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July 15, 2007

Oo-la-la knee highs

Is it so wrong to put on a flirty skirt and come-hither knee highs, sprawl on the bed, and imagine oneself to be utterly fabulous?!?

I think not.

Pattern: Fishnet Knee-Highs from Knitting Lingerie Style by Joan McGowen-Michael. Love. this. book!

The pattern in my copy of the book appears to be incorrect, but fortunately Joan M-M e-mailed me the proper instructions. It's not clear why her original notes were so heavily edited, or why the errata have yet to appear on the HNA website.

Yarn: K1C2 Wick, 3 skeins of color #120, cream.

I'm very impressed with this yarn. Very. It was pleasurable to knit with it, and I'm amazed at how well the knee-highs stay on my legs! The fabric is so stetchy and comfortable, these handknit knee-highs stay up better than nylon ones! The yardarge in a skein is quite impressive, too.

Needles: US 4 (3.5 mm) and US 6 (4.0 mm) double-pointed needles. Nothing special - Susan Bates or Boye. My use of US 4 dpns is purely accidental - the pattern suggested US 3 for the lower portion of the leg, and I thought that's what I was using, until the Knit Chek proved me wrong :).


I used two noteworthy techniques in this project: Judy's magic cast on which I extolled here, and an invisible tubular bind-off for 1 X 1 rib, à la Montse Stanley. Love 'em both!

In conclusion, I adore these knee highs! I adored knitting them, I adore the way they fit, and the way they look. Concession of their apparent impracticability is therefore entirely irrelevant :).

Posted by Kathy on July 15, 2007 09:59 AM


They're beautiful knee highs, nice photo shoot, too!

If they look good, how can they be impractical?

"I adore these knee highs! I adored knitting them, I adore the way they fit, and the way they look. Concession of their apparent impracticability is therefore entirely irrelevant :)."

Amen to that.

BTW - Thanks for the tip on the magic cast on. I'll have to try that sometime.

Ooooh Saucy! I love them!!!

Hey, who's *imagining*? Those are totally, totally fabulous. Great job!

They look fabulous! Are you going to put on a cute pair of heels and look saucy all day long? Because I think you should.

I noticed when going through my copy of Knitting Lingerie Style (purchased on a whim after seeing your first post about the errata for the fishnets) that the part of in the "stitch pattern" notes is correctly written (though, granted the row 1 and row 2 directions are reversed), but it's the wrong instructions down where it tells you to actually knit them in the sock. Now I'm not so sure it was editing so much as genuine errata.

They came out beautifully. Practicality be damned!

The socks look great, so who cares if they are impractical.

Absolutely lovely!!

That's right forget the 'nay-sayers'! ;op

Woo hoo fancy lady. They look great.

Very pretty socks! Just got my Wick in the mail for some hiking socks. Thanks for the tip on this yarn!

They're so great! Thanks once again for some great inspiration!!

Love the photo shoot-- now those are definitely on my to-knit list.

Wow those socks are Wicked!!! i love them. Definitely don't think them practical but then again most lingerie items aren't either, hence being in a book called Knitting Lingerie Style.

I LOVE knee highs and these are fabulous!! If I make them I think I will figure a way to make the sole stockinette but otherwise I REALLY like them and I would wear them often.

I've never considered knitting fishnets or knee highs before, but together I think this is a concept I might revisit! They look beautiful on you. I, too, have used Judy's magic cast-on toe and I think it might be my go-to toe forever and ever.

Looks fabulous!

They looks fantastic!

Ummm, sorry about that. In correct English, they LOOK fantastic. Beautiful job!

those are awesome! Nice job.

i think we can all agree that love is often impractical. great socks. :)

They look great. If you can put them on and they stay up, why must they be impractical? :-)

Those are just the sort of thing to put on with a lovely lingerie ensemble, meant to be admired, then removed shortly thereafter. Isn't half the fun inviting that special someone to remove them? I think they're quite practical.

They look great! Heh, you should wear them to work.

