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June 23, 2008

Ode to the Stimulus

Five-thirty today
a pretty check had shown up:
seven years endured.

Quick, walk down Mass Ave.
to Craigslist Joe's apartment:
it's time for an upgrade.

The machine sews well,
bobbin tension is shaky:
tune-up fixable.

Ask for a discount.
It's granted, hands are shaken.
The check is enough!

Six-thirty today
lug Bernina to her home!
Oy! Twenty-two pounds!

Goodbye, POS!
No more shaking while stitching!
You have served me well.

Perhaps it's sad that
the Stimulus was on hand
for only one hour.

But did I mention,
the old Singer snap-on feet
fit the Bernina?!?

Posted by Kathy on June 23, 2008 09:22 PM


Hello pretty.

Ooh congratulations!! Happy sewing!

I just bought my first sewing machine ever on Saturday... also a Bernina! Yay for Berninas! :)

Congrats Kathy on your excellent discernment and welcome to the family of Bernina owners! I own three - an 830, 930 and a 1530. LOVE THEM ALL!
You will smile each time you sit down to create!

oh my dh bought me a Bernina for our anniversary last year! Congratulations!!! It's an awesome machine!

Hey, good for you! Enjoy many hours of happy sewing!

Mmm, sewing haiku...Bernina's are awesome, good score!

What a beautiful machine. May it fulfill your sewing needs for years to come.

Nice machine but I'm more impressed with your haiku skillzzz. Happy sewing!

Awesome! Congratulations!

Yeah! I had a great sewing machine until I accidently ran it over with my car. (Long story.)

I know the machine-lust of which you speak.

Congratulations! I also use a Bernina, and it's made a huge difference in my sewing.

Yay! There are few things in life as sweet as a new machine!

I still have the machine I first learned to sew with - a used Bernina my mom bought when I was a little girl. More than 20 years later it's still going strong!

fantastic!! so what's on tap to break in the new darling?

Goodbye and hello
Something old is new to you

Hours of entertainment vs. check? I think you stimulated the economy pretty well with that purchase, after all. All in all, a job well done and a purchase well purchased. ;)

Bernina is a great sewing machine. Got mine 15 years ago, still works perfectly

Yaaaaaay, I'm so glad it worked out!

(Bargaining ROCKS, I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed borrowing my friend's Bernina. :)

OMG. I'm so happy for you to have such an amazing find. Envious, too. ; ) I hope it brings you many wonderful creative projects.

Beautiful! You did exactly what you were supposed to do with the stimulus check. Mine didn't last much longer than yours. I'm thinking of writing Congress and the President and telling them that I could help the economy more if they sent me more stimulus checks. LOL

That is a fine use for a stimulus check I think.

Another YAY for Bernina - you will have much happiness with her. :) I got mine in December and I'm just wild for her. Enjoy! Money well spent...

Hello Bernina!

I have a 1530 that I bought used as well and she has served me well over the past 18 months. She will sing and make you happy and your sewing will simply fly from your fingers.

Enjoy her!

Ha! I also used my stimulus check to buy a sewing machine! My first:)

Oooh, fantastic! Congrats on the new machine. May you have many, many years & miles of happy-sewing together!

Ah, the Bernina is worth it. I had terrible angst abandoning my HighSchool graduation used Singer, but when every project involved swearing and ripping we took the plunge. 13 years ago, a Bernina, and we are still in love.

Congrats on the new machine. The stimulus check was meant for that machine. I can't wait to see all the lovely handmades that will come from it.

Excellent! Have you found a place to put the machine so that you will actually use it?

Hi Kathy,
I am going to be in Boston for the next few days (staying close to the Kenmore station). Do you have any recommendations for yarn shops or "knitting attractions" I shouldn't miss while I am in the area?

That Bernina will last you your lifetime. Swiss people make good machines.

Yay, a Bernina!! I've had mine for ten years and still love her to bits. Enjoy :)


Oooooh such excitement! Congratulations on your Bernina and welcome to the happiness that you will experience. My 930 is still strong and productive after 25 years. I have never regretted owning a Bernina.

my check is still pending. and will be used to pay for a car repair.


Last year my Mom bought her first Bernina. She can't sew, but they are such wonderful machines and offer free classes. Have fun!

Last year my Mom bought her first Bernina. She can't sew, but they are such wonderful machines and offer free classes. Have fun!

My (now) hubbie bought me that machine during our first year of dating and it is BY FAR my favorite gift ever! He did his homework and knew this would be the perfect machine for me. 5 years later and many projects later, I'm still in love with both him and the sewing machine :)

You look as though you will never let go! Happy sewing!

Congratulations! You will love your Bernina! (I do mine.) Enjoy!

As a proud owner of Bernina 1260, Welcome to the Club.
P.S. Get a wheeled carrier if you plan on using it away from home...Nancy

I have 3 Berninas too. 2 were inherited--great stuff! Enjoy.

Yay! Congratulations! I love my Berninas! Best machines ever.

My MIL has a Bernina and it is old! She pretty much said that is the only thing the asshole gave her besides the two kids that was any good. hee hee. I hope you have many happy years of sewing enjoyment with it.

Wish I could make this a green font -- I would SO love a Bernina. Some day. I love the photo -- it looks like you are praying over your new toy! I hope you have many years of happy sewing.

Love Love Love my bernina. Wish I used it more.

Have fun, can't wait to see your creations!

Oh I know this feeling. My poor tired hand me down machine got replaced a few months ago by a shiney new one that practically does buttonholes in its sleep. Thank you Target for 75% clearance.. and thank goodness there aren't many sewers in my area! My machine was a steal of $75 bucks down from $300!

Oh! I think you'll love it. Happy you. Economic and sewing stimulus, all rolled into you.

The Bernina 1008 is a classic, you'll get lots of good use out of it. The 22 pounds are worth it.

I have a 1010 I bought used about 14 years ago and it ROCKS. You will be very happy with this machine. They are built like tanks, and that 22 pounds means it's full of nice, strong metal parts that aren't going to wear out anytime soon.

This is the same machine I have, you won't regret your purchase. It is great to never have to worry about setting the tension. Happy Sewing!

I received a Bernina Sport for my high school graduation in 1984 and it still sews like a dream. Good Choice and Good Sewing!

I have the same machine! I decided it is better to spend more on quality than d*** around with crappy. Yay! You will love it!

Congratulations on your new purchase. May it give you many years of fine service and inspire all your sewing efforts.

We're still waiting on our check -- it may arrive one day.

Congratulations on your Bernina! I've had mine for 20 years and it has been a workhorse. I wish you may happy years of sewing with it.

Once a Bernina owner...forever a Bernina owner!


Excellent choice.

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