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June 12, 2007

No problem

This is my humble collection of Earth shoes:

Why am I showing you my Earth shoes? Besides the fact that they are my favorites, each shoe comes in a very handy drawstring baggie when you buy them (so, two baggies per pair of shoes).

These baggies are perfect for storing and carrying knitting projects, and were the precise "packing mechanism" featured in my last post. They come in two colors - natural for sandals, and black for other shoes. I always put them through the wash before using them - just in case the dye is oversaturated, plus they get softer! (I think they're made out of hemp).

Do you know the best part about owning a pair of Earth boots? (Besides having kickass boots, naturally.) They come in extra-large Earth baggies, big enough for sweaters and other large projects.

The "one project, one baggie" system works very well for me. Before leaving the house, I toss the baggie du jour into my handbag, and off I go!

Actually, I usually also take my notions box (purchased at Walmart, given to me by Betsy):

Contents: various stitch markers, yarn needles, little scissors, small post-its, a small ball of waste yarn, and kitchener stitch crib sheet. Unlike Stephanie, who has finally memorized grafting instructions, I still consult my little guide each and every time I kitchener. I'm serious.

With project and notions nicely organized and always on hand, I'm able to squeeze in moments of knitting almost everywhere I go! Long line at the Post Office? No problem! Whole Foods doesn't open for another 10 minutes? No problem! Ducking under an awning while the rain passes? No problem at all.

Long car rides while visiting my parents? Definitely no problem. In addition to lengthening my Fir Cone scarf several inches, I'm nearly done with my first Sidewinder. All that remains is the long graft. Maybe Nona's instructions will permanently imprint kitchener directions into my head :).

I have to tell you, honestly - this sock is riddled with errors (my knitting, NOT the pattern). I either lost a stitch or gained a stitch in every single part. Oops! If I was able to find the source of the error, I ripped back. However, often I couldn't figure where I went wrong and got "creative," increasing and decreasing at will. I'm going to try extra-hard to make the second one error-free.

Last, a happy picture:

Grumpy-dad and Grumpy-self

(This dress and these shoes, since we're talking clothes in today's post :))

Posted by Kathy on June 12, 2007 10:18 AM


What a wonderful picture of you and your dad! And as for the Earth shoes, I used to have a pair in the 70s and LOVED them. I haven't tried a pair since then but I should. Can I send you the baggies? :)

Thank you for the link to those shoes, I have been searching for a pair similar to your red ones for a long time! I too can never remember kitchener and have instructions for it everywhere!!

Curious -- I'd love a notions box like that and can't fins ot via Wal-Mart online....any idea what it's really called by them?

What a nice picture!! Your dad must be a very friendly and happy man. Your a nice pair together.

That notions box is exactly what I've been looking for. I'll have to scour our WMT's to find one.

Now I REALLY want some Earth shoes.

Who knew Earth shoes came in Cute?! I'm shopping today, woo hoo! I, also, have a Kitchener Cheat Sheet. It seems it's just enough time between uses that a moment of doubt creeps in when starting out, and that's all it takes. Once I get going, it's always so easy to remember.

aww you look like your dad, I look like my dad too and like to think all the best people do ;)

A note about the Regia bamboo: in my experience, it changes significantly in the first machine-washing - gets much fuzzier and loses some definition. I love the socks I made from them - they're light and very soft - but hand washing might be the way to go.

My fiance has a pair of that brand of shoes! I'm going to have to see if I can steal the bags they came in :)

I LOVE my Sofft Calypsos -- and thank you so much for the link to that dress; it'll be perfect for a beach wedding I have to go to next month!

Back to notion storage: I just got the cutest notion box evarr. Clover makes these things called Kritter Cases; I got the hippo. They're zippered all the way around and are covered in a sort of nylon or neoprene. The chick at the yarn store said that they're so useful and sturdy that she keeps her digital camera in one. They also come in dolphin, frog, crocodile and koala shapes.

I too am a huge fan of Earth shoes. What a great way to use the "earth" bags. I have the mary janes (but in black). I'll be interested to see how the Sidewinders work out and would like to hear more about the pattern errors.

I love seeing how people organize their stuff, thanks for this!

