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September 27, 2008

Eye Candy Saturday: 2.8 grams edition

What a relief. Srsly. 2.8 grams of yarn (about 6 yards) left after finishing the first of my dad's knee high socks.

Also, photographing this yarn under proper daylight conditions is one thousand times easier than photographing it at night.

Posted by Kathy on September 27, 2008 10:20 AM


Whew, that's close! I'm sure your dad is going to love those, it's a beautiful stitch. (Has he purchased his coordinating knickerbockers yet?)

Wow. Last time I was that close on a sock was my first pair of Monkeys. Koigu is another notoriously "short" yarn brand, but whew-nellie. I think I was in the 3 yard range. Congrats for making it!

looks great!

Whoa! That was a close call, Kathy. Glad it worked out.

Whew! I bet you were on tenterhooks! The yarn, pattern and sock are all wonderful. Congrats.

Close one! I haven't had this happen yet - wondering if there will be enough yarn left (after all that hard work). Yikes!

Jinkies - you are one lucky duck. Are you blind yet from knitting with dark yarn and small needles?

Mmmn, lovely texture.

Srsly. So close to being screwed, yet not. Nice.

Phew! I've been eyeing this pattern for awhile and wondering if a ball of Trekking is enough for my husband's 9 1/2 feet. I made him an ample length pair out of Baby Ull and had only 3 yards left at the end. A very close call, indeed!

Awesome!... I love it.. when thinks like that work out...

That is a great pattern for a man's sock! Very cool!

Beautiful sock! OK, so I am in the slow group. Do you weigh your yarn before and after you knit something, like a sock so that you know how much you will need if you make it again? (or for some other great reason?)and with what kind of scale do you weigh it? What a concept!

Wow, that's close. Way to use all the yarn!

I normally don't like black (or charcoal- whichever you prefer), but these are beautiful. I don't think I'd have the stamina to knit knee highs. I love that stitch pattern. It's very gentlemanly.

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