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November 16, 2007

So long, Bavarian sock!

I've been putting off writing this post.

Dreading, procrastinating, delaying... denying.

This gorgeous, stunning, delectable sock is on its way to the frog pond.

Bavarian Socks by Candace Eisner Strick, Vogue Knitting's The Ultimate Sock Book

Sigh, and rest in peace, little beauty.

The issue(s)? First I ran out of yarn (Koigu KPM, #1160, dye lot 41). The second skein is actually a few grams lighter than the first, so unfortunately I can't cannibalize a few yards to finish both socks.

Sidenote: I think when one is knitting such a heavily cabled pattern, for a woman with US 10-sized feet, one should stick to lovely yarns which come in 215 yard put-ups (lesson learned).

As I mentioned, the yarn is a gift from Maritza, who told me the following when I inquired about the origin of this Koigu:

I got the burgundy Koigu at Purl Soho. It was well over a year ago - a few months before we moved to Cambridge (maybe April of 2006). ... I bought this at the shop, not the website, and stuff does move very fast there so I am not sure if they will still have it.

I contacted a few shops, and a few people who appeared to have Koigu #1160 in their stashes (via Flickr or Ravelry), but none of them had dye lot 41. As one helpful shop owner explained to me:

Koigu has VERY small dye lots and requires shops to buy the whole lot--which is just one bag of 18-22 skeins. So, if the place you originally bought it no longer has it, you are kind of out of luck.

Second issue: inability to locate more Koigu 1160/41. But I figured that's okay! These are just socks - I could buy a skein of 1160, any ol' dye lot, and finish the toes using that! And I was perfectly happy with that solution until...

Third issue: having seen my grandma just this past weekend, I naturally asked her to try on the sock-in-progress! (Grandma is doing very well, thanks for asking :)). And it was just too tight on her. Oh, woe is me! She tried to reassure me that the sock would stretch, but seeing that it took two pairs of hands just to get the sock on her, I beg to differ.

I think it just wasn't meant to be. It's a gorgeous yarn, and a gorgeous pattern, and my grandma is a gorgeous little lady (hee!), but the three are better off existing independently. I'm allowing myself to fret for only a second - Cat Bordhi's new book arrived at my door step a few days ago, and my life won't be complete until I attempt one of these sock architectures! Koigu will look wonderful in one of those patterns, right?

Posted by Kathy on November 16, 2007 10:18 AM


Ouch. It's gorgeous! Sorry you've got to frog.

Oh, this is tragic! The cables were so beautifully defined, and the color was just right. :-(

Ah well, these things happen. I'm sure you will come up with another excellent idea for that gorgeous yarn.

Beautiful yarn and pattern. It makes a beautiful sock, but it is like puzzle pieces that just won't fit. I think that pattern would also make pretty fingerless mitts/wrist warmers. I might have to try that.

I had a feeling you might like Cat's book but I'm sad to see that sock go away. It was sooo pretty. Bye bye SfN sock.

Sometimes things just aren't meant to be and it takes a wise (brave) knitter to fess up to that! I'm sure you'll find just the right pattern for the yarn, yarn for the pattern and socks for your Grandma..who didn't want more socks, right? ;)

Good luck!

Oh, I am so sorry! It's such a beautiful sock, too. Frog it fast, like ripping off a Band-Aid. It won't hurt as much.

It's sad to see it go but oh, well, you'll just get the pleasure of knitting that yarn again, right?

Koigu will look *stunning* in one of those crazy-cool sock architectures. Sorry the Bavarian sock didn't work out, but I'm sure there are exciting things on the horizon.

I seldom frog anything all the way back to zero to use the yarn on another project. But it sounds like there are times when it's the right thing to do. Do you do anything with the yarn after it's frogged and before starting something else with it? Like wash it or something? (to get the wrinkles out)


Why don't you leave the sock the size it is and give it to someone else? When I am too lazy to check gauge that is what I do! You are bound to find someone it fits who will appreciate it.

It's a shame your feet get hot... They look great on you!

that sock is gorgeous. doesn't mean you can't make it another time.

I am so sorry about that. The pattern and yarn did go beautifully, but you will find another great pattern for it, I hope.

I just finished working one of the mini socks using some lamb's pride superwash, and it turned out great! The sky sock (first one you see) is stupidly easy to knit, if you trust the pattern. (So hard!) Cat's got some really amazing things in her new book, I'm so glad I picked it up.