I am on Act II of my first Sidewinder, and though i followed all the instructions I still ended up one decrease short on the first heel, which reminds me, I need to go make up for that NOW.


I got a notions box like that at a Japanese shop. It's actually a pill holder. Works great for knitting and cost about $1.

I'm sure that grafting 100+ stitches in a sitting will impress the technique indelibly in your memory. The problem with grafting toes or underarms is that there just aren't enough stitches to really get into the rhythm of it. You'll love it!!

That dress looks so pretty on you! Your dad looks like a nice man.

Oooh, shoe bags are good. I currently use a mesh bag that came with some long underwear in it. Sadly, I only have one, but I love it. It can keep a pair of socks, or a sleeve, right now it has a cardigan front in it. :)

What a nice photo! You look very much like your dad. Some people don't like it when you say they look their parents, but I hope you don't mind. Oh, and I love the little flowers on the bottom of your shoes.

Great photo of you and your father. I love the way you include your family in your blog.

I, too, have kitchener cheat sheets in my tool kits, but I have to say that once I did a few inches of Nona's grafting chant on the Sidewinders I don't think I'll ever need to refer to it again.

I love the pattern, but I ended up with some errors in counts, too--I chalk it up to working with a totally different sock construction and some inattentiveness on my part. I ripped some, fudged some, and promised myself to be more conscientious and conscious when I knit the second sock.


I love the Earth shoes--I have two pair that are the same style as two of yours. Sadly, my dog chewed the heel of my favorite pair when she was a puppy, and the repair rubs my foot.

Oh, you crazy hippies and your earth shoes. :-)

Speaking of clothes, though, I got my first purchase from True Jeans in the mail today. They are all you said. I'm quite pleased, and I'll tell them they owe the sale to you.

Oh, sure, I HAVE one of those boxes (I am organizer obsessed), but I can't find it and you are the 2nd blogger in 2 days to post on it. Must.find.the.box.

OHHHHH I'm off to walmart to find a notions box like that!!!!!!

Cute shoes!

I love the dress- I order from there all the time. My only problem is that it's like having to pay to try stuff on, since I always order in different sizes. When we went to San Jose last fall and found a store, it was like a pilgrimage. My husband understood that way more than he "gets" yarn store pilgrimages.

I keep all my little "things" in various tupperware containers that float around in teh bottom of my knitting bag. Maybe I should investigate an alternate system...

Bless you for that link to Earth shoes, I've been dying to find some cute, flat, healthy shoes for so long, and they come in all these colors too!

today i'm using your tutorial on cable w/o a cable needle.
it's making me nervous but it's perfect for the irish hiking scarf; which has been hibernating , i swear, at least two years.
hehehe , i love your Dad's almost smile.

I am so intrigued by that sock! I'm wondering if that long seam will be comfortable to wear, though. My grafting always always leaves a ridge.

Smallish bags are so handy for knitting - I use leftover plastic bread bags to store my lace projects.

I have a box like that, but for some strange reason I've never thought of putting knitting notions in it. What a wonderful idea!

I use the same notions box and have been gifting them to all the knitters I know!

I love knowing you don't have the kitchener stitch memorised either. It's something that EVERY SINGLE TIME I do it, I think, "This isn't that difficult. I should be able to do it in my sleep." I can't. But at least now I don't feel so alone.

you should check out techknitting blog, she does a GREAT job of explaining kitchener.I was finishing up my first sidewinder last night and I think I have it memorized thanks to her.

I have four pairs of Earth shoes myself. The most comfortable things I own. (I'd have to include my Crocs collection too though) And they are the perfect sized bags! I keep my many different sock projects in them!

man, not another reason to covet more shoes. How handy! That is a great picture!

I love those shoes-I'm a major shoe lover- and if I had the money, I would probably have a shoe collection the size of Amelda (sp?-I am even close?) Marcos'. I bookmarked the page, so that I can go gaze at them all. By the way, I'm working on a set of Jaywalkers in Sundara's Cherry Blossom color! I'm hoping to make them knee-highs!

I've never seen Earth Shoes look so hip!

