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September 21, 2008

Glowing Undulating Rib socks

If I knew how the folks at Fleece Artist made their yarns glow, I would know the Secret of the Universe.

Pattern: Undulating Rib Socks by Ann Budd from Favorite Socks. I knit the smaller size, but my yarn was a bit chunkier than the pattern's, so the end result was "grandma-sized."

Yarn: Magic! Just kidding ;). Fleece Artist Sea Wool in pixie, 70% merino and 30% Seacell, 350 meters (380 yards) per 115 grams. One skein was plenty for a pair of large women's socks, and I had 11.4 grams left over. Purchased as the Bordello sock kit from my favorite Fleece Artist dealer, Tidal Brook Yarns.

Needles and gauge: Using Susan Bates US 1 dpns resulted in a gauge of 29 stitches and 42 rounds in circular stockinette stitch.

This is a marvelously textured pattern accomplished with only a few increases and decreases, nothing complicated! The springiness of the yarn only helps. Take a look at this photo - the depth of the stitches is really visible in the shadow.

I made only a few noteworthy changes to the pattern as written. First, I centered the heel/instep a little differently, working each portion over 33 stitches (compared to the original 32 heel/34 instep). Doing this resulted in the instep being completely symmetrical, but because it was now worked over 5.5 pattern repeats, the stitch number vacillated between 35 stitches in rounds 1-8, and 33 stitches in rounds 9-16. Admittedly, a little confusing at times, but the symmetry made me happy.

Second, I have to agree with the comments on Ravelry: there does seem to be a mistake in the pattern which hasn't made its way onto the Favorite Socks corrections page yet (this pattern starts on page 93). If you follow the directions for the ribbed cuff as written, and then would like the Undulating Rib stitch pattern to emerge smoothly (and as it appears in the book's photograph!), you have to start at round 9 of the chart, instead of round 1. Not a big deal. Though the result is undeniably pretty!

And pretty is all that grandma wants, really. Therefore, my job is done. [Wipes hands clean of this project, so she can work on something poop-colored.]

Posted by Kathy on September 21, 2008 02:59 PM


I like your socks much better than one ones in the book. I was not going to knit them....until now.

These are fabulous. Nice work.

Wow! They are so pretty :) Nicely done.

Lovely! Those look like really well-fitting socks, and the colour is beautiful too. Lucky grandma!

Those are so beautiful! I love that shade of purple and you have really sold me on that pattern.

You're funny lady! Work on something poop-colored. Your grandmother will love them, whether they glow or not.

I have to agree with Connie. Your version is so much nicer than the one in the book. Very pretty indeed :)

Very pretty socks and I agree about the magic yarn- it really is lovely!

Very beautiful! Good catch on the error. I love Favorite Socks, but it has so many errors.

Beautiful socks! I love Fleece Artist. Their yarns are like no other, the colours have a beautiful transparency to them.

I do have quite an affinity for Fleece Artist. Beautiful pairing of yarn and pattern.

Beautiful. The colour looks really lovely and the stitch pattern looks much prettier than in the book!

I love these socks! How much ease is there - on the stretchy side or not?

Love them! The color is beautiful. Love the details with the pattern flowing into the cuff.

Nice work. -Kristina

those are quite wonderful. Both color and pattern.

They are such pretty socks. I will need to keep this post away from my daughters, because they will want them ASAP.

This is one of my favorite patterns from the book -- the stitch looks just lovely in that shimmery yarn! I think I need to bump this up in my queue.

You have one lucky and very loved Grandma. Your socks are beautiful.

I love these socks!

they are wonderfull

I should knit some socks for my grandma. And I should do it fast, because someday there won't be a grandma to knit socks for.

Umm. Somewhere between making things for me to learn on and making my brother some slippers and surviving my first semester at college. But still. I should make her some socks. Or something.

Stunning I shall be hopping over to the fleece Artist website with a purchase in mind....
Your Grandma's sock drawer must look simply divine!


Someone probably beat me to telling you, but just in case you didn't know: the buffalo sweater was featured in an ad on The Sartorialist. Your version is prettier though! It's funny, people love handmade clothes for how unique they are and yet here's the same vintage pattern popping up all over the place.

Really pretty! Thanks for the tip about the pattern.

You make sock knitting look so fun!

Lovely photos. You or hubster?

They're gorgeous!!

The socks are gorgeous! I love the FA Sea Wool yarn. It was great to knit with, but the fabric feels really nice to wear as well, I think your grandmother will love these socks all around!

I really do think that this pattern works well with a yarn with either some lightness or some shimmer to the color, because these worked so much better than the socks I started with this pattern.

I love the color. Purple rocks!

Lovely. I have tried that pattern but it came out a bust because of the yarn I used. I need to give it another go. Your version turned out just lovely!

I completely forgot I had this book until your post. Now to go update my Ravelry library and put these socks in my queue. I definitely like the socks better in your less variegated yarn than the ones in the book.

Oh that yarn looks lovely in that pattern. I got some for my shop once and couldn't resist hanging on to one skein for myself. The shine and glow just sucked me in. That may be the next yarn on my needles I think as soon as my pomatomus are done.

Love the socks & the stitch pattern really stands out in that color!

Very pretty...good job

I'm terribly curious. How many handknitted (by yourself of course) socks do you have in your sock drawer now?

I agree with Mrs. MJW - we need a post about your sock drawer! How cool would that be?

Grandma Schmandma------- those are gorgeous socks! And btw, please do keep me posted on the secrets of the universe as well! ;)

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