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June 08, 2007


Sidewinders - check!

Second Scala sock for my pal - check!

Fir Cone scarf - check!

Grumpy Dad's birthday present - check!
(don't worry, the surprise won't be spoiled)

See you next week!

Posted by Kathy on June 8, 2007 03:55 PM


Have a great time! May grumpy-dad like his present as much as his scarf!

Enjoy your trip!

Hope you have a great trip and get much knitting accomplished!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Have a great trip, a good time with your dad and just the best week. I have no idea what we'll all do with both you and Cara on vacation...

Have a great weekend!

Have a great trip!

Have a nice time!!

Have a great, well-deserved break with lots and lots of knitting.

May you have the most wonderful time!

Have a great trip!

Can I ask what kind of bag that is? I'm loving all the handy pockets.

Have a great trip! :)

Happy trails!

Are those pockets? Or are they just separate little sacks for each project?

Wow, what a wonderful gift for your father, does it smell good (well obviously it must, but you know what I mean, right?) Yea!!! Dad's. Hope he has a great birthday and you a great trip.

Happy birthday to your dad - great gift!

Happy birthday to your dad - glad to see you finished all the projects on time.

I hope you will have a great time. Will you give Ene some attention when you get back?

I clicked on the link to your dad's present and was amused to see that all the 'Customers who viewed this item also viewed' links were to knitting books. Any muggles who go looking for that scent will end up very confused!

Have a good trip.

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