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September 16, 2008

Color rut?

The funny thing about my dad's request is that the socks are going to be the same color as everything else on my needles and on my mind:

Is this some kind of bad joke? Like someone, or something, slithered by, and left a gigantic yarn dump. On the left is the Paivatar destined to become my mom's shawl, then the yarn for my dad's knee high socks, and last is the 21-25 scarf (still working on it). All basically the same color. Of POOP. And I'm wearing a dark gray shirt today. Is this what one would call "a color rut"?!?

Though I must tell you the yarn for my dad's socks sort of fell into my lap - I didn't choose the color.

A while back I got an e-mail with the following subject line: "Please take this Louet away from me!" In it Shaina wrote that she didn't like working with Louet "at all", and wanted to unload her 7 (!!) stashed skeins onto me. She said, "I just want it gone and you were the first person I could think of who really liked it."

Letmethinkaboutitforasecond YES and also kthnxbi. (It wasn't quite like that - I happily traded Shaina some LL in order to rescue the poor Louet :)).

Anyway, two of the skeins I received were sportweight Gems merino in charcoal (#49), 100 grams in each skein. Happily they adorned my stash until my dad's request and my instant realization that the amount and weight were perfect for his bed knee high socks!

Sidenote: the very first pair of socks I knit for my dad also used sportweight Gems merino! My dad states that while LL Shepherd Sock (which he's had the pleasure of experiencing since then) is softer, he prefers the thickness and loftiness of sportweight Gems for house and bed socks. Of course, no such statement of comparison could be obtained from my grandma - each newest sock pair is her "favorite," in turn.

Similar to the realization that this sportweight Gems merino would be perfect for the knee high socks (in terms of fiber composition, the yarn's thickness, quantity on hand, and color), I sort of immediately suspected the perfect place to find a suitable pattern: Nancy Bush's Knitting Vintage Socks. I guess during the time of Weldon's Practical Needlework, taller socks were all the rage - the book has a number of patterns for knee highs, and many instances of socks tall enough to require calf shaping. I think with a little imagination and "lengthening/extending by example", the majority of the patterns in the book could easily work for knee high socks.

The pattern currently capturing my attention is Gentleman's Shooting Stockings with Fluted Pattern. Nancy writes that, "The original came up to the knee, perhaps even over it, and was meant to be worn with knickerbockers." I think my dad will ignore the latter portion of that statement (as well as the rifle in the pattern photo, if I'm seeing it correctly!), but I fully intend to reverse engineer Nancy's version in order to revert to the original knee height. My yarn and gauge are different from those specified in the pattern, and my dad's requirements for looser socks come into play, too. But I think that if I knit the pattern as written, for the most part I won't have to make wild modifications!

The pattern, the needles (3.0 mm), and the yarn. As always, each one subject to change at any time, without any notice ;). For instance, the 5" Bryspun dpns have already been swapped for 6" INOX ones - the extra 1" in length seems to help in maintaining the large number of stitches on and not off the needles.

Posted by Kathy on September 16, 2008 08:40 PM


Do those really seem like p**p colors to you?

I see roiling thunderstorms, witches' sabbaths at midnight, truffles... great thrills, and great beauty!

Rock on!


That would be some unhealthy poop.

I am very fond of the Gentleman's Fancy Socks for knee highs. Extraordinarily boring to knit after a while, but the end result is so great.

I think that if anyone knits me socks, I don't care what color they are! The only pair I've ever made was for myself... but I did give my father-in-law a swatch for Christmas last year. I promised him socks, so I guess I'd better cast on The Gentleman's Fancy Socks might just be the ticket.....

I knit that very pattern for my hubby last year. It is a great one and I'm sure you will love it. KNIT FAST and the gray poop stage will pass quicker!

Can't wait to see how these progress!

So glad you are back. Those are so my hubby colours!Just what he always chooses. What makes him happy makes me happy.

I, too, don't like working with Louet. Horrible company, but that's another story. I think you could use a little color variation in that "poop" colored yarn stack. Maybe some purple or pale blue or red, I don't know, GET RID OF THAT GREY-BROWN! LoL.

I don't know what you're talking about - the yarn looks great! All of it! Admittedly, I do the same thing - There's loads of maroon/plum/burgundy going on around here all the time!

I love those socks!

I love those greys ... i once went on a yarn spree with friends - and bought everything that was grey.

Oh, I'm so glad you found a use for it! Can't wait to see the socks.

I think the colors are all lovely. Ok, so maybe not exactly vibrant, but still lovely.

I adore that sock pattern! I started it once but it just wasn't working. I will be back for it someday though...

I just love that book but can't say I've ever tried that yarn...can't wait to see all you awesome knitting in the works. So glad your back to blogging I learn so much from you and really enjoy visiting. Are you just lovin more living space?

Gee, I wish people were just "dumping" Louet gems on me. I love that stuff. I just made Nancy Bush's Norwegian Stockings with it and they stretch to infinity!

The socks look fun to knit. I wish I had more time for all the patterns I want to knit.

Both the pattern and the yarn look pretty good to me, color rut aside. Of course, I am not in a rut right now because I'm working with the bits of pieces of my stash that weren't packed away (so not everything I'm knitting is blue right now)!

I guess poop is the new black. Those yarns would look nice with my fall clothes. Do you feel qualified to assist me with my nursing assignment on bowel elimination?

The colors are fantastic, but I know what you mean about knitting all of the same colors; it can get boring after awhile. Just start something bright and colorful to switch to, once in awhile. It will be fine!

I know there's a joke in there somewhere about poop coloured yarn and a high-fibre diet but I can't quite put my finger on it.

My colour rut is allllllll pink... every where I turn... PINK. I guess it's a good thing I like pink

I made this pattern for my DH and loved every minute of it. It was such a simple pattern repeat that I was afraid I would get bored but I really enjoyed the texture. I hope you enjoy it too.

I love Louet. If anyone ever sees a sale, please let me know -- it never seems to go on sale.

I don't know if you have the Veronica Gainsford book on knitting kilt hose but the guidelines (not patterns!) she suggests a 20% decrease in stitch number when going from the top portion of the leg to below the calf and the decreases were spaced out every 4th round (in fingering) which spread the decreases out over about 4 inches or so. I look forward to seeing what you make!

I think this might be the pattern I used for Adam's socks, they came out nice I think

Whenever people talk about free yarn I am reminded of the movie "A Million to Juan", where the guy gets lots of free stuff because people think he's rich. Because all the people with big stashes get yarn dumped on them *all the time*. And meanwhile those of us whose spending money comes from federal work-study and whose stash consists of 10 balls bought over the summer, well . . . it makes me want to pretend I have a stash. :P

(And yes, I do know that lots of times when people say they got "given" stuff they actually swapped it. But still.)

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