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October 24, 2007

Drifting Pleats

I'm so glad to see that you share my enthusiasm for Knitting New Scarves! Seriously, this book is totally kickass. And Lynne Barr dropped me a sweet note tonight. Gasp! He! Didn't know you were reading :).

Promise me that you'll at least check it out, okay? At your public library, at your local yarn shop, at Borders... whatever.

So, was there any doubt that I started a scarf from this book right away? No doubt. I chose the Drifting Pleats scarf because, well, read the description. Plus there are three full pages of special instructions belonging to just this one scarf!

As soon as I cast on and started knitting the first... no, second row, I was like, OMG, WTF?

All these stitches at right angles to each other, all these needles, the yarn bouncing between all of them... Plus the pattern - it's just one of those patterns that, no matter how many times you read it ahead of time, you have to sit down and start knitting to actually get it. So I was trying to get it while juggling 5 dpns, 2 straight needles, and some stitches on top of that. Yeah.

But then it got easier, didn't it?

At this point, maybe 4 or 5 rows into the pattern, I'd say I was still a little confused. But seeing the pleats forming, the pattern, with all its crazy manipulations, was starting to make sense!

Here we are, at the "teepee" stage. This is what, ten or twelve rows later?

I know it looks like a total disaster, but for me, at this point, the pattern makes total sense. It's amazing! I can see how you knit across the pleats, then across the background, then shift the pleats, and do it all over again. Just like following the pattern for my tote, you have to actively think about the stitches. Following the directions blindly... I think that could be disastrous! But understanding the stitches hugely simplifies the directions, until they are more like "guidelines" than anything else.

The one total act of ridiculousness I've already committed is using my aluminum Boye needles (both dpns and SPs are required). With so much manipulation, and the weight of the metal needles, they slip out like nobody's business. The local yarn shops had bamboo needles galore, but that material is simply not for me, no matter how precarious the stitches. So, the metal Boyes will do for now, and I've ordered some Bryspuns from Paradise Fibers as replacements (I found they had super-cheap shipping).

And the pretty pink yarn? I'm so glad you asked! Because it is incredibly luscious, and meaningful!

Single-Dyed Phat Silk Phat | single-ply, worsted weight 50% wool / 50% silk | Raspberry (I think)

This yarn feels amazing, smells even better (green tea!), and just like Ingrid's yarn, holds a lot of meaning for me. It's a gift from my dear friend Barbara, who knew me and my knitting (feeble attempts at knitting, at that time) way before this blog ever came into existence (hi, Barbara!). I've been hoarding this yarn for many months now, waiting for the perfect pattern - I have a scarf's worth, and I knew it wouldn't work well with a very complicated stitch pattern. Though geometrically complicated, like the Drifting Pleats, is a-okay!

Posted by Kathy on October 24, 2007 12:49 AM


I've seen the book floating around, and I wasn't sure.... I think you've convinced me... and the pink is gorgeous

Wow! That thing is amazing, and I bet it will be even more so as it continues to grow. You totally sold me on this new book by the way. I've been disenchanted with scarves lately, so this may be just the jump start I need!

You can't be surprised - surely you know everyone reads you!

I've seen that scarf book - it looks gorgeous, I'm quite tempted.....though what you are attempted gives me a headache just looking.

Holy crap batman..wtf!
I'm boggled just looking at it!

I'm inspired...and it's been ordered from Amazon (along with the last volume of 'A Dance to the Music of Time' to make up the cost).

Now waiting *very* impatiently.


That scarf was the one that really drew my eye in yesterday's post.

It makes me think that there must be a knitter's version of the curse - 'May you live in interesting times'. May your knitting always be interesting, perhaps.

I love that scarf and when I saw your preview yesterday knew it would be one helluva knitting challenge!!! I am going to sit this one out and knit vicarously thru you! LOL :op Haha!

i put it on my wish list AND requested it from the library (they're going to put it on order, woot!)

