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May 08, 2008

At it, again

Working with other scientists has its pluses and minuses, naturally. One of the pluses: scientists' little babies are as cute as anyone else's, AND you can totally geek-ify them!

Yes, I'm at it again! A colleague had a baby girl a few weeks ago, and I could not pass up the opportunity to make her some cute onesies. All the particulars remain the same (Craftster tutorial, Reynolds freezer paper, and Marabu paints), but the designs are new - specific to the particular geekiness of the scientist mom and dad. The DNA strand is definitely my favorite - I think it came out so well.

Though the older brother of the babe in question did get one recycled design:

The neuron is always a hit, maybe because it's so easily identified.

There are other parents of toddlers in my collective, and I didn't want to leave them out:

The elevator buttons for the little guy who's always pushing them, the pansy for the girly girl, and the last one for the girl who's always fishing with her dad on the weekends.

Posted by Kathy on May 8, 2008 05:17 PM


So cute! I really love the ECG wave; really adorable. And the elevator buttons! Oh squee, babies.

Ha! Eppendorf tube! I want a shirt like that. Or the chromatograph. Although (if that's what it is) it's not the best seperation. I'd have to fix that.

I love the Eppendorf!

I also adore the Eppendorf tube. I go through enough of them for sure!

Those are wonderful. I keep meaning to do some of those on shirts for myself...

(So, *is* that an action potential? I couldn't figure out what mollysusie was seeing as a chromatograph, and then it occurred to me that there was a chance that what I'd thought was an action potential was something else.)

Wow, this is a really great idea. (And I love the geekiness of your designs - I was a bio major in college!) I've never heard of using freezer paper for this purpose - I will have to try it!

I feel like I should do this as a lunchtime activity for the crafty students in my med school next year. This is so nifty. Love it!

those are great grumpy. really. i especially love the eppendorf tube. can you make a pipetman one next time?

Also, I went back to the older entry, and I did recognize the hippocampus. That was scary. However, I was just cutting those up and was tested on it the other day (and will be again on Tuesday) so there you go.

So, so cool! I wonder what my kids-of-lawyers would wear? Scales of justice? Prison bars? Dollar signs?

I'm inspired to make some for my friends' babies!

The neuron and DNA double helix are just the greatest!

Those are awesome!

The eppendorf is my favorite of this round, as well. Lucky baby!

Love them!!! I really want an eppendorf and DNA for my babe. I'll have to re-read the tutorial and find some time ;)

My cousin-in-law is a science teacher and is having a baby soon. I have been wanting to make some of these for her ever since I heard that she was expecting. Now you have designs that fit even better!

Now if I can just figure out how to draw...

Those are beautiful! I want my future (very future) babies to have clothes like that. They will be a geek like their mother before them.

Love these! Hmm, when we have kids someday I definitely need to create a geeked out science/engineer wardrobe.

Oooh - I love the action potential!

OMG, my 8 yr old daughter would LOVE the microscope! She wants to be a scientist when she grows up (or a Rock star depending on the day).

I told her she could be a Rock star scientist!

Awesome! (I saw a chromatograph, too) DH is in computers and my son received a onesie that said "I TCP-IP, but mostly IP"

I die of the cuteness!

Those are cute!!!

Is that green design a test tube??

These are great. I remember the last set fondly (and the neuron is really the best). I have a thing of the freezer paper, but I intended to use mine for devore. Maybe I'll improvise!

I just discovered the glory of freezer paper and fabric paint not too long ago - I love how you used it for the geeky onesies!!!

Love the bright colours and what great designs! Lucky babies. :)

The best part of these gifts is the thought you put into each gift, making them so meaningful. You are a good friend.

Arrgh! You beat me to it! I was working on some designs for geeky science types to sell in my etsy shop like the microscope or the cells or DNA. Oh well, great minds think alike!

Adorable! Little geeks are super cute.

I love them - although since DH is in med school, I thought the first was was an EEG readout...

The eppindorf tubes make me giggle!

I've been reading this blog for a while, but am a terrible lurker. This post, however, means I have to comment: too cute! I really love the DNA but I think the pansy cracks me up the most. They're absolutely brilliant and I know I would definitely love to be the kid receiving one of those!

I'm really surprised you haven't knit any of the toys by Kimberly Chapman http://kimberlychapman.com/crafts/knit-gallery.html#dna
What's hysterical is that I got her link from a woman in an online parenting group (not a knitting group), then while reading her website, realized we went to public school together....a LONG way from Los Vegas!!

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