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May 23, 2008

Eye Candy Friday: it's been a while

While riding on the commuter rail, I placed my coat next to me, and the ball of yarn and working needles in the coat's pocket - for ease of knitting. I could not help but notice how well the yellow scarf matched my blue raincoat. And how the whole ensemble could be tied together with my no longer geeky tote.

Scarf: Linked Rib from Knitting New Scarves.

Yarn: Sundara Yarn Aran Silky Merino in Sunshine.

Raincoat: Jheri Richards Sueded Polyester Raincoat - short in length, gorgeous blue in color.

Posted by Kathy on May 23, 2008 07:44 AM


Beautiful combination!

Very springy pairing.

You are absolutely right! It is super when things fall together like that!

the color saturation is awesome. It does go perfect with the bag.

:) You are very right. Goes perfect!! Hope your having a great day!

Truly beautiful combination...that Sundara yarn looks amazing!

When I was a kid, I crocheted a pair of shorts out of those colors. I thought they were the height of fashion (I was 11).

That reminds me of the Swedish flag. :)

I love that color combo. :)

Pretty! Though I must say that I thought you meant the No Sheep For You tote!

I think I should make a non-geeky tote for myself too.

Very beautiful!!

Greetings, I found you through ravelry and stopped a while to read your blog. I noticed right away that the yellow scarf you are currently knitting on is unusual and further reading confirmed we are working on scarves from the same book. I thought yours looked like the scarf I am making (Tricorners) but see that it was not though very similar.

Did you make Tricorners by chance? I just began yesterday and got to the point past the garter stitch where I need to set up back to initial tricorner shape. Having trouble there but pressing on! I'll share a pic when complete. The book is great, isn't it?

Something about sky blue and cornflower yellow that screams it's SUMMER, beautiful

Good taste in: coat, yarn, pattern, AND book. :)

Very chic.....love the colors....congrats~!

Tora in Chagrin Falls, Ohio

The color combination works; I've always liked good strong blue and yellow together. I apologize in advance for this kneejerk English-Lit. reaction: things that "match" are exactly alike; things that are different but go well together are things that coordinate.

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