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September 21, 2007


I have loved this needle. It is my favorite type of needle for knitting socks. I never deliberately bent it or scratched it, and I don't recall a particular incident where this needle got hurt. Its scars are only indicative of years of duty, and perhaps the nature of my knitting - fishing for dropped needles on the bus or subway, needles ramming against something in my purse, walking into walls while the project is in my hands... :).

It has knit thousands of stitches, of this I'm sure, and if that's not love, I don't know what is. I have loved this needle. But I don't love that its chipped finish is now snagging my yarn. Rest in peace.


Eye Candy Friday: completed Ene. This project, too, was loved. Knitting the fine yarn on tiny needles (US 0, 2.0 mm) made a little, cute neck scarf-sized Ene. Now to confer with Sundara and block.

Posted by Kathy on September 21, 2007 01:32 PM


Wow, your (well, Sundara's) Ene is gorgeous! That finished up fast!

I love those Susan Bates needles, too. Bendy is much better than splintering bamboo. I might get a second set, just in case.

I like the Susan Bates too, but I don't think I own a single set that doens't have at least one bent needle. Ah well. It's had a good run. :)

love the ene!

do you notice any difference in your gauge between metal sock needles and bamboo?

Poor Needle... May he rest peacefully at that big yarn shop in they sky! ;)

Cheer up! Look on the bright side; at least now you have a valid excuse to buy a new set of needles!!! ;)

That color of Ene is absolutely stunning.

btw, will you be at rhinebeck?

Yippie for Ene.

Your Ene practically glows! It's going to be a stunner when it's blocked.

The bell is tolling for some loved but splintery Crystal Palace bamboo size 1 DPNS here too.

Wow, I've reaaally gotta give kudos to your willpower for carrying through with ALL that!

Simple aluminum needles are my favorites too. Of course, I would bend it back in place and keep going, but that's just me.

A little behind...I was looking at your wrap dress again, wondering if I could make it (no, I don't think jersey is for me), and checked out what your next sewing project is. Wow! I think I really need to find a sewing teacher, I'm having a hard time with an "Easy!!" pattern!

Sorry for the needle loss. I know how irritating it can be to have the needle snag your yarn every time you try to knit with it. Not worth it. Your Ene looks very nice, indeed. Lovely color.


Ooh, snaggy needles do need to be retired. Seems like you got a lot of use from them, though. The Ene looks lovely!

Ene in Sundara, pure heaven...

Holy wow, a finished Ene! Congratulations! Are you relieved? :)

I've got bamboo dpns thtat look like that, in fact I don't think I've got a single straight bamboo dpn left which is why I switched to metal dpns. I'm sure it won't be long till they end up like yours though.

I loved my Brittany birch needles, till they started snagging my yarns. I'm now looking at going back to metal and staying away from wood. I also don't remember "hurting" them, so why they should suddenly start splintering is beyond me.
RIP beloved needles.

Gorgeous deep red colour.....will you show us more pics of Ene?

I can't wait to see Ene blocked. The color is gorgeous!

That color is amazing; at this time of year especially I'm irresistibly drawn to it.

We always hurt the ones we love! Ene is beautiful. Will you take pictures of it being modeled too? It's just the perfect time of year to wrap up in a shawl on a chilly evening.

Okay, let me amend that to read, "Wrap one's neck in a nice warm ascot."

I can't wait to see Ene blocked!! I'm still working on mine and have many, many rows to go!

I, too, somehow bend all of my sock needles. I don't know my own strength

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