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October 01, 2007

Through Chuck's eyes

Chuck would like to show you something:

What? You can't see anything beyond his awesome fingerguns? Me neither!

Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock | Icehouse | Linda's store

Why, it's the prize for submitting the gallery's 800th Jaywalkers!!!

Congratulations, Pamela! I know your two Jaywalkers striped differently, but I bet they're super comfy because they're knit out of Lorna's Laces! And so, I hope you enjoy some more!

Posted by Kathy on October 1, 2007 07:25 PM


Chuck is ADORABLE! what a lucky 'mom' you are. :)

congrats Pamela!

Oh, if only I'd remembered to send my jaywalkers to the gallery... I could be a winner too!

Congrats, Pamela!

GUNS! Yes. Those woodchucks know what's up.

800 Jaywalkers, wow, I remember when that pattern was just a baby =)

Chuck is SO cute, I want a Chuck!

so apropos - I am wearing my jaywalkers right now.

I've been wanting to ask you for a long time ... have you received your Sockapalooza socks yet?

Hee hee! Chuck just totally brightened my day. Fantastic!

Chuck is super-adorable! I love little creatures like that :o)

Dude, I want ten Chucks!

Wow, Chuck has singlehandedly and instantly changed my distain for wood-grain fabric into enraptured fascination.

OMG! Chuck is too cool for school!

Hi Chuck!

Dude, finger guns are the best thing to happen to softies since stuffing. Maritza has revolutionized the industry.

Also, there was a moment when I thought, "hey, when did I submit another pair of Jaywalkers to the gallery?" And then I realized a different Pamela was going to get the pretty pretty yarn. Sigh.

Wait, you got Chuck??

Remember that movie Flight of the Navigator. That little guy looks like that cute little alien pet that kid had on the ship.

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