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May 03, 2008


During February and March three project morsels moved across your computer screens - just little bits with no beginning, middle, or end.


Do these look familiar? The purple lace shawl which prompted me to reveal my matchy-matchy tendencies? The Crystal Palace Panda Wool with amazing stitch definition? The playful Classic Elite Alpaca Sox yarn which pooled in the skein, but not in the knit fabric?

I'm very excited to place those knitting morsels into context:


(I did not ask Chrissy for permission to use those photos. I'm very bad. Do not follow my example. Chrissy, please don't kill me!)

Three new Gardiner Yarn Works designs, debuting at TNNA very shortly!

Knitting these samples was absolutely delightful! Let me sing one praise in particular - I am 100% certain that the purple shawl will be the next Swallowtail, Flower Basket, Shetland Triangle, Icarus, Leaf Lace... what have you! The IT triangle shawl worked from the nape of the neck down. (Toe The Line was the pattern's working title, not sure if it's staying...) It's a brilliant one, Chrissy ;).

Posted by Kathy on May 3, 2008 07:27 PM


Want! Want the shawl, plus the modified Greek key-patterned sock on the Gardiner Yarn Works preview page. Want want want! When?

While I like the shawl I love the middle sock (couldn't figure out the name). The pattern works really well with the the Panda Wool.

Awesome socks! The Alpaca Sox gave me a start for a second because I once made a sweater that was those exact colors, and it was the Worst. Sweater. Ever. The yarn was superbulky acrylic, so it was like knitting with ropes of plastic, and I designed the sweater myself so it was way too wide and also too short, because I ran out of yarn. It's actually the worst sweater in the world. I still keep it around, but only for amusement value. Your socks are way, way nicer than that, though!

Aw! You guys are so sweet. I am furiously getting these patterns formatted nicely and tech edited, and I will be releasing them to the general public in early June. And thanks again to Grumperina for being the best sample knitter ever.

It does look like a lovely shawl. I just may have to knit that once the pattern becomes available! I like the purple color too.

They all look great, but I'm particularly excited about the shawl. I've been waffling among triangular shawl patterns for awhile now, but this one looks really lovely. Leaf lace was my first, (inspired by yours!) and I can't wait to do another.

Wow, please remind us again when they become available!

Woot, they're all lovely!!!

Beautiful work!!

Oh, very nice! I'm particularly smitten with socks these days. But I think that's because I still have not successfully attempted lace and I'm a little envious of those with lace talents (like you). :)

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