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June 05, 2007

Teacher's pet

Are you knitting Sidewinders along with Nona?

If Nona knits her socks sideways, so can I!

Yarn: Regia Bamboo color 1066, a generous gift from Joy. The color is gorgeous!

Needles: US 1 (2.25 mm)

Gauge: 30 stitches and 40 rows in back 'n forth stockinette.

Teacher, do I get a little gold star now? ;)

Posted by Kathy on June 5, 2007 07:27 PM


Those ARE gorgeous colors.

Speaking of color, I just noticed. Is your couch/bedspread the same color as the Lorna's Periwinkle you're so fond of?

I can't even wrap my brain around sideways socks! I can't wait to give them a try, and to see how your pair turns out.

Most definately!

I'm thinking of trying them out too. It looks like fun.

You are too funny! I think I have to give those a try.

I am all ready to go, have yarn, have swatch, have gauge, ooops have needles of course, just waiting for the pattern.

I just finished my first jaywalkers last week, I better send you a photo of them soon.

Well, you were already the teacher's pet when she picked your "perpensockular" as part of the pattern name! ;)

Swatched & ready to go, bay-by!

Holy cow!

You are too damn funny! Sitting up front with your smile on and a huge 'I swatch!' T-shirt while presenting your blocked lovely swatch to nona masterknitrix.

tsktsk..suck up much? ;) j/k

Fabulous, that had never occurred to me.

ooooh, so cool!! I'm so IN!

mmm-i don't count 40 rows...(i only did 10 myself)

Well that's interesting isn't it. I love that it has narrow sizes.

Hy Kathy,
yes, I love that colour, too. I made the spiral scarf from Norah Gaughan out of it. The colours fit to anything I like to wear.
If you like to have a look at my knitting-blog (the scarf-issue is on May, 9th) - I appreciate your comment.
Like your blog very much. This wouldn't be my last visit.
Keep on knitting

Ooohhh....preeeeetteeeee.... And sideways socks, huh? I just might have to give those a try.....

On a side note about bamboo in socks, I've noticed that the anti-bacterial properties of the fiber help reduce my foot stink. If ever you need to knit socks for a friend that suffers from stinky feet, bamboo is the way to go (especially when you can do it in such lovely colors)!

I got some Regia Bamboo from Joy too and am knitting with it right now. I like it, do you?

I definitely will be soon, but right now I --horrors!-- do not have any sock yarn in my stash.

Hi Kathy -

I'm a longtime reader, new commenter. I have to ask you - do you wash and set every gauge swatch you do before the big project? As a reader who knows how a scientific mind works (my mom was a chemist) but is an artist by trade, I'm guessing you do. I have a hard time getting through just doing the swatch, and time is short for knitting for me. I guess I'm just wondering if you simply have more discipline than most or if you have a secret to your knowledge of the swatch.

Thanks - I love reading your blog - because it IS so detailed. OH - and I'm guessing we have a similar figure flaw with the denim issue (you wear many of the same cuts as I do) have you tried "Christopher Blue" in the "Ric Flair" cut? I just found them and they cover my backside nicely, have a little lycra and fit pretty well over all. Just an FYI..


I love Regia Bamboo. I used the same color to knit up some pomatomi for my grandma and they turned out nicely.

I used that same colorway for a BSJ and loved it. The yarn feels great, too. Can't wait to see the finished project.

absolutely! working on my swatch and hope to cast on for the sock tomorrow!

Wow! Thanks for sharing the link! I'll have to try these.

Also, I am currently making Roza's socks using the Lorna's Laces you sent to me as a prize for sending in the 450th pair of Jaywalkers! Love the pattern, and the yarn.

OK, you have sucked me in. I cannot resist the temptation to be on the "cutting edge of knitting"! I'm going to go stash diving to look for a narrowly self-striping yarn, probably a Lorna's Laces stripey one. I'll be doing my swatch tongiht during the hockey game!


Hi Nona

Indeed the color is beautiful - see my blog):-)

Love your blog and the things you make.

Kind regards
Mette, Denmark

That's nice:)

Sorry, Kathy!

I was reading Nona's blog just before yours - that why the name mix up!

You might also like Debbie New's "Better Mousetrap Socks" which might be similiar, but are in garter stitch.

thought i'd share this:

Opal published a sideways sock pattern a while back available for free online...

Now, that this (lovely) swatch is done, will you give 'Ene' a bit of attention? I am dying to see some progress.

Thanks for the link to the Sideways sock pattern, I'm looking forward to giving them a try. I have just the right yarn for it.

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