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November 12, 2007

Pins: Yarn Overs

I little while ago I received an e-mail from Robert Howard, the "hands" behind Yarn Overs: Handcrafted Jewelry for Your Knitted Garments. Robert offered to send me a pin, and asked me to share it with my readers.

Although I most often turn down freebie offers ("conflict of interest"? I think that's the right term), I felt confident about these pins, because they are absolutely stunning even in the photos. Highly textured, functional, and with a modern edge... just lovely. So, I jumped at the opportunity to see one of Robert's creations.

Once I received the pin, I was wowed even more. The pin is bigger than I imagined - the copper backing is a 2.75" square - and lends itself to be worn with heavy winter sweaters, not just flighty lace shawls. For example, wouldn't it look great with yaiAnn's new Ram's Horn Jacket?

See how the pin picks up the color of the scarf? I love that!

Thank you, Robert, for mailing me this pin. It's truly a work of art!

Posted by Kathy on November 12, 2007 02:54 PM


That is a beautiful pin! Lucky you!

Very nice pin! Always appreciate fine craftsmanship.

this is stunningly gorgeous! i want one NOW! :)

Oh wow, that is one beautiful pin! I would wear it on every sweater, even if it's just for decoration. And how interesting, the way it picks up the color of the garment. Stunning!

That would totally be perfect! That nice little tapered end is absolutely yarn friendly! No worries about it chewing up the yarn, that's for sure!

That is very attractive. I ought to think about getting a shawl pin (though I should think about knitting another shawl first), so I'll get more use out of my shawls.

it IS very lovely! i clicked on the link though and didn't get a website. any chance there's a mistype in the URL?

That is gorgeous! I love how the pin has a specific landing place and also that there's more than one landing place you could choose.

I'll be checking back for the URL as well.

Better URL????

I tried www.shawl-pins.com

I googled "Yarn Overs", "Robert Howard" and even "Handcrafted Jewelry for Your Knitted Garments", without luck.

I also tried both your link and google, but could not locate his website.

Pretty little thing. One would be perfect with my shawl.

That pin is truly gorgeous!

Beautiful pin. As others have said, the URL doesn't seem to point to his site... fix please. Must browse and perhaps buy one for me!

hi all -

I clicked on the link G. gave in her blog and it worked fine - perhaps a pop-up blocker/firewall was blocking it? http://shawl-pins.com/
sigh, they are gorgeous, and beyond my budget :{{


Thank you for posting my shawl pin with your glowing comments and attractive photo's. Your readers comments are such positive affirmations. Really made my day!

Yesterday, with Firefox I couldn't get the shawl-pins website up either (just a blank page, no errors)
Today the link seems to work for both of the browsers I tried: Netscape and Firefox.
So those of you that had trouble linking yesterday should try it again.

Nice, want one, must have one.

The pin is BEAUTIFUL. I really like the wavy almost ruffled look of it.

That is one *gorgeous* pin! Wow!!!!

The first post in over a week is an ad? He does lovely work, but how are your knits? Hope life isn't too nutty on your end that you don't have time for some fun!

Oh wow, the pin is really pretty but I find it very pricey, there are just as pretty "designer" pins out there (http://www.designsbyromi.com/pages/preorder.htm)
(absolutely NO connection what-so-ever, just think they are nice) and the price is great, with the same quality materials. Also, I am a bit miffed as to what you meant when you said you usually turn down "freebies" as they are a conflict of interest?? Were you referring only to shawl pins or were you referring to skacel/k.p's options,ect,lace needles? Just wondering.

That's a cool pin. I made an Einstein jacket a few years ago and wanted to put snaps on it, but never did so I never wore it (it was also too boxy). Lately, I've been overlapping the fronts and sticking a hair stick in it, but a snazzy pin like that would look even better!

Lovely. Definitely a plug of the good variety. I'm always happy with your product endorsements, and I think it's great that you let us know when you've been approached with a product and when you stumble upon something great. I always know that I can trust your judgment and sincerity.

Hope all is well,

xox, J

I have always worn pins as I have a metal allergy and cannot tolerate most metals against my skin. Pins were my favorite accessories. I love that one. The copper color is just shiny enough.

That pin looks great, and I'm off to have a look at Robert's site.

That is a beautiful pin. I have quite a collection of shawl pins and I really appreciate finding new ones. May I also suggest shawl pins by my friend Leslie Wind? She does beautiful work and she is also available to give workshops in making your own shawl pins. My favorite is the Spiral at the top of the page but she is coming up with new styles all the time. Her URL is: http://www.lesliewind.com/shawl.htm

Thanks. Now I'm going to look at Robert's site!

The pin is absolutely gorgeous! I love the 3-D effect of the yarn/material from the knitting coming through the hole in the pin forming a "yarn ball". So creative. I'm making a shawl and a moebius scarf/shawl for X-mas, and I think that a pin like that would be perfect.

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