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February 19, 2008

Oh my cuteness!

Ever since my unabashedly glowing review of Knitting New Scarves, I've been stalking the next book in the "Knitting New" series like a bird of prey. Kntting New Mittens & Gloves by Robin Melanson arrived at my doorstep just a few hours ago, and (wow wee!) I have to tell you all about it.

The book is organized just like Knitting New Scarves. Each pattern is comprised of the author's description of the design, a diagram illustrating the basic geometry, a fantastic photograph (or several), and well-spaced, unhurried knitting instructions. There are a few "traditional" patterns, but somehow, somewhere, by some mysterious force, Robin Melanson was able to whip up a bunch of truly innovative designs. Just take a look!

My favorites (click for bigger):


I'm envisioning the Glaistig fingerless gloves (left) in a rose-colored silk, for when I'm feeling lady-like. Rusalka fingerless gloves (middle) are adorned with bugle beads, and the word means "mermaid" in Russian. Need I say more? Ceangaltas mittens (right) have a fancy knot which is continuous with the edging!

Three favorites, all green. Hmmm... But, yes, there are other colors represented in this book! (click for bigger)


Lovely, aren't they? I checked Melanie Falick's blog, and she hasn't mentioned this book there yet. But I suspect a knitalong and gallery will be on their way shortly...

Posted by Kathy on February 19, 2008 05:40 PM


wow! i can tell I am going to have to add overstock to my list of places to shop. i hate the wait too, but that book looks like it is worth any wait. love the fingerless driving gloves w/the buckle. i have to get it just to make those :-)

Are you pregnant? Please tell us!

Let's face it, reading this blog is like getting heroin samples at the methadone clinic. Can't wait to get my hands on this one!

I need those driving gloves. Right now. Argh! You're a crack dealer!

Ha!! Tantej and I both think you could be a character from Scarface.

I got my copy from amazon yesterday :) I really like the tapestry arm warmers. I think I like this book better than Knitting New Scarves.

I love Knitting New Scarves and this looks every bit as good. Thanks for reviewing it for us, you dealer, you!

Ooh la la! Truly gorgeous. I love Rusalka and yearn for #5. Wowee indeed!

Yup, I've ordered mine now. Cause what I really need is a book on mittens and arm warmers down here in Texas. I mean, who doesn't wear mittens when it's in the 70s all "winter"?

Oh, those are all so lovely! I'm going to need a pair of my own..or two..or lots...

p.s. The Russian Rusalka is not exactly a mermaid. She's a water spirit who tries to drown men. hmmm...okay, on second thought, that is what mermaids do, isn't it. She's not as oceanic, though, but is more riverine.

Argh! Are you doing this on purpose? You're such an enabler!

Thanks for the review. I bought Knitting New Scarves because of your blog, and now, I have to have this one too! Love the book!

You made my day! Thank you very much. I'll try to post a gallery of all of the images from the book very soon. We'd love to get a knitalong going--just have to work out the details of who will host and where.

I bought Knitting New Scarves because of you... now I'll have to buy this book as well because I just have to have just about every pair you posted.

Just the idea of owning something like a pair of driving gloves seems so quaint and wonderful, obviously aided by how fun those gloves look.

This book seems more interesting to me than the scarves. I think I shall have to get it! Thanks for the review.

You tempt me so...

ok, i'm off to put it on the library request list! and i thought i was in love with the scarf book!

Wow! I am getting a mitten knitting itch just from looking at these pictures. I can't wait to see what you make.


wow thats a cool book I love mitts, I wouldnt have known about it any other way but I needs it now hehee

rats! another book to want!

Gosh, overstock.com. I'd forgotten about that site. Thanks!

I'd love to hear more about what makes these designs innovative! I can see it with the continous edging of Ceangaltas, but are there fascinating new constructions like the drifting pleats or 3-cornered knitting in Knitting New Scarves?

That comment about your blog being a methadone clinic? Ditto. Every new book you review I have to go and add to my wishlist, and it's only a matter of time before it's winging it's way to my house. And like Tara, I really "need" a book of mittens in SE Texas. But hey, my family in New England will have toasty hands next Christmas!

*slinks off to Overstock.com*

Wow, looks like a great book!

ordered this right now. Providentially I was looking for some mitten and glove patterns for my next project--the first request from my husband (actually for a gift pair for a woman). Love New Scarves and think this looks great too. Thanks for the heads up

Oh, my God! Some of those mittens and gloves are so beautiful! I especially love those long, white cabled ones. I've been having a hankering to do some long gloves recently!

Wow, those blue cabled gloves are so pretty! Now I want to buy the book... gosh.

Kathy, you're a formidable woman. I'm not an accessories knitter at all, but you've managed to make me lust after both this book and the scarf book (not to mention the Victorian Lace Today book due to your lovely lace scarf a few months back). Thanks for the preview!

Glaistig. Yes. Low mitt resistance, here.

Knitting New Mittens is in stock now at Amazon, I just pushed my order button!

Bahhhhh! Today I am a booksheep. I followed you to overstock & ordered it because it looks like a great deal of fun. Thanks.

First, love your blog! Second, pregnant? What? You do not look pregnant at all, if you wondered. I also wanted to tell you and readers about The Book Depository - like Amazon, UK-based, prices often a bit cheaper than Amazon, plus free shipping worldwide - unless the US dollar crashes compared to GBP though, might be more likely to be a great deal for overseas readers. I also find that shipping from the UK tends to be significantly faster than from the US (again, to overseas).
Thanks for showing us some pics from the book - very helpful!

I got to see this in galley proof stage and dude, I lust. Just plain and simple, lust. What a wonderful book!

Well now. How serendipitous. My Holz & Stein glove needles just arrived with (currently) nothing to do.

Seriously, thanks for keeping us abreast of the good stuffs.


Book came today. It is delicious (although i think i will have to enlarge when i make a working copy.) there are several I would like to start immediately.

thanks for the heads up

*sigh* You get me all excited about these things and I've ordered the book and have terrible apprehension that I will be as inept with this set of patterns as I was with the New Scarf I tried.

Truth is, if I never figure out how to knit any of the patterns, they're kinda like coffee table books for me, so it's never a complete loss. But, oh, how I'd love to WEAR one of those gorgeous scarves!

these gloves are so delicious. i'm so glad you posted them. i can't wait to check the book out...

That is a fabulous book! Thanks, you enabler, you!

Ooh. Those are some gloves! I love the color work (the greeny-gold leaves are calling to me). I can't wait to see which pattern you do!

OOh! Thanks for the preview! I have had that book on my wishlist waiting for it to go on the market!!

Melanie's post on this went up today.

I think I need this book! I love Ceangaltas, and those fair isle fingerless mitts... ooooh. Thank you for showing off the book, or I'd have missed this one.

love your blog! i knitted a pair of mittens for my husband. lately,been knitting scarves & shawls..have pictures at my blog

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