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March 18, 2008

Lorna's Laces scheming

The current state of my brain: scheming.

Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock leftovers (for the most part)

From left to right, LL SS in natural, peach, cranberry #1, lilac, cranberry #2, blackberry, navy, and cedar.

I won't use them all at once. In fact, because of the way I knit socks, I will choose exactly four colors for this project.

Which colors? What project? Any guesses???

Posted by Kathy on March 18, 2008 10:49 PM


peach, cranberry, lilac and blackberry. Perhaps the Fiesta Feet sock pattern? Maybe a super fancy two-color knitting pattern?

Well, it could be my favorite project with sock leftovers. Baby blankets! Washable, soft and the colors are always better than "baby" yarn.

Is it a pair of fingerless mitts from Knitting New Mittens and Gloves? I drooled over those projects when you posted the pictures a while back and I've been wondering when you're going to make something from the book.

I think cedar, navy, cranberry 2, and white. And I like Brenda's guess that they're for fingerless mitts.

Ooh la la. I like vibrant tones so I would use the red, deep red, purple and blue. They look amazing. Of course, with all those great colors you can't go wrong with any combination. Good luck.

i'm going with baby blanket too!! OR you could be doing some fair isle!?? I heart Lornas, toO!

Cranberry #2, blackberry, navy, and natural. I would love to see some complex fair isle in those colors. I'm thinking gloves or fingerless mitts.

Well, I think you're going to make fancy mittens.

I don't know what colors you'd pick, but I like the lavender, purple, blue and white. I also like the green, pink, cranberry and either lavender or navy.

Green, navy, dark lavender and cranberry. Will look wonderful no matter what you make.

A baby surprise jacket in rainbow stripe!

I have no idea what you're making, but, looking at your yarns got me wondering if maybe that really bright skein of cranberry isn't a mislabeled skein of the "bold red" colorway. I'm currently making a babette blanket out of lorna's laces shepherd sport and I'm using both cranberry and bold red, and side-by-side they look pretty much exactly like what you've got up there. Not that it matters, I mean, you have what you have no matter what it's called. And of course, they are so pretty anyway. I can't wait to see what you're making with this, as I'm going to have a fair bit of leftovers myself.

I agree with Ruth. Natural, cedar, navy and cranberry #2. Fingerless gloves would be lovely. Have you seen the Victorian Fingerless Mitts by Louisa Harding? It's in Knitting Little Luxuries.

Green, blue, purple and lilac! Stranded mittens!

If the colors look fantastic together, perhaps Lorna's Laces should consider a Grumperinia colorway?

If the colors look fantastic together, perhaps Lorna's Laces should consider a Grumperinia colorway?

Tweed Socks!


I think it's a pinwheel sweater for someone's baby. I love all the colors!

Natural, lilac, blackberry and cedar. A little spring mixed in with some ground winter colours. Just like the weather today.

Fair Isle socks for Grandma perhaps?

You should go with the reds and purples in the middle. They look so rich and lovely! As for the project, I'm guessing it's a colorwork project, but what I can't guess!

natural, peach, lilac, & blackberry
Girly colored patterned mittens.

Hey, I'm all in favour of the arrrgyle idea!

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