Oooo I love it! Reading this post reminded me of reading Eunny's blog - full of passion for the challenge, admiration for a clever design and love for the fibre!

this is the scarf pattern I was most attracted to when you posted all the different patterns the other day--I'm excited to see how it turns out!!

wow. i can't even get my head around a cable at this crazy time of my job - haha - but things will slow down and i will be looking into that book now! :-)

That yarn looks scrumptious!

I must buy that book!!

Holy cow. I've been shying from scarves for some time, for all the reasons you mention. Now I'm seriously intrigued. I'm very much looking forward to watching this new endeavor for you.

I'm impressed that you have only needed 10 rows to understand the construction. I can't wait to see it grow. And the yarn looks beeautiful.

Wow, that is one interesting looking scarf! I wasn't initially interested in this book because I generally don't knit scarves, but you've convinced me to take a look. The yarn you're using is beautiful too. So squishy looking :)

as if i needed any more books, you've totally convinced this girl with a cedar chest full of small amounts (1-3 skeins) of gorgeous luxury yarns just waiting for new inventive scarf patterns.

i loathed the bryspun single-points, at least in smaller sizes, because they had a tendency to "bounce around" as the heavier stopper end would get out of control while i was knitting. hopefully you have a much better time with them. i stick with my trusty bamboo, though i know they aren't for everyone. =]

I read your blog yesterday and hopped on Amazon. I loathe knitting scarves because I get so freaking bored, but this - this looks INTERESTING. I love figuring out the logic behind the pattern - I suspect this book and I are MFEO.

That tee pee stage knitting is why I was so relieved when I started knitting with circs for everything. All my DPN work looked like that (unintentionally)

That was the scarf that most appealed to me in your preview. I love how it looks so casual and cozy, yet not at all boring.

Oo, this is incredibly neat. As soon as I finish the two sweaters I have on the needles, I'm totally taking a break from sweaters and switching to, well, everything else. Can't wait to get my paws on this book. Have you seen the new book by Louisa Harding, 'Knitting Little Luxuries?' It hasn't yet been released, but perhaps you've gotten an advance copy or have heard whisperings or something.

Wow! I have to admit that when I first saw that book on Amazon, the cover pic didn't entice me to look any further, but I was intrigued after reading your post yesterday. Now, I just hopped over to Amazon & added it to my cart! (Maybe you should get a commission?!) That scarf looks amazing, though certainly not a project to work on while riding Metro - and the yarn looks luscious!

Those pictures make my brain hurt!

I can't wait to see what will surely be a beautiful finished scarf.

Okay -- time to run to B&N. I had seen the book, but not enough pictues of the scarves to be sure that I wasn't going to end up with the same-old; same-old.

Keep posting about that scarf looks like fun!

Well, I'm officially confused. I look forward to the progression of it, but now I'm going to have to try it just so I don't stay confused forever. =)

That scarf looks amazing. I can't wait to see more...

Okay, I can't take it anymore! I ordered the book, it just all looks too cool :) Thanks for posting and inspiring...

For the issue of the needles slipping out....can't you just use some point protectors or blobs of Play Dough? Corks? :)

You've got passed the Tee-Pee stage?

I'm so impressed. I've started that scarf about 15 times, and have only got passed that stage once -- only to frog it. I understand the construction, but I can't seem to get the tension right. Or I twist something around the wrong way. Or both.

It is a great book. I'm almost inspired to try again.

Seriously, you need to work out a commission deal with the publisher! I just ordered my copy too. I think the "scarf" thing is secondary to the 3D aspect of the techniques. Makes my brain hurt but I'm too curious about how it's done!

What luscious yarn! What a mindbending knit!

Just wanted to add (for those of us who haven't got this book yet) that there's a FREE PDF of one of the patterns from the book, available through the publisher's newsletter. The newsletter itself is at http://www.hnabooks.com/page/stccraft_newsletter_fall2007_ht, and the PDF's direct link is http://www.hnabooks.com/images/sites/9/KnitNewScarvesShag.pdf.

