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October 04, 2007

Froggy ball

From a bunch of froggy pieces...

...to a completed froggy ball!

Pattern: puzzle ball from Joelle Hoverson's Last-minute Patchwork + Quilted Gifts

Fabric: a sweet cotton surprise from an eBay auction!

Finished dimensions: based on the ball's circumference - 13.25" - the diameter is approximately 4.25", and I'm an enormous dork.

The pattern is really quite simple. It's in the "4-8 hour gifts" section, and I think that's just about right! I had to wait for all my joann.com stuffs, and that's the only reason one week passed between the project's introduction and the FO.

It was through joann.com that I purchased both my pearl cotton and the poly stuffing. What can I say? I was too lazy to get off my ass and walk two blocks to Pearl, where I'm certain both of these products are carried.

Plus I really wanted to try EQ Printables (seems way more sophisticated than making labels using iron-on transfers!) and the Clover Hera Marker. Because clearly I am a slave to the purl bee: I will get each and every little thing they recommend.

But I did go against the book's recommendation with the poly stuffing. Of course this was only after consulting with Maritza, softie-maker extraordinaire and birth-mom to Chuckie. She recommended poly for a more squeeeeeezable toy!

I wish you could hold this little project in your hands! There's something so satisfying in its construction and geometry. No matter how the puzzle ball plops down, it doesn't roll because every side has a facet. And there are all these little grooves, perfect for grasping by little hands... or paws ;)

Posted by Kathy on October 4, 2007 12:12 AM


That really is just way cute!

That ball is adorable!

And yes, I've purchased both of those items at Pearl ;)

Grumperina, that is oh so cute!!! I love the little elephant project in the book too.

The ball is great! I'm suddenly feeling the urge to try my hand at sewing again.

That is so cute!!

My mom's mom made me one of those when I was a kid back in the 80's. The patterned bits were white with pink hearts (from an old shirt she cut up) and the solid bits were dark purple. I loved that ball...

It's very froggy and too cute. I can just see it in tiny hands. (or paws)

It will make a great cat toy, if you plan on putting it on the floor. My dog would have a field day with it!

Wow! Amazing how it goes together! What a sweet little froggy ball!!

Speaking of enabling, I bought the book from Purl after seeing your start last week and I'm planning on making that ball along with just about everything else out of that book! Did you do that all by hand or put it on the machine.

wow - SO cute! I love it.
(now trying even harder to ignore the siren song of sewing.)

Cute, very retro!

Fabulous! What a great (and satisfying) project!

That is so cute!

So cool! I love it.

I love the colors! It looks so complicated, it's hard to believe it would take so little time to complete.

Very cute!

Adorable. And you are not a dork - you're just very smart. =) I guess I'm going to have to order that book. I've held off for some unknown reason and your project makes me really want one.

Loving that froggy ball.

What a great little project--and it turned out looking so sweet. I can just imagine the fun my little one would have with a ball like that. I think that warrants me buying the book. :)

Actually, I don't think Pearl carries stuffing. At least, my Pearl doesn't. Good thing you ordered it.

It's so cute!

so, so cute! i just got the book yesterday - am definitely trying my hands on the ball!

I really love that! Almost makes me want to take up sewing/quilting. (Or maybe just make friends with quilter.)

When I was a kid, my sister the math genius and seamstress extraordinaire, made a puzzle ball. She sewed little bells in all the crevices between facets so that it jingled when you played with it.

I think this will be the perfect birthday gift for nephew! Patiently waiting for the book to arrive....

So adorable!

I love that ball, I made one when I was expecting my babygirl! They are fun to make too!

That is so completely awesome! Good job!

Cool little project!

I just had to have the book! It just arrived on my doorstep from Amazon and I am GOING to learn how to sew :) Your sewing skills are just as neat as your knitting!

Puzzle balls are wonderful! Do your's come apart like a real puzzle? I've been sewing them by hand for years. The ones I make come apart in three pieces. I've written about them on my blog (http://ddpool.blogspot.com/2007/07/worlds-smallest-puzzle-ball.html) and have them listed in my Etsy shop (http://donnapool.etsy.com). I've made small ones as Christmas ornaments and this year I've started making "mini" ones, too!

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