Very cute socks! Überfabulous, indeed.

they're beautiful! i love the shot of the bottom of the foot. and given how airy they are, these may be socks your feet can actually stand ;)

In a word...FABULOUS! Enjoy!

They're wonderful!

Work it, girl! If anyone can, Kathy can.

C'est magnifique! One imagines you sipping red wine and singing along to Edith Piaf! Non, rien de rien....non, je ne regrette rien.....


Those are just FABULOUS, Kathy!! And YOU are utterly fabulous. No imagining required. :)

love them!! they look great :-) As a catholic high schooler I wore knee highs 4 years straight... i have a high respect and fondness for them

These are just too cool. Seriously.

I second it: you are UTTERLY FABULOUS. And I love it that you said so - it made me happy :)

Very pretty socks and it looks like you a had quite an exciting photoshooting session!

Very pretty socks and it looks like you had quite an exciting photoshooting session!

The socks look great & really love the spiral pattern.

that's like saying a negligee is impratical. yes it is. but how does it make you FEEL? that is just as important. or a ball gown that you never wear, but have in your closet for "just in case." who cares. enjoy them, i say!

those are fantastic, like everything you make! i am especially impressed if you took all those pictures by yourself, because they are good pictures too. :)

They are beautiful! And perfect for summer with all of the ventilation :)

They would be cute peeking out over the top of some boots - yes, even though that trend is over. Whatever. I'm in my 30s, I wear what I want.

Love those socks!

They're gorgeous!


Looking Good=Feeling Good=Happier Atmosphere=Practical Result!

Those are some hot socks!! Love them, they are totally awesome. Awesome job. :)

Absolutely gorgeous!

You don't even have to imagine, they're absolutely stunning.

Stunning, that's what they are!

I must admit, I was quite skeptical of this pattern... but after seeing yours, I think it is a winner! Beautiful1

I love those knee highs! Great job. :)

Ooh la la! What else can I say? BTW, we were at the Ooh la la! beach restaurant this side of the world just this past weekend, what a coincidence :).

Fabulous in every way! Yet another pattern to add to the queue...

No imagination required. You ARE utterly fabulous!

just wanted to write and thank you for your great tutorial on cabling without a cable needle. it's not every day i can say i learned a new knitting skill, but your instructions were very clear and so i am off to the proverbial races!

also: your socks are a thing of beauty and therefore questions of practicality are moot. :)

They're fabulous, as you are. I'd wear them constantly if I had a pair - with skirts, with cropped pants, with short dresses, you name it.

*Love* the stockings!!

I *love* the stockings! Who cares if they're not totally practical? Like there's anything practical about knitting socks, period, when you can buy a 6-pack of them at Wal-Mart for $5.99. I just spent $40 on sock yarn... Which only makes 2 pairs. So yeah, rock on in your beautiful impractical stockings. :D

I was a sceptic at first but they couldn't have turned out better. Very fun, lovely socks!

Those are so beautiful. I really like them a lot. :-)

Absolutely lovely. I may have to try a pair myself!

For those socks, the prettiness is close to intinity, that the impracticalness is so small by comparison...

Ooh la la! C'est magnifique! :-)

Now, I have always made and worn plain stockinette socks, and seeing that lacy sole on your socks makes me wonder, doesn't it bother the walking?

Ooh la la! C'est magnifique! :-)

Now, I have always made and worn plain stockinette socks, and seeing that lacy sole on your socks makes me wonder, doesn't it bother the walking?

BTW, I have nominated you in my blog, because I think you rock! :-)

Those are fab! Love the photos, too!

Never before have I been so tempted to knit socks! I think it helps that they are yellow. I absolutely adore them!

You look fabulous! Great knee-highs!

Wow, those are gorgeous! I want some, too!

Utterly fabulous.

Oh My God! I love those! Yours look better than the ones in the book.

Gorgeous. And darling, you ARE utterly fabulous. No pretending necessary.

these turned out great! they look adorable on you.

Beautiful socks..wow :)

they are fabulous!

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