down with the shawl and she puzzled out how the stitch was done. It was quite thrilling to sit there next to her and hear her talk it through!

Last row, the one on the far right - absolutely beautiful. Thank you for your review of this book, must go find a copy

I love that little shawl in the upper right corner.

i love the bottom right (pink) one!
this looks like a fabulous book

I would really have trouble decided on which one to make. Each is so fabulous. I think I would start with the gold one pictured on the bottom and move up from there!

I like the one in the third row, first picture. It has a sort of spanish feel. I am anxious to make something in lace but haven't had the nerve yet. I also took a class from Nancy Bush last year at Stitches West. She is very nice and a good teacher I really enjoyed it. I would love the have the book just to read, (as I do a lot)

{{gasp!}} Choose? CHOOSE?? How are we supposed to choose from these glorious creations, I ask?!? Would "all the above" count? I don't know that I can wait for the end of this contest to get my own copy! And when I get it, I'm going to knit every freaking shawl IN there! My poor spinning wheel may not see me for awhile. Unless it's to make lace-weight :-) You have inspired me to get it as soon as possible. Heck, I had NO idea this book was out! Where've I been?!? Guess I need to poke around on the 'net more. That, or pay more attention to the books on my LYS' shelves! Thanks so much for sharing these pictures, Kathy!

Drool - such beautiful scarves! I love the triangular-ish one that has the lily of the nile pattern in the center, but they all look so tempting.

The yellow scarf, and I heart free stuff

I love the nupps in all of them. They're so tastefully done - just a bit of texture. The last two shawls especially are gorgeous...

Oh my gosh...second one down on the right hand side..the sheer delicacy of it astounds me...I wonder if I could make it....
Lovely looking book.

My favorite is the burgundy one....sigh....what a scarf, what a color.

Oh, crazy pretty! Love all of them, but that pink at the bottom right is especially neat.

The pink one on the bottom reminds me of Madli's shawl, which I loved knitting, and I'm a sucker for leaf motifs, so the white one on the left 2nd from bottom caught my eye also.

Oh, I'd have to say the square one in the middle of the bottom row. It's divine, but then, they ALL are!!! You're so right about VLT. I still look through it nearly every day. It's never on the shelf, but hangs around my house to give me inspiration in the middle of kid-crazy days. It's amazing how much a little bit of pretty can help. :)

I'm in love with the red one. May have to overdye the laceweight I've got drying in the basement!

Oh the gorgeousness!

They are all stunning but the square shawl in the bottom row is breathtaking! I love the simple gold scarf to the left of it too!

I have a tendency to be over ambitious when thinking about knitting projects - a tendency I'm trying not to give in to, and seeing those scarves and shawls is not going to help me (but thank you for the eye candy!). Nor is it going to help me get through the other projects I have in progress/lined up at the moment. Maybe if I can just wait until after Christmas...or maybe I can claim that my other projects want to hiberate after to last night's snowfall!

Love them all! If I had to pick a favorite, the square one in the bottom center - just stunning!

The third one down, on the right, is by far my favorite (so hard to choose though, all lovely) as it reminds me of lily-of-the-valley flowers, my favorite and birthmonth flower. Good luck choosing your first project, as I'd be hard-pressed to start with casting on for just one!

They're all beautiful. I'd have to say my favourite is the one done in the reddish-orange yarn. Very pretty pattern!

Sorry, the third one down, on the left, my favorite. (you know, my other right :)

I like the mustard scarf - probably the only one I consider myself qualified to knit right now! Proper lace isn't something I've got to yet (been knitting almost 2 years) but it is something I really want to try. I've done lace socks (monkey) and some lace scarf (not finished) but these are something else!

Oooo I'm soo excited. I'm knitting the Storks Nest Scarf from Piece Work and am head over heals in love with lace right now!!

Oh! I love the white square one at the bottom.

