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June 17, 2007

Art Deco beret

Hey, look!

It's my article about knitting with beads in the newest issue (Fall 2007) of Knitscene! Everything that I skim over in my little primer is detailed in the article, so I'm quite proud of it ;).

And to practice your newly-acquired beading skills, I wrote up a cute beret pattern in the same issue:


I've been waiting for this moment for so long because I've been dying to share something hilarious with you! When I first started working on the pattern, I had the brilliant idea to use silver beads. Hey, I thought, purple and silver will look great together! The result: what I affectionately dubbed "the Boca Raton beret," for obvious reasons.


Eventually I came to my senses and switched to burgundy-ish beads, which are much more subtle and much less flashy. You can see where I was trying them out in the second photo.

I'm quite excited about this Knitscene, actually. It may be difficult to see from the project lineup on the web, but there are some very cute designs in this one!


Herringbone Skirt by Elissa Sugishita, Teardrop Scarf by Celeste Culpepper, and Road to Golden by Lisa Shroyer (my favorite from this issue).

Posted by Kathy on June 17, 2007 11:29 AM


Hm, I had no idea that Knitscene would have cute stuff. I'll have to pick up that issue!

Love the beret.


Although I live outside the U.S.A, I will definitely ask my friends to get me one copy of this issue. Can't wait to read your article!

I find it fascinating that the colours that you think will work so well together either blur don't stand apart enough or are so far apart that they scream!!
I'll be watching out for KS here in Canada.

I don't usually buy Knitscene. At the ripe old age of fifty I figure I am way past their demographic, but these designs are really quite nice (especially the beret.)

PS. It's not REALLY a Boca Raton beret - for that you would need to use gold sequins. I mean, there's bling and then there's BLING! Ya know?

Congratulations on the article! It really looks nice!

Yay! Congratulations, Kathy--so exciting to have an article in print! I usually give Knitscene a pass, but I'll be picking this issue up for sure!

Wow, stunning hat! I'll definately check out the new fall issue - especially that skirt.

Knitscene is by far my fav magazine. I can't wait to read your article and that beret is so cute. I love the skirt and golden pattern as well.

hey now i grew up/live in boca raton and i can say with some authority that no one most of us would never wear a beret with silver beads (or gold sequins)

Hmmm, Jessica above may have an idea....gold sequins, now that would be a beret! ;)

I agree with Susan P-for the beret to be a truly Boca Raton one you would need some gold or silver sequins too. Hey, we're in South Florida! Glitz, glitz, and more glitz!

Love the pattern.

Miami, FL

thanks for the heads-up! looks like an issue too good to pass up this go-round - congratulations (and thank you!)on the article, the beret looks fetching!

Very nice! I'll have to buy that issue. The patterns you show are great.

Congrats on being published! Now your words will be stashed in bookshelves across America for years to come. Cool!

Nice beret... LOL at the Boca Raton thing. Good choice to switch beads. :)

hey congratulations!

Congratulations on your wonderful accomplishment. It's funny to see your actual name rather than Grumperina. :) It looks this issue is a must have.

Congrats on the pattern and the article!

And I'll bet that beret is knit with Lorna's Laces! :) Cute pattern. Congratulations on being published again!

Congratulations Kathy!

Would that be the beret pattern you were having so much trouble with earlier? The beads really add some detail. Good job! (As much as I have heard the poo-pooing of knitted skirts, I am really liking the herringbone pictured.)

Wow! congratulations! I haven't looked at this magazine in a long time, but now I'll have to go buy one :)

Aaaw, congratulations! That's awesome. I love the bead/yarn choice combo. I actually even sort of like the silver, although if I were to go with a bright combo, I'd probably have chosen gold beads. Equally as drastic :)

Congratulations! Looks like Knitscene is coming of age.

Gorgeous beret! I've already had to remind myself twice that I look ridiculous in hats--and a beret would probably take that ridiculousness to YouTube levels. I may make it anyway. It would look awfully cute hanging from a hook in my entryway. Congratulations!

Hey congrats - love the beret. Road to Golden is gorgeous. I'll definitely be buying this issue.

Congratulations on the Knitscene article...I will be sure to buy it. One of these days I will get into beading. Beautiful pics!

Congratulations, Kathy! You deserve the recognition for your designs.

I usually pass on KnitScene as well, but there are some worthwhile projects in this edition.

Congratulations!! That is a beautiful beaded beret! It is funny that your post on your hat came just days after my husband asked if I was going to knit a hat ever.

