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August 22, 2007

Elegant scarf

Thanks for encouraging and supporting my newest project! I think the Focus on Fringe scarf will be simple, elegant, and meaningful. What more could I possibly want?!?

The traveling ribbing is a great alternative to the typical arrangement, and gives the scarf a really nice texture without drawing in the fabric too much.

Because I have two pink skeins and only one burgundy, I'm alternating the stripes accordingly - two pink, one burgundy. The extensive fringe is definitely not a yarn-saving design element, and I definitely do not have an abundance of this yarn, but somehow it feels exactly right. Watch me eat my words when I end up with a 40" scarf, haha! (I hope not)

As promised, here are some of my favorite projects from The Elegant Knitter:

A Chic Cloche | Accessorize With Color | Perfect Pom-Poms (get a child to model that, please!)
A Dreamy Spiral Scarf | A Shibori Scarf

Posted by Kathy on August 22, 2007 12:47 PM


I love how that scarf is turning out! Such beautiful colors.

The scarft looks great! And adding the ribs I think totally brings out the color.

And elegant she will be!

Shibori!!! I'm so wanting to try that! I have all these ideas running around my head, but I haven't had the time or a proper washer to fully realize them.

I'm really diggin' that spiral scarf too!

Yikes, the Shibori scarf looks like it has mushrooms all over it.

WOW that scarf is gorgeous! What a great way to use some special yarn! I love the dreamy sprial scarf too... I see another book purchase in my future :)

It's off to a beautiful start!

I like the shibori mushroom scarf. i think they look like bubbles :-)

What a great project for your special yarn. Looks fabulous!

Hmm... it is a bit strange to have a grown woman modeling that hat.

The scarf looks great!

You've got a good eye. Your special yarn looks superb in that wonderful two-tone texture.

Even if you end up with a 40" scarf, as you've demonstrated in the past, scarves tend to stretch so maybe it will be perfect... after a little use.

Oh your scarf is prettier than either of those you pictured. Maybe it's because of the meaning behind it. Lovely pattern, it's going to be gorgeous.

i wasn't paying enough attention yesterday;your color choice really make the pattern on that scarf pop*

I'm definitely interested in the Shibori felted scarf. Do you think you'll make it?

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Pretty scarf! I think the colors really work well with the pattern. Hope you are pleased with it as well.

I think that is a lovely use of your special yarn. Everytime you wear it, the memory will make you smile.

I wasn't thrilled with the prototype, but your scarf is the perfect marriage of yarn and pattern.

wonderful scarf.

I think the fringe is worth it, all the texture adds something to the yarn. Shibori interests and scares me at the same it.

Your scarf is looking great! I love the alternating color :)

I love the way your scarf is turning out. Great pics. You should knit the purse for your wedding. =)

I love that rib pattern. I knit the same one in black for my husband last year.

The scarf its coming out beatiful!!
I also love the Shibori Scarf from Elegant Stitches, very pretty and fun!

You scarf is coming out beautifully!! And I really love the orange scarf!

oooh that shiburi scarf is so pretty! thanks for sharing..i gotto look out for that book :)

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