Did you know nupps rhymes with soups? A friend of mine took the lace workshop with Nancy Bush at SOAR and passed on that little nugget of info. I always thought it rhymed with cups!

The moment I saw this book I was stunned by the cover design...also center on bottom row. My love for this is still strong even after seeing more offerings...which are all quite delightful. I can't wait to get my copy.

Currently #2 is my favorite, it is wonderful to have such great choices!

Oh, wow! I wanted this book as soon as I heard about it, so here's my chance! Woohoo!

They're all so pretty. Nancy bush has done it again! I think #2 is my favorite, but it's a tough choice. Can't wait to see which one you knit first.

Ooooh...pretty! I would love that book!

I love the nuppy shawl (pic 5 i think) gorgeousness!

I haven't read your blog in awhile - I know I've been missing your viewpoints (which I do admire). And this review that I'll read again and again, is fantastic - thanks!!

Thank you for the review of this book. In the last year, I have become fairly obsessed with knitting lace, and made my first shawl-a wedding gift for a friend). I can't wait to get a copy of this book! I think, for this moment, my favorite is #6.

Wow, they're all great! I think my favorite is the fourth one, with the nuppy lilies-of-the-valley thing going on. I love lace and I love Estonia - I can't wait to get my hands on this book!

I think my favorite, very uncharacteristically for me, is the square shawl on the bottom row. I love the center motif and the heavier texture around the open-work X's. I also love the very first one.

Thanks for long post!

All of them are lovely, but I like #6 best.

The second and fourth shawls in the right-hand column. (You can't expect me to only have *one* favorite!)

Oooh, so hard to choose. I think I like the red one best - although a very close second is the 3rd picture (also your second favorite). All of them are so lovely though!

Wow! That book has just made my "Must Have" list! I love the top three patterns on the left. I was knitting one of the patterns from Victorian Lace for my wedding but one of those might replace it!

I have been ogling these patterns in Ravelry and waiting for the book to appear at my library. I'm sure I will own it one day. Winning your draw would just make that happen a lot sooner.

I think my current fave (thing I want to make for me) is the Triinu Scarf (the red one).

Wow, I love them all!

Gorgeous! I love the third one down on the right, and what we can see of the bottom right scarf. Nuppalicious! Thank you for the review!

This is absolutely nupp- tastic, I love lily of the valley patterns so 1, 4 and 5 are making my hands twitch under the desk at work.

I like the white stole next to the red one, with the leaves. Oh, so pretty!

I adore the shawl on the book cover, but the ones I would immediately knit are the more scarf-y, practical ones: the yellow scarf first, and then no.6 (beige on red sweater). And the last one might be adjustable in width...
Just wanted to add that I love your blog for its technical content as well as the beauty of your creations.

So hard to choose but I think the fourth one. All those lovely curving lines of nupps. Challenging I'm sure, but gorgeous.

Thanks for the great review :) I love the centre bottom one.

Love all of them but the third one down on the right with the lady in red is something that I would make.

They are all gorgeous, but i think the red one is my favorite!

Those are beautiful! I look forward to seeing what you end up knitting from it. I have several of Nancy Bush's sock books but (perhaps naively) didn't realize she wrote about lace as well. My favorite is #8, the rust-colored one. Thanks for the contest!

Oh! These shawls are so beautiful! I can't wait to see them knitted. I like the last big squre one the best.

pretty red lace rectangle! Gorgeous!

My favorite is the 2nd one, but they are all beautiful.

My favorite is the one in the second row on the left. I normally hate nupps (my first experience was with addi turbos, I like the better with sharper needles), but in this case the nupps look like little berries and I just love that.

Wow, those look fabulous! I like the looks of the 7th one.

Ooh they are so lovely. I pick el13, the last one in the pale pink - I wonder what the whole of it looks like.

beautiful! thanks for sharing :)

I like the eighth best. Both the pattern and the gorgeous color. :)k

Now THAT was a post! My fave shawl is the third one down on the left side. Would that I had the time to learn charts and actually make something like that.