I like how you're showcasing a special yarn with knitting structure instead of stitch definition. This is definitely a great idea for the special small batches of yarn I have!

Knitting, geometry, needle acrobatics and pages upon pages of instructions? Right up your alley, I'd say!

You maybe the only one to make sense of that pattern. :0)

Mmmmm...I love me some Bryspun DPNs - they're so gloriously light and bendy, and such pointy pointy tips! My only gripe against them is that when knitting acrylic, one seems to create some sort of horrible plastic-y chemical battle and there is squeaking and friction and generally unpleasant knitting. Other ways, I know (hope?) you will enjoy them.

(Also, whatever you do, don't buy their circs. No matter how tempting the pointy points are. They have the worst joins EVER and will make you pull your friggin' hair out with frustration and hate.)

OK, you convinced me. I ordered the book yesterday, along with Ocean Breezes: Knitted Scarves Inspired By The Sea and Drunk, Divorced, and Covered in Cat Hair, just to get a realistic-sized order.

I couldn't resist buying the book! It looks so great. And thanks for the tip about Overstock. Not sure my credit card thanks you, but I do!

That book looks amazing! Great advice on watching out for too much needle weight...especially since there seem to be an alarming number of needles involved!

That was the very scarf that caught my eye (well, the one that caught my eye first and held it longest). Looks like an amazing book; I suppose I better get me a copy!

I just ordered the book, too! The folks at Amazon must be scratching their heads over the recent spate of orders. Or maybe they're thinking, "I wonder who's been blogging about this one?" LOL

Cool! That one was my favorite. I can't wait to see how it progresses.

If you have room in your bag to carry the book, I'd love to see it.

Yes, I found this book hiding on the shelf in my LYS. New books are usually put out on an ottoman in the middle of the seating area, but there have been so many lately. When I looked it over, I made a new spot for it on the ottoman. I hadn't seen any mention of it, and it's awesome!

Boo I still can't see your pictures. I tried yesterday as well. Tried both IE and Firefox... is it just me?

Thanks Kathy for bringing so much attention to my book. And thanks to everyone for the positive response... so far... I guess we'll have to see how the knitting goes!
Special note to Susan B, who posted about a dozen posts above this one... I'd like to help you with Drifting Pleats. Are you anywhere near Portland, Maine? If not, would more photos help? Or, maybe some photos of your attempts might help me see what's hanging you up.

that's one heck of a scarf you've got going there.

beautiful yarn color! I can't wait to see what it will look like in that luscious colorway!


oops, not sure what happened there. I found myself snickering at your post. I have not tired nor will I tire of knitting scarves, or anything for that matter. It is all in the heart of what you love doing, knitting! I must say, I have never found myself saying that a knitting pattern was "boring", to me, it is just a matter of preference and a matter of skills, whether or not you prefer more advance patterns or not. *shrugging my shoulders* but hey, who am I to say......I'm just sayin'....

Oh my goodness. That is a beautiful scarf indeed, but as a new knitter who just attempted _cables_ for the first time, just looking at the pattern and your beginning makes my brain hurt.

I hope that you enjoy knitting the scarf and can't wait to see the finished item, because it's so far out of my range of possibilities that I don't know if I'll ever be able to attempt something like that! :-)

Thank you so much for your review. The book came yesterday and it's even better than I thought it would be from your description. I can hardly decide which one to knit first. I'm hoping this book will help me with my twosie-threesie yarn stash.

Oh thank you sooo much for showing me this book, I am not a fan of scarves, sooo boooring, but his is a totally different thing, on my Amazon list already!

Great project. You have more patience than I do.

I love Paradise Fiber!!! They seem to have the best selection of needles and definately the best prices. Their service is always fast!!!!

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