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March 07, 2008

Eye Candy Friday: game edition

It's Friday, let's do something fun and mindless today! How about a little game?!?


Fact: this yarn is Alpaca Sox by Classic Elite Yarns, a slinky blend of alpaca, merino, and nylon.

Question: take a good look at the color cards - which colorways do these photos represent? (bigger and better photos of the different colorways can be seen at The Loopy Ewe)

Answer: Both photos are the Fruit Salad colorway!

Now, this isn't like that cranberry Lorna's Laces thing I told you about a little while ago. Both photos capture the same dye lot! What's more... the two photos are of the same skein of yarn! Amazingly, the colors of the yarn pooled when I wound it! I snapped a photo of one side of the skein, rotated it 180°, and took the second photo.

After seeing this pooling tendency in the untouched skein of yarn, I was very leery about the sock that would emerge from this monster.

Thankfully, the colorway doesn't pool at all when knit into a sock! Who would have thought?!? Pooling in the skein, but not in the sock!!!

Posted by Kathy on March 7, 2008 10:07 AM


Not only doesn't it pool, it has one of the nicest distributions of color that I remember seeing. Does the foot section get all stripy? I love the absolute spontaneity of this.

I'm always amazed how different skeins look when wound into a ball and then different again when knitted up. I often love yarn in a skein but like it less when balled.

Never heard of pooling in the ball but not the sock though!

I love this colorway, but I do wonder why everyone is so afraid of pooling. It can look really neat sometimes. Granted, stripes are great, but embrace the pooling and you can really enjoy more sock yarn, which I think is a good thing!

Pretty colours. Glad it doesn't pool. What sort of socks is it going to be?

Wow, I would not have thought that the sock would knit up so nicely. The fiber blend sounds delightful.

Oh, the things that entertain and amaze us knitters. Very cool! So pretty.

That is some crazy yarn, all right! Who would've guessed? That heel is looking fabulous...

Drat! No pooling!? that's no good, I LOVE pooling! I'd like a list of yarns that do pool, reliably please.

Wow! Weird. I love the colors, though.

I'm with Chelsea. Pooling can be embraced. I knit a pair of sox with yarn that pooled and I used it as a design element by ribbing (1X1) the warm colors and stockinetting the cool colors. The sox look great- arty with interesting texture.

That's weird. I have some Alpaca Sox too, and just started with it last night. It's so far very wonderful.

Really odd, hmmmm, go figure - second thought, don't, I don't think I want to know the mathematical formula for that one. X=length of blue Y=length of red...etc but now I'm thinking about it and that's bad. halp

That is the kind of pooling I can get behind!

I made a pair of gloves with alpaca sox and I wondered if it would pool as I knit the teeny tiny finger rounds and it didn't. The fingers were as (un)uniform as the hand and wrist were.

I am enthusiastically pro-pooling. Not enough sock yarns do it.

I'm using some Alpaca Sox right now in the "Peacock" colorway. I was sooo paranoid about pooling before I began--it's the first real variegated sock yarn I've worked with--but so far it's working up like a dream! A little pooling by the gusset decreases, but that actually just ended up being pretty :-) It evened itself out when I resumed working even for the foot.

Love your colorway!

@AprilMay - LOL, I was thinking about the math behind predicting pooling/striping behavior based on gauge. And then my head started to hurt, so I went back to "oooh, pretty!"

i don't think i've ever had yarn pool like that in its wound form before, but i think the fact that it *did* pool when you wound it was a good indicator that it *wouldn't* pool on the sock.

my thinking is the somewhat scientific method that none of the pooling socks i've knit in the past pooled when wound, so the circumference of the wound ball must be different enough from (and not an even multiple of) the typical amount of yarn used in one round of a sock. so, no pooling :)

can you tell i've been playing with numbers and spreadsheets all day? ;)

You know, you might put me over the edge on this one and make me order some! Yours looks lovely, as usual.

After months on hiatus, I'm feeling the urge to knit socks again. What mouth-watering colors!

Yes, I've (somewhat recently) knitted with this yarn as well, and it doesn't pool at all! So soft and lovely. And I love that colorway, too!

That's so weird that everyone has had so little trouble with pooling - the shop sample we have knit up of various colors pooled HORRIBLY and I've avoided buying the yarn because I hates the pooling forever. Now you're making me want to get some!

Wait until sock #2 before claiming victory over the pooling- I kid. I hope you are right!

simply gorgeous!

Just lovely. It's a beautiful colorway.

Wow.. you sure are working on a lot of projects at once!

Pooling in the skein, but not in the sock!!!

That could be a good marketing slogan!

I like the way the yarn is looking in the sock! I love the way it looks in the EOP heel, especially.

Beautiful colorway! Can't wait to see the finished socks!

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