The first one is really lovely. I think it would see a lot of use, and probably be fun to knit, too. I'm sort of bowled over by the second to last one though -- the enormous square shawl -- that would be a huge and wonderful endeavor to undertake, I think.

I think I'm in nupp heaven. I don't think I can choose a favorite. I may just need to update my b'day list.

Oh crap. I just ordered a bunch of knitting books last week. I guess I'll have to start a new list now, so I can put this book on it. I love all those leaves! I really like 3 and 7.

Wow, they're all so lovely. I really like the square shawl in the second-to-last picture. Thanks for sharing.

Who knew there were so many cool ways to use nupps? I like the one on the left, third row down. I haven't seen this book anywhere. Guess I'm going to have to "prompt" my local big box. And the big LYS two hours away from me.

Aaarrggghh. Turns out I haven't seen it because it hasn't been released up here in Canada. We have to wait until December 1st.

I like #5 (el7, third row left) and #10 (el12, bottom row center).

They're all lovely! But if I had to pick just one, I'd choose the red one!

They're all beautiful.
As of this very moment, my favorite is the one on the top left.
In five minutes, it'll probably be a different one.

omg. I'm now realizing that the styles of lace I'm drawn to are Estonian. I need this book.

What gorgeous patterns! I've had my eye on the lily of the valley wrap. I hope I win!!!

So hard to choose one, but if I had to - bottom center, the white one with x's around the perimeter is stunning. What an awesome book!

Loving the pink one, and all those lilly of the valley's (lilly's of the vallley?) I can smell them (even if I cannot spell them) L

I lurk on your blog every day. Those gorgeous patterns having posting a comment hoping for the book to drool on in person!

Thank you for the chance to win it!

Ahhh- all those lily-of-the-valley nupps are lovely! I love the first photo and the one below it, also the last one in the pinkish color...

I like el8 and el13. Guess I'm into rectangular today. Lily of the Valley was a motif I wanted to explore in my next scarf or shawl. Nancy Bush hits the bull's eye for me!

I have to say, the last one is my favorite. I really like that edging (nupps! pointed edging!) and that undulating pattern in the body. I would definately NOT make it in pink though!

Since you like this book so much, you should go down to the Public library branch at Copley and check out "Silmuskudumine" by Claire Hallik. Lots of Estonian charted patterns; my recollection is that most of them aren't lace, but if you use a large enough needle and a thin enough yarn, almost anything can be lace. Also, if you do an internet search on Silmuskudumine you can find a Russian blogger who's scanned the entire book, and who has also posted oodles upon oodles of German knitted lace patterns. (Why there are no Orenburg "platki", I don't know)

Have fun!


Ohhh my goodness, those are beautiful!

My favourite is the big white rectangular shawl. But there are sooo many lovely shawls.

Red shirt, tan scarf. very interesting

I love the tan scarf worn by the lady in the red shirt, and the big square white shawl with all the X's. Thank you so much for this posting, I've been dying to see more of the designs in this book!

What a wonderful looking book. I can't wait to get a closer look at it!

I love the golden one, bottom left. They are all so beautiful, but that one I think I could start---and finish---in a reasonable length of time.

The first picture and both pictures on the 4th row are my favs.

Well, goodness, I just have to get my name in on this. This sounds like a wonderful book. Nancy Bush does it again! Thanks for the review.

The tan scarf (3rd down on the right) is beautiful. I'm a rectangle girl through and through.

I think if I had to pick a favorite, I would go for the square one at the bottom. The border pattern looks like so much fun to knit!! That's only if I had to pick, though...'cause let's be honest - they all look fantastic!

The one on the top right has a quiet elegance that draws me in to the picture. I love the color, the pose, and the knit. It's just completely gorgeous.

I'm partial to the swirls on the 5th scarf, although I prefer a rectangular shape. Also love the large X's on the penultimate pic. Gorgeous, all of it!

