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September 05, 2007

A take on DVF

While knitting is most certainly continuing in the background, let's talk a bit about sewing!

Of course as soon as September hit, I finished a summer dress. Of course!

Pattern: Neue Mode S23480. The sizing was completely customized with the help of my fantastic sewing teacher: close to a 42 at the shoulders, widens to a 46 at the hips (ahem), added back seam, omit the darts and sleeves, etc., etc., etc.

Fabric: jersey knit polyester from Winmil Fabrics, about 1.5 yards. This is a wonderful fabric - very light and silky, wrinkle-free, easy care, quick-drying... it does require using a ball point needle.

Does the fabric and styling look familiar to you?

Why, yes! My dress is a take on Diane Von Furstenberg's classic wrap dress, fabric and all!

Next up: another Neue Mode pattern. This time I'm tackling a full-fashioned blouse. Gulp!

Posted by Kathy on September 5, 2007 11:20 PM


How do you like the Neue Mode patterns for ease of use? They're not readily available to me -- that is, I can get them only if I'm willing to do a little legwork with two preschoolers in tow -- but they seem to be very fashion-forward and attractive. Do you find sufficient sizing options, clear directions, etc?

Tres chic, mon ami. The blouse pattern is georgeous. I can't wait to see what fabric and view you pick.

Oooooh, I'm really jealous of you and your sewing teacher! I've got a pattern similar to that that I really want to make.. baby steps for me though. I'm still intimidated by knits!

Very pretty and it fits you so well. Is your fabric _actually_ the same in a different colourway? It's hard to tell if it's only pink and black or if there is another color going on. Pixelation does funny things to lines and zig zags. Has the sewing bug bitten you yet?

that's wonderful fabric!

wow, so pretty. is it difficult to work with jersey knit? i recently made a t-shirt, which is great as i don't seam finish. jersey knit is gorgeous to wear. can't wait to see your blouse!!

That's a super cute dress, Grumpy!

It looks great--the fabric sounds like it would have been tricky, but I don't really know!

Also, as someone who has just moved back to Cambridge, and who will soon be learning to sew (of course already knit!) I love all the local info you post! And yes...it seems to be getting a bit cooler...

I love your blog sight and check in daily. It's your attention to detail that delights me and the way you share each detail with all of us. The dress is beautiful. I think a chunkier chain belt would set it off perfectly. by the way...your tutorial on knitting cables without cable needles has added so much enjoyment to my knitting! It's wonderful!

That dress is fabulous!! I love DVF! Even though she sues Forever 21... but I guess she's got a reason to! Maybe we'll have a bit of an Indian summer so you can wear it out ;-)

Oh, I love it! Here's hoping to some warm days left in the season for you to wear it often!

Very nice!

The chain belt was definitely the way to go.

I'm adding my voice to Christie's (above) in asking for a review of Neue Mode patterns.

Also, if this were to become just as much a sewing blog as a knitting blog, I'd be just as happy as I am now. It's a cliche, but true: I Love Your Blog!

You can't beat a good wrap dress!! Love it!!

Wow, this looks fantastic on you. Love the style, color, everything. You crafty mama!!

Dress looks perfect on you! Bless the fabulous sewing instructor. And wrap dresses are so current!

Throw a jacket or sweater over this and it will take you well into fall. Perfect. And a perfect post since this is national sewing month.

It's beautiful and it looks great on you.

You did a great job! Very stylish, but I think nothing is better than the corduroy skirt you made in July. I dreamed about owning a skirt like that last night in fact. Now, I just need to learn to follow a sewing pattern and I'm on my way.

Amazing fit and style. I avoid sewing clothes because they never fit. Sometimes the knitting doesn't either, but I should take some of my knitting lessons to the sewing machine.

oooh! I love that fabric, the colour is so pretty. Now, to find some sunshine in which to wear this awesome dress... perhaps an Autumn vacation somewhere sunny?

Well, at least you have a shawl or two to wear with it. :-)

In addition to loving the dress, can't help but admire the lovely ring on your finger as well!

You go, Girl! I KNEW you'd do well at sewing with some good, old-fashioned instruction!
(oh, um, that Von Furstenberg? well...I was around when it was NEW, and not the reprise!)
Nicely done!!!

That is FAB! I haven't been around in a while, you were quilting coasters and now a wrap dress!

Cool! I love DVF dresses!

Very fashionable. The color is great. And I love the cool belt.

Good Job! Fabulous sewing indeed!

I have several projects in the sewing room and I can't get in there to save my life! Even giving up sleep would not help! How sad is that, pardon me while I just have a good old fashioned pout for a moment......................

Snazzy threads, Grumpy! Lately I've been looking (unsuccessfully) for wrap dresses for myself. I guess I will just have to be like you and make one:-)

I'm starting a beginner sewing class next Saturday and aim to sew such lovelies like this. I, of course, went off and bought lots of summery cottons recently. Just in time for the ice and snow.

I think that if you can sew like that with a stretchy fabric, the blouse should be a breeze!

Gorgeous! Love love love that dress. You're one hot tamale in that! :)

Now that's nice - great job!

Wait. I know I've been gone, but did I miss something? Are you engaged??

It looks very nice! :) You might consider making a long, narrow belt/tie in matching fabric. Look how well that works on the piece by Diane Von Furstenberg!

Yet another amazing creation ... KUDOS - it looks fabulous!

Your dress looks amazing. Kudos for jumping into jersey already.

FYI: That pattern company has decided to close up shop. see: this post on Gorgeous Things.

It's absolutely gorgeous....but I'm convinced you're a crazy person!

Could you please explain the challenges, tips, and tricks of sewing with this stretchy fabric? I've thought about using it but don't know where to start . . .

lovely! I love wrap dresses

love your dress. looks great!

Very nice!

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