Also, what a shame to frog the socks! The cabling is just gorgeous!

I think you just have to make occasional sacrifices to the knitting goddess. It's too bad but she is a very possessive goddess sometimes.

Oh dang! What a shame--I don't think I'd have the heart to rip it out after all that work (and it's so lovely, too). If it were me, I'd find some other lovely yarn for the gift and put the sock aside until later, then knit myself a pair with some coordinating color for the toes.

How absolutely horrible! Your knitting is absolutely gorgeous and the pattern divine. But I agree with you - it just wasn't meant to be. I, too, have size 10 feet and always overbuy just because of such situations. I usually try and knit toe up to avoid running out of yarn, but if it's not meant to be... well, there's not much you can do. Take comfort in knowing that you can always reknit it in a different colorway at a later date. I think I'd sacrifice the entire sock - bury it, mourn it, and move on.

That is lovely knitting you've done. It's such a shame you have to frog... but as you say it wasn't meant to be, you're brave to admit it!

Absolutely (that the yarn will look great in one of Cat Bordhi's pattern).

Thanks for posting about this painful frog. At least it made good blog fodder right? Beautiful sock, just wasn't the right fit.

aaah, what a let down. but given all the things against that sock, you really don't have a choice. it just wasn't meant to be!

oh the cables are gorgous, such a shame to have to frog......ummm.....wasn't it you that said Grandma didn't want anymore socks? :) Well, I hope you decide not to frog them, there are so many nice knitters out there, hopefully a reader has that dye-lot and will maybe send it for a fair trade (like the socks already knit heehee)
I looked through my stash of Koigu and I don't have that colorway or dyelot....I do have a lovely tan that I have 4 hanks of though that I wondered if they would look pretty in that pattern.
Happy Knitting dear one, it only hurts for a second ;) famous last words and what my mum always told me right before I got a shot or she ripped the bandaid off LOL

Oh no! You know, I only have size 6 feet.... J/K. It's so gorgeous.

Ah, but frogging will allow you to use this gorgeous yarn again (at a fraction of the cost of buying new).

I tell myself this when I frog and I even sometimes believe it!

I'm sorry I don't have your yarn in my stash. But if you haven't torn 'em out yet, maybe you can turn 'em into toe socks by using up bits of lovely fall-colored yarn from your stash. Your work is beautiful!

The new Bordhi is some book.

But hey, more knitting for you! You're a process knitter anyway, and now you have that Koigu to do something else with after having worked on those pretty socks (even if they didn't work out, you still got the fun of working on them!). So all is ok.

Oh, that's so sad. It was such a pretty sock. RIP (rip in peace).

Thanks for test-knitting that one for me--me and my exactly-grandma-sized feet will ponder knitting this one in a light sport weight ;)

What a shame........Such an intricate pattern, so beautiful..........

Yeah, the biggest bummer about Koigu is that damn skimpy yardage! argh!

Such a pity. It's a beautiful sock. I have a half finished sweater that is having the same issues. Time to frog.

This happened to me, too. I had two balls of Regia colors and I knit one lovely lace sock from it. When I went to get the other ball, it was gone...not to be found anywhere. Couldn't find it online either. So I have one lovely lace sock. I am thinking of making two short socks...if I can do it with one ball.

Well, while that's too bad because the sock is stunningly pretty, I'm sure you'll come up with something on par or better!

Just when I thought Grandma was being too critical, she tries to reassure you. That's so sweet. Maybe if she soaked her feet in cold water before she put the socks on (j/k) LOL.

It sounds like lots of people are willing to take those socks off your hands.

gorgeous color! Too bad it didn't work out for you, doesn't that just figure? I love that pattern as well. It is boring socks here and then back to mittens. No more mittens! I am going to run screaming into the night if I see anymore mittens after this last pair!

At least you'll have the memories... and the gorgeous photos!

The frogging part bites, but after seeing your sock I really really think I'll have to look at this pattern again for me. !

DO NOT FROG!!!! You can put a lovely coordinating toe on those socks. Please I am grinding my teeth just thinking about it!!!

My heart goes out to you - nearly the same happened to me with the 2nd Vinnland (wrong size needles) & I had to rip, rip, rip it out. I just hate that!

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