Thanks for the generous offer - beautiful patterns!

Third down, on the right caught my eye -- probably because it's something I would wear to work on a chilly day. But they're all beautiful.

Hi Kathy! Thanks so much for the info on this book and the gorgeous pictures! My favorite is the brown one on the right hand side on the first row. I am petite and I like shawls that are not bigger than me (I can be little clumsy when in heels, lol) and this one seems to be a nice size for someone of my height that will compliment any outfit. Thanks! Rosalia

It's so hard to pick! But the big square shawl in the center of the bottom row gets my vote -- the combination of the translucence of the body of it, plus the openwork, plus the solidness of the nupps, really speaks to me.

I'm throwing my nupp in the ring for the drawing - such lovely designs. I think my favorite is the red scarf...but I keep changing my mind.

They are all so lovely! I think I especially love the 6th one - the model is wearing a red shirt and the shawl is a light beige (I don't like the color but the scarf is lovely).

Row 3, column 1: mmmm ...

They are all wonderful - but I still like the first one the best!

Wow, They are all stunning. You are an amazing knitter, Very inspirational. I would love to have the patience and attention span to knit lace. The red shirt with the tan one is my favorite. I wish you had a picture of it all spread out. I love the edging and the way the knit looks like a peice of fabric. Jess

Those are sweet.

Oh they are all gorgeous, I could look at them all day--but I think my favorite is the bottom middle picture. I love knitted lace it so beautiful.

My favorite? Top right.
My first thought was that the model was wearing a silk negligee and the wrap was an heirloom - a part of her wedding lingerie (how old fashioned of me!). The look is totally enticing. Now I, far beyond the negligee and lingerie time of my life, have already convinced myself to buy the book and knit the wrap - and wear it over something delicate and silky.
And here I thought I was just a sturdy sock knitter!

Wow, what a stunning array of eye candy. Thanks for sharing the pics and your extra book!

My fave of the lot, though hard to pick, is el5.

They are all lovely, but my favorite is the third one down on the left, the white, triangular shawl. The pattern reminds me of riffles on a whitewater river.

I love the shape of the third down on the left, but red is my favorite color, so that one is lovely also. It would be so hard to chose that I might have to knit them both.

Beautiful pictures. I, too, couldn't wait for this book to come out. I would love it if I was picked! Thanks for the preview.

Wow! Simply stunning! My favourites are the red/orange one and the light tan one directly above it.

For me it's the yellow scarf in the bottom row.

OMG Nancy Bush has a new book! I love everything I have by her. They are my go to books. I love the dark orange scarf #8 and the bottom left hand mustard orange one. They both look like things I would wear often.

Fantastic book, gorgeous photos.
I am #744. Yikes.

Oh the lust that fine fiber & delicious lines of lace doest draweth. Oh KLE, how I covet thee~
After much consideration, I've settled on the pink, but just as the first I'd knit.

First-time commenter, but I love shawl #2. I don't even want to knit shawls, but I want to knit that shawl! That's how adorable it is.

These are 'sheer poetry.' When I see these designs, I want to knit and write. Number 6 is my favorite.

Oh, wow! I knew I wanted this book, but now I must have this book! Thank you for the eye candy and an addition to my holiday wish list.

The first one in the third row. Look at all those little bumps! And how they move! This is great.

What a nice compliment to the Victorian Lace Today book! I love it! Thanks for sharing, it is just wonderful!

Wow! Those are absolutely beautiful! I'd love to make them all. I am especially intrigued by the 3rd down on the left, the white one with the flowing pattern that reminds me of spring flowers about to bloom. Possibly freesias? I love the border on the one next to it and the red one below that... One could stay busy for months, years even!

Nice lace shawls inside that book!

I love all Kate's work, so well researched!

I really need this book. I really need this book. I really need this book.

Thank you for the thorough review.

