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July 12, 2007

Zen zone

While I contemplate my next move on the Underpants Blankie (yes, this is an excellent contender), and clean up house for the Annual Parental Visit (remember? maybe this rings a bell?), I will indulge in the most zen project I've got going at the moment: The Bag.

Oh, the joy! The amazing yarn, the intuitive pattern, the squishy goodness. Yardage is amazing, too! One skein of vivid green + one skein of sunflower = 7" of knitting on a bag that's ~31" in circumference! (And Fuzzy Mabel is tempting us with free shipping, again!)

The squishy, sturdy texture has been very difficult to capture in photographs, but that doesn't stop me from trying. Here's another look:


Join me in the zen zone: ohhmmm...

Posted by Kathy on July 12, 2007 01:40 PM


Happy housecleaning! It's nice to have an excuse to do some really deep cleaning, huh? Of course, my mom's been coming so often lately that I've had to accept that she's just going to experience my house as it REALLY is.

Nice work on the bag. I definitely think the higher contrast kicks it up a notch.

I just love the yarn and the stitches of that bag.

That looks awesome. I love the colors!

I'll be joining you soon! Just have a few more projects to finish before I start these (I'm making three. I've already decided I love this bag before taking a single stitch. You may have had something to do with that...).

Bravo! Fabulous! That bag is going to be stunning!


I love that stitch. Unfortunately I don't think I'd use that bag... sigh... (And I FINALLY figured out why you're calling it your Underpants Blanket. DOH! Note to self: skimming is not ALWAYS good...)

I have too many bags. Really. But you are making me want to forget them all and knit a bag! Lovely texture to that stitch pattern and yarn. Ohm.

I love the yarn. It's so pineapple-ish.

Do you think the bag/yarn is sturdy enough to carry a few books in? I've been looking for a bag I can use to carry books and my lunch in, but I can't seem to find a perfect one!

"BloomerBlankie?" "Skivvie........something?" "Unmentionable?" No, that one's taken.


That bag is going to be the most fabulous thing around!

Jesus Christ! Beautiful!

Oh man! Those colors are fantastic together. I have to make this bag.

So ~ Freak'in ~ Cute !!!!!

As a long-time Australian reader, I love that your bag is in our national colours of green and gold :) It's gorgeous!

Gotta say - with its two colours, your bag looks a lot better than the one pictured in the book. I want to knit yours, but not the bag shown in the book.


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