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February 28, 2008

A swooshing type of beast

Remember when blocking Mountainash took up my entire couch and then some?

Yet another beast has taken over my space, mwahaha! This one isn't as large as Sir Mountain, but my off-center placement of the shawl caused it to spill over the edge of the couch nonetheless.

I know: it's true gorgeousness, and I'm happy to match this shawl any day of the week ;). During the time I was busy knitting it, I think I matchy-matched at least twice!

In my opinion, the "swooshing" border is the most beautiful part - that Chrissy Gardiner, she knows how to work it! Yup, it's through her website that you'll be able to find the pattern later in the year, and you can always check the blog for little sneak peeks, like the one I'm sharing today!

Posted by Kathy on February 28, 2008 10:28 AM


Somehow, you make blocking (which I entirely detest!) into something truly amazing. And even just this little peek is beautiful!

I love that swooshy border too. Gorgeous!

Oh, you taunt us with your swooshiness!

Swooshing apart, can't wait to see more of the lovely colour as well as the design proper.

I knew many things about you, but I never knew you were such a big Tease. Looks fabulous and more than worth giving up your couch!

Beautiful! I adore the color!

Oooooo! I'm looking forward to seeing more. :)

Looking forward to the unveiling. BTW, where do you and the Mr. sit while you're blocking? ;)

So tantalizing. And you also just solved a major blocking problem I've been, well, blocked on--something too large for my bed or couch. But wrapping it around the removed couch cushions--aha!!

Ooh, can't wait to see!

Can I just say that you're the best sample knitter ever? I wouldn't have come up with that swooshy border if not for you! :)

What a tantalizing peek...I cannot wait for the full reveal!

I too can't wait to see the unveiling

I missed the post about matching socks. It is always amazing the things that men don't know about women--of course your socks have to match your top!!!Now we know why they only wear brown,gray and blue. Beautiful knitting BTW.

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