The big white square shawl (10th) is absolutely wonderful! It is a perfect shawl for Estonian bride, especially when it is a winter wedding, considering those cold Estonian winters. The shawl is just stunning. (But I don´t like the yellow one, it is not a typical Estonian shawl ... wrong yarn)

Best regards from Estonia.

My favourite is the third picture from top on the left!
Greetings from cold and rainy Frankfurt/Germany.

Fantastic book! I´m waiting this book so long. The big white square, is my favorite! (I agree with Mari-Liis about yellow one. It is not a typical Estonian shawl ... yarn is so wrong)

Greetings from Tallinn/Estonia

I like the very all! Fantastic pattern!No it is not a typical Estonian shawl.

Oh, tough decision.. But the last pink stole(?) looks very interesting, as does the square shawl right next to it.
I loved VLT as well, though I still have to make something from it (started several times, but the yarn wasn't right) and lace is my most favourite thing to knit.

I especially love the historical part as well!! It's so inspirational to read about how women used to do it hundreds of years ago without the modern comforts we have today.

I love #8, the red one. I love that it's more of a stole/scarf rather than a shawl, yet it can wrap around your shoulders and keep you warm and looking beautiful! I think this one would be the first I'd make from this book! (p.s. Thanks for allowing us to be the benefactors of your overzealousness!!!!)

Although they are all beautiful, I love the big square shawl in the middle of the bottom row labeled el12, with the big X's in the border. One of the things that I like about the Estonian lace that I've seen is it looks so crisp and precise, something that is not always easy to achieve in lace.

oh my! i am speechless! these shawls are so incredibly beautiful. if i had to choose my favorites, they would be #5 because of the graceful shape and #3 because of the leaves and the arrangement of the nupps. thank you for your generosity!

the red, yes, the red sings.

Love them all - especially the reddish one and the tan one on the woman with the red shirt. Wow.

I totally and inexplicably love the bottom center picture. Gorgeous!

I'd have to say I love the red scarf and the pink scarf/shawl, the very last picture :) Very pretty!

A favorite? Third one down, right hand column. But, what a difficult choice. I'm looking forward to seeing your finished projects from this book. I tend to enjoy looking at the the pictures and dreaming.

I love your blog. Your work is amazing. Regarding the posted pictures, all the shawls are gorgeous but I'm in love with the lace work from pictures 6 and 8. By far those are my favorite. Keep up the good work.

I'm loving the mustard scarf on the bottom row!

A feast for the eyes!! Call me a weenie, but I'm practically moved to tears by the beauty of these shawls. ^_^ I like the very last one, the pink one. Hope you are well.

That little pomegrante color scarf has my name written all over it. Gorgeous!

Here's another vote for #6, worn by the woman in a red shirt. That is gorgeous.

Oh, it was that one, then wait, that one. My favorite turned out to be the bottom row center. I must have this book, even if it isn't your duplicate copy...

They are all so stunning! Where to start?!

At random, #4. They are all lovely.

This little contest has certainly brought us all out of lurkdom!!! I am entranced by the edging of #6. I think that any and all lace books are intermediate to advanced. Beginners should not be coaxed into lace unless we want them to quit knitting!

Oh, # 11 if that is the one in the last row and extreme right. The pattern brings to mind a simple but seductive dance step.

I love the middle one on the bottom row. If you used a little bit thicker yarn it would make the most beautiful blanket to wrap yourself up in during the winter months and looks like something that could be really interesting to make!

I love the pink, the white triangular shaped (third set of pictures) and the one beside it.... oh, pick one favorite?!! Hmmmm!!!! Too many wonderful choices!! (oh, and the red one, also...)

I've really been looking forward to this book. Thanks for the giveaway chance.

Although I like patterns for triangular shawls, I myself am not a huge fan so KLE sounds like it has potential. (I am a VLT junkie...looking longingly at the pictures often even though I haven't made many of the projects.)That said, I like the shape of el7, triangular but more rounded, almost a semi-circle. If I don't win, I may have to track down my own copy. Thanks for sharing!