And thanks for the True Jeans tip- I dragged myself up there and scored two awesome pairs of jeans! Actually, the first pair they gave me fit perfectly.

I have a pair of Earth shoes and I've been wondering what to do with the bags. What a great idea. To think that I almost threw them out!

I admire your willingness to try just about anything with those socks and I think Nona's idea is pretty cool but I think I'll stick to socks sans sewing!!

i agree: great shoes! i keep thinking about them, but my feet are so difficult to fit: short, wide, and high arches.

*and* that box! what a great, fabulous, amazing box! i can't find it on the walmart site either. what might it be called, or who made by?

That is an awesome dress, and you look quite the krasavitsa in it. :)

i can only pinch 3 if the stitches, but it does work!


I have the same little notion box! You can purchase them at The Container Store- as a bonus, they have a few different sizes! They're usually with the travel items. I think it was under $2

I recently bought a pair of Earth sandals and not only are the comfortable but I get more compliments on them than any other pair of footwear I have ever owned! But my sandals came with the black bags....

Love the shoes and the dress! Coldwater Creek has been one of my favorite clothing stores for 15 years or so, and you chose a knockout 'dressy' dress. Great photo of you and your dad.

I knew it - WalMart, Ive been looking for a notions box just like that. Lovely picture of the Grumpys.

Pretty dress! Pretty shoes! Good-looking (grumpy) pair! :)

Grafting/kirchener works fine for me... although I always start with the yarn attached to the back set of needles. Then with yarn on my Chibi, I start with the front needle - Knit, Drop, Purl then go to back needle, Purl, drop, Knit. So I just say that to myself as I go along:

Knit, drop, purl
Purl, drop, knit

Works for me. I hope you get over the need for the cheat sheet.:)

You look a lot like your Dad.

I love Earth shoes! My favorites are their Vegan Ugg knockoffs.

I love Earth shoes. I wore Earth shoes back in high school....not mentioning the years. As for the notions box, I found it in the bath & beauty section as a pill box. I love the idea of using it as a notions box. I found it both at Target and Wal-Mart.

OK, you sold me. My next pair of shoes is going to be a pair of Earth shoes!

I LOVE my Earth shoes as well -- and I use the bags the same way! LOL! If we make the move to Portland as planned, I'll be getting myself some Earth boots -- not much call for 'em here in Cali. :(

Your Sidwinder looks good from here. :)
Thanks to you, I am also knitting one. I'm just
a little bit behind you, working on Act 4. I used a stripey Lorna's Laces yarn (Iris Garden)
and I love how it is looking. Thanks for the link to nona's blog. Only problem -- I've been hyjacked by the Sidewinders and my other projects are now neglected!

I still have to consult the instructions for kitchener on each sock as well!

It's funny, I just bought two pairs of planet shoes which also came in little baggies. My first thought was how great they would be to store my sock projects! Mine just came it a plain cream colour so I'm thinking of dyeing them a nice bright colour instead.

I also need instructions each time I kitchener. Just 'til I get started. A mini-cheat sheet with the notions is a good idea.

Thanks for the bag details, I need new shoes anyway. ;)

Great pic!

Que barriga!

I love, love, love those Sofft shoes. I'm a sucker for a great Mary Jane.

I have similar red shoes, but mine came in beige bags. I wonder if it's because they're the vegan version... The black bags are so much cooler.

I have a box like that that I keep earrings in, though I've been tempted to use it for notions like you. I recently tried to find another, but it seems my Walmart has stopped selling them. :-(

I love reading your blog - especially all the sock posts! I've just started my first toe-up pair. I also love all little organizing boxes and bags. Sounds like others do also, so I thought I'd list a couple places that sell the notions box you show:
The container store: Double-Sided Divided Pill Box
organize.com: Double Sided Pill Box with Hinge by Resourceful Products

ahem... i use crown royal bags instead. if you buy the (ahem) larger sizes, you get a bigger "project bag"

Thanks for the recommend on the Earth shoes - I bought 2 pairs from Zappos that arrived today, and one pair from Shoes.com that I'm waiting for still. I am completely in love with them (and how much do I love Zappo's)! I've certainly owned more stylish shoes, but never more comfortable ones!

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