I am definitely going to buy this issue. Do you know when it is going to be on newsstands? Is it out now?

Wow! Congratulations! It's always so cool to see your work published in a real magazine. I may have to go stalk this magazine at my local Barnes&Noble (they carry like, every knitting magazine).

Hey, congratulations! That's really exciting news for you, and the beret is really adorable!

Congratulations! The beret looks so gorgeous with the beads! I will have to get a copy as I will love to knit that beret.

Now you've done it. Another magazine for me to buy! I've been resisting for so long (I fear for visitors when they sit near the pile of dooooooom!)

I am glad you changed the bead color.
And I wish they had used YOU as the model.

Oh man! I look terrible in hats...but I still want to knit one! How does that work? Oh well, it's going to be a fun knit. Thank you for your amazing knits. :D

Congrats on your latest pattern AND article! Love that fair isle sweater, too!

Congrats! :) Love the beret. That Teardrop Scarf looks lovely too.

Congrats on the article and pattern. The beret is lovely.

Congrats on the publication! And thanks for bringing perspective to the new Knitscene--that preview online left MUCH to be desired... that little wispy scarf is so cute, though! And the stranded sweater is amazing!

CONGRATS! On your Knitscene entry!

I didn't realize that the Fall issue was already out! I am on my way to get it!

My fav color is purple!

I just picked up the issue last night at B+N. Congrats!!!

i'm very proud of you for publishing! fine work.
i made two beret from a vintage pattern, used it because i wanted the shaping to show more than most beret patterns, including yours, show. your's is on my to/do list though.
btw; that teardrop scarf willl make me buy this issue of KnitScene.
you can see my beret and my opal tiger JayWalkers on ravelry.

That is great news about the article! I look forward to getting my copy of the magazine and trying your tutorial. Lovely beret!

That Road to Golden is stunning. Love it.

I live in Florida. Did you know that Boca Raton means "mouth of the rat"? I kept looking for some kind of resemblance in your beret, but it's too pretty for that, even with silver beads. The burgundy-ish are much better for it though. Good choice.
Didja see your typo? Teardrop scar? (I'm not trying to be picky here; I just thought it was funny and thought you would too. Kinda like a 'mouth of the rat' beret. :-)

So excited for you, having yet more Grumperina things in print!! Do you know when the Fall 2007 issue of Knitscene will be on the newsstands? I'm thinking you've got a 'designer's' advance copy'.

Congratulations, you deserve it! Great pattern. I'll buy it as soon as I can get it.

Congratulations! I'm not a beret type of gal but I love your beaded version and I can't wait to cast on for Road to Golden.

Congrats Kathy! I'm glad you pointed this out; since the author/designer isn't listed as "Grumperina" I never would have known it was you!

I am happily knitting along on the hat so it should be on display in the store very soon! It's a lot of fun and I'll be using my store credit to make one of my very own.

Agreed about this issue of KS, too.

love the hat and the sweater!

What what lovely projects to tackle, love the scarf and the sweater on the left.

Oh FINE..... I so needed another knitting magazine this month (not). But... ya gotta do what ya gotta do. Guess I WILL be stopping at Borders tomorrow.

Fabulous beret !! Unfortunately the publication is not available in Merry Ole England, boo hoo :-(

Kathy? Your name is Kathy? Who knew? Like an earlier commenter, I'm not in Knitscene's demographic--too old and too, um, round. But that scarf is to die for! And having your article, this issue could be a collector's item real soon!


I just picked up that issue yesterday at webs, and I knew that was your article :^) fantastic!

What a cute beret! I didn't mind the silver, but the burgundy beads do look better.

I'd been waiting weeks since the first issue I bought, (the Spring), and I'm so glad it's finally here. I'll have to stop by the bookstore and get a copy. Love the beret, wish I looked good wearing hats of any kind!

Just picked it up. Great tutorial! I'm going to have to go get some beads now...

that looks great! In fact, I've just ordered the magazine (and back issues) on the strength of it. Now I just have to wait for months while they get shipped over to england.
Keep up your excellent work!

I love the hat... never been much of one for hats (hair is too frizzy), but I might make this one for a gift sometime.. I had no clue KnitScene was out there.. I have been looking for a new knitting mag as IK is not tickling my fancy anymore.. I will have to explore!

yay for the article! :)

I love the beret, even though I'm not much of a person for that style of hat (though I love knitting with beads).

I keep looking at the scarf and trying to mentally make it morph into a scarf that will only take a single skein of Sea Silk.

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