The very first one!!!!

I love the second one (brown over a white cami) because of the shape of it - it would be extremely wearable, and looks so dainty. Shows incredible promise for the book!


I love knitting lace,I love colours,I love the..... red one!

the first and the fourth ones are my favorites. Got to get that book one way or another ;o)

I love the really big square one, sigh. I could not actually knit it, but I would love just to touch it, and maybe drap it over my sholders and saunter around a little.

The 3rd one down on the right! It reminds me of my Estonian Garden Wrap (by Evelyn Clark)which is my favorite scarf!

My favorite is #5 Lily-of-the-Valley pattern and I also like #10 very much.

Wow, they're all beautiful! And with all the weddings I keep getting invited to I could use some more lace patterns!

All these shawls are exquisite but I have to say my favorite is the second one down on the left column followed closely by the very last picture.
Woo - there's a whole lotta competition for this book.

Hmmmm...either the lily of the valley one, or the one below it (scarf on woman with red shirt). They're all just gorgeous, though I have to admit a slight fear of nupps.

I just read a review of the book on Amazon. The reviewer said that the designs might be too monotonous for the serious Shetland lace knitter. I was glad to know that I'm not serious enough to be bored by these beautiful projects. I like the third one on the left with the curved back, plus all of the scarves. And the edging on the Madli shawl is so lovely.

The first shawl is absolutely stunning. The nupps organized in Vs look beautiful.

3rd and 4th down on the right... lovely. And very wearable. The others are all lovely of course, but I'm practical by nature so I tend towards the scarves.

I love them all but wow the red is a favourite..and the mustard would make a great everyday scarf

Thank you for the review... I hadn't heard of this book before, and now I have added it to my "books to acquire" list. I'm really fond of the brown shawl with the diamonds that you have pictured. I know you aren't feeling the triangular shawls, but I am really drawn to that one.

I love when you have book reviews; there are so many knitting books out there, it is nice to get a better feel for the contents before shelling out the cash for one!

I just had the pleasure of seeing these shawls in real life at SOAR and the centre bottom one literally took my breath away. Absolutely amazing.

Thanks for the review. I feel the need to go shopping now!

I love the huge white square, can't wait to try three or four of these. I've only done one Estonian style project, Laminaria, gorgeous.

I love, love, *love* that large square white shawl on the bottom center. The solid portions almost look like linen. So delicate! Absolutely gorgeous. Enjoy your new book, and the adventure of knitting those lovely lace pieces!

I love number 8 and could see myself wearing it a lot.

wow -- 700+ comments. I'm delurking here to say thanks for all your blog postings and patterns you offer. My 27 year old CA daughter thinks your jaywalker pattern (which I am making into a scarf at the moment) is "beautiful" (high praise from a picky dresser)!

And the shawls above -- I'll take (from left to right) # 5 .... now off to Amazon.com to see if they have it in yet!!

love love LOVE the one in column 1, row 3!

My favorites are the third one (lady wearing red v-neck sweater) and the bottom square one. So beautiful!

I'm probably too late, but I love picture 2. It's just so pure and lacey. Can't explain.

Love the 4th and 5th one down-very nice!

I've just started #5 (the white triangular one) which was previewed in "Piecework" magazine [Jul/Aug 08]. It may be at the outer edge of my skill level, but I just LOVE it. However, I'd say that #8, the red scarf, just might the one I'd try first from the book. I, too, have been anxiously awaiting publication. Nancy Bush is fabulous.

My favorite is the rust-colored one. :)

I yearn for this book!! Just looking at these photos, the square shawl at the center on the bottom row is really striking to me. But the bit of lace to the right of it is also awfully intriguing.

Could you tell us something about the how the yardage requirements run? Huge quantities per item? Or are there some, as in VLT, that can be done with